Hellblazer, Volume 12: How to Play with Fire

Hellblazer, Volume 12: How to Play with FireBest Ebook, Hellblazer, Volume 12 How To Play With Fire Author Paul Jenkins This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Hellblazer, Volume 12 How To Play With Fire, Essay By Paul Jenkins Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You throwing confetti around wildly Goodbye Paul Jenkins I hope you never come back Seriously though, I did not like a single solitary thing about his run and when I saw it switch back over to Ennis halfway through this volume I almost cried with joy So far I think Ennis is literally the only person who can actually write Hellblazer so I m glad he stepped in to write another short arc although I did really love the Constantine The Hellblazer run out of the newer stuff, but that s honestly like a super fun AU most of the time Here s some highlights from Ennis issues amazingI honestly should have known these panels would come from an Ennis is
This trade was basically three separate storylines.In the first, there s a bit of a convulated tale where Constantine meets his girlfriend s parents and finds out about some scheme the devil has to hypnotize people using their tv sets Or something like that I didn t care as much for this one It was set in the states which was a change, but not enough to save it.Then we get the end of Paul Jenkins run, which brings back a lot of Constantine s past sins and provides a nice set up for the Ennis storyline which followed.The next storyline was SON OF MAN written by Garth Ennis, and I found this one much better Years ago a gangster had his son killed in a hit and run accident, and demanded Constantine bring the boy back to life It wasn t possible, so John did the only thing he could conjure a demon to possess the kid s body and make it look like he d came back to life So now it s twelve years later and the boy hasn t
This was an awesome contrast between the ending of Paul Jenkins run and the beginning of Garth Ennis run on Hellblazer Paul s UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE HOW TO PLAY WITH FIRE were mostly haunting, somber, a little labyrinthian even They continued with JC s downward spiral as he alienates everyone around him and culminates in him dealing with the devil Whereas Garth picks up from where Paul stops, his p
This volume features the last eight issues of Paul Jenkins excellent run, and a 5 parter by former Hellblazer writer Garth Ennis Sean Phillips, Jenkins penciller for the bulk of his time on the title, is replaced by Warren Pleece, who had previously done a fill in issue, and Ennis story is illustrated by newcomer John Higgins Spoilers below In Up the Down Staircase Constantine joins Dani on a trip to the States to spend Thanksgiving holiday with her family, and there are some comically uncomfortable moments as he tries in vain to adjust to the culture shock But the real story begins subtly, as there are indications even before they get off the plane that things are off people are behaving strangely and aggressively to be perfectly honest, this weirdness isn t addressed adequately, so it s difficult to summarize But the point is, Dani s family has also been affected negatively by this strange malaise, and tensions are running high in the house While Dani goes off skiing instead of facing the problem, Constantine is left to deal with it, and once again crosses paths with the First of the Fallen But this time, the Devil doesn t really have much to do with it it s the media, the television, the coarsening of the culture Over exposure But he s certainly having loads of fun watching it all happen.Constantine figures out that the pro
Goodbye to Paul Jenkins Hellblazer run, it was fun Other than all the crushing depression and all that is.Volume 12 starts with Up the Down Staircase which is sorta meh other than my warm feelings towards Dani and my growing desire to start a blog that just features John in front of No Smoking signs.Next up is How to Play With Fire in which Ellie sort of gets revenge I d prefer revenge to be honest I liked Ellie and she got screwed over, no pun intended by writers and John If you want me to root against him a little well deserved revenge for being a back stabbing asshole goes a long ways This is Hellblazer though, and there are no winners, only losers Son of Man is an Ennis stand alone run, and although it s a fine little piece of disgusting sadism it is badly placed in this collection choreographically The ending of How to Play With Fire butts up very badly in tone and life placement with th
The continuing adventures of everyone s favourite utter bastard take place in this next volume of Hellblazer.We open with the weakest story, Up The Down Staircase, which spins its wheels for three issues before sort of concluding for a story starring one of John s few recurring foes, the First of the Fallen, it s pretty lacklustre.But Paul Jenkins pulls out all the stops in his final arc, the titular How To Play With Fire which sees all of John s misfortunes catch up with him and all of his friends desert him, just when he needs them the most as Buer and Ellie return to plague him It draws on all of Jenkins s past stories, and is a fitting conclusion for Jenkins and artist Warren Pleece to bow out on.Finally, Garth Ennis returns for a five issue semi fill in as John and Chas find themselves to embroiled in an East End gangster war, with a deadly demonic under current Even without Enn
This trade begins with several great issues and a finale from Paul Jenkins run on the title, but the real star here is the five issue arc by Garth Ennis, Son of Man.Son of Man is a horror and occult riddled mob story set in London that tells of John s connection to the Cooper family a story he hoped would never rear its demonic head again Unfortunately for Constantine, his best buddy Chas landed in some hot water with the mob family by association that opens up the old can of worms, once again threatening mankind and therefore requiring John s help Not only is the reader treated to several fantastic examples of Glenn Fabry s patented too realistic covers and remarkable illustration from John Higgins, but the s
Good stuff Happy to see Ennis back I really dislike the main illustrator in this set, though He draws the worst eyes I ve ever seen If they aren t ridiculously large, they re disproportionate and crossed Really ruined some scenes. Just skip this volume Seriously, just forget about all the characters Jenkins has created for now because it doesn t matter Also, the new artist Warren Pleece has a cartoonish style and likes to draw big eyes I don t think this mixes well with gritty, occult stories, but, whatever, we re skipping it anyway 121 124 Up the Down Staircase 3 5 4 5 for main story, 2 5 for intrusive next story setup Okay, the volume isn t all bad Constantine takes a trip to America to meet Dani s family and gets involved with another of the schemes of the First of the Fallen Each issue begins with this guy who accidentally killed his wife, but they don t matter in this story, only the next one, which makes their appearance jarring The stuff really worth reading is about Dani s family and the escalation of conflicts and the fallout caused by miscommunication I really would have preferred a three parter, followed by a one shot of guy with dead wife, but I suppose I wouldn t feel that way if I enjoyed the next story 125 128 How to Play with Fire 2 5What Wait, why John Constantine gives up Chantielle from Ennis run returns to drive all the characters close to Constan
The first arc is a good opportunity for the author to show his views on how America perceives war in contrast to its true atrocities, how certain people take advantage of other people s anger to take their money in a frenzy of consumerism and how racism has affected humanity The second arc will leave John a lonely, depressed mess, but he will somehow be content that it s for the best Ennis writes the last arc and the black humor is splendid from beginning to end, in stark contrast with Jenkins run The breaking of the fourth wall adds even fun to the story The characters are, as always, extremes of human personalities, from the sex freaks and the violent madmen, to the deadly demons and the preagnant men.John and his girlfriend Dani travel to her family in New York for Thanksgiving The First of the Falle

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