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He Texted THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DECODING GUYSYou Re A Busy, Intelligent, Modern Woman You Stay On Top Of Work E Mail You Like All The Baby Photos Your Sister Posts On Facebook You Found Your Dream Job Through LinkedIn But When Your Crush Texts You How S It Going Every Few Days, Yet Never Asks You Out, What The Hell Does That Mean These Days, Dating Is Confusing Than Ever Friending Following Liking Poking Linking LOLing WTF In An Era When FaceTime Is No Longer The Same As Face To Face, It S No Wonder You Can T Tell If He S Into You Or Just Really Into His IPhone.This Hilarious And Essential Guide From The Founders Of HeTexted.com With Totally Straightforward Guy Sight From The HeTexted Bros Will Help You Autocorrect Your Digital Dating Life, From Decoding Your Facebook Friendships, To Reading The Intentions Behind Guys Perplexing Texts, To Deciding When If Ever You Should Text Him First It S He S Just Not That Into You For The Digital Age And What To Expect When You Re Expecting A Second Date All In One Invaluable Package I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.It s He s Just Not That Into You for the digital age As soon as I found out that I would be receiving this e galley for review, I logged on to the website to check it out And immediately, I understood the need for this kind of book and the website in this dating age I, for one, have often thought that my boyfriend s e mails or texts mean one thing when he completely means the other This was a quick and easy read The authors cover a variety of topics that are questionable to many men and women alike I also love that they have a panel of men who offered their opinions on the different topics as well Overall, it was a great book but it just wasn t for me I study relationships in school and I m planning on going into therapy, so these kinds of books never really appealed
I actually got some insight into the digital age of texting and it was quite helpful A lot of the examples they used were from the twenty nothings that don t know themselves or how to be socially relevant but it made the book amusing I m 53 and I think it helped me
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  • 09 June 2018
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