Hero Leo Dreams About Being A Hero In His Imagination He Is A Fearsome Gladiator, But He Wants To Be A Hero In Real Life.When The Boys At School Dare Leo To Do Something He Knows Is Wrong, He Lets Everybody Down How Can He Make Things Right Again A Little Dog Called Jack Pepper Is Missing And It Will Take A True Hero To Find Him And Bring Him Home This book has interesting characters, and deals with bravery, daydreaming, and the courage to be yourself Leo is a boy who would like to be a hero, but he is only a hero when he is pretending to be one He only has one good friend, and it seems to him that he does no
Sweet story about a little boy with a big imagination Leo leads a normal existence except in his head where he imagines himself to be a great gladiator In trying to find his way Leo makes a bad decision and it is with the help of a little dog
Hero by Sarah Lean is an example of a fantasy book The Hero is also available in electronic or commonly pronounce as eBook and it also has four editions The book is appropriate for Elementary School to Middle School The Hero is about a little dog who has a heart like a lion The dog is known as a brave, smart and a dreamer I gave five stars to Hero for the book has an excellent explanation of believing in dreams and achieving them The book also has a colorful illustration and the book provides a good explanation and metaphor The story is a good motivation for children who are willing to do everything for their friends and family It shows how to be brave and imagining that we do not have a limit when it comes to our dreams I can be whatever I want to be is a short phrase that I can sum up after reading the Hero I can use this book in my class to motivate my students to follow their heart and their dreams I can use this book to show my students not to stop imagining and thin
I won this book on Goodreads I was so surprised to receive two different books about this dog I can t wait to give them to my grandson He is a beginning reader and can read the small one by himself and have the larger one read to him I was also surprised when the books came so fast aft
The main character is a daydreamer named Leo that pretends to be a Roman gladiator, what s not to like I love a good children s book Or a good book about children Or a book for and about children is fine If it s good This one seemed to meander from good to great to mediocre.I enjoyed watching the adventuresome kid protagonist imagine himself as a gladiator hero in front of throngs of spectators And the story is definitely about how he imagines himself Or how he wants people to view him But he starts to do things in real life that he thinks make him look like a hero even though they compromise his morals There is something great about that.The book captures moments of shaming self talk with exceptional poignancy coming from someone who struggles with this very tendency myself And there are some engaging themes in the story about friendship and loyalty.There are also moments where I was sure a kid wouldn t say something like that Or things were simply just unbelievable A passing meteor suddenly fells buildings in town when it passes Not that it s impossible, but I definitely had moments where my suspension of disbelief crumbled down into a sinkhole.The author did some great work bringing so many pieces of the story into a focused thesis It made the book seem almost an epic fable despite its brevity But I found the book not as enjoyable as I d hoped And with some moments where the content or the language describing the boy s inner workings felt flat, overall I wasn t entirely impressed.Still, to me the story succeeds in remind
Although I think the content and message here are admirable, I really struggle with Lean s writing I so wish I could explain why in detail, but her style never seems to coalesce for me It feels like a bunch of pretty sentences that haven t yet been joined together in any co
This book took me a little bit to get into, but overall it was a good read Leo s imaginative character finds himself stretching the truth in order to fit in with the popular kids at school Some students may find this relatable and enjoy reading about Leo s adventures with Jack Pepper. Not particularly easy to read in places but the kids and i enjoyed the story and relieved it had a happy ending I support independent bookstores You can use this link to find one near you

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Hero
  • Sarah Lean
  • English
  • 04 January 2017
  • 9780007512249