Her Inception (The Professors Secret, #1)

Her Inception (The Professors Secret, #1) What Does A Single Beautiful College Professor Spend Her Weekends Doing Well, The Beautiful Lilian Masterson Used To Spend Them Reading Or Grading Papers, But Now She Spends Them Fulfilling The Darkest Fantasies Of Entire Groups Of Men And Women In Her Inception Read How Michael Ripped Lilian S Conservative Mask Off And Freed The Carnal Beast That Lives Within Her My Body Reacts To The Feelings Of Use I D Experienced Only An Hour Ago It Hasn T Always Been Like This Though It All Started One Night At A Cheap Dive Bar The Mask I D Unknowingly Worn For The Past 25 Years Was Ripped Aside And The Filthy Slut That I D Held Inside Was Allowed To Claw Her Way To The Surface.