Hole in the Wall Gang

Hole in the Wall Gang Frank Cullotta S Story Is A Living Legend To All That Have A Knowledge Of The Chicago Outfit In Las Vegas Under The Eagle Eye Of Tony Spilotro And Frank Cullotta The Infamous Hole In The Wall Gang Was Notorious In Burglaries, Murder, Mayhem And This Book Is The Real Deal From The Real Culprits Cullotta Tells The Stories That Have Never Been Told In His Own Words These Are The Untold Stories Of The Hole In The Wall Gang A Special Double Down Offer Is Available For The Paperback Edition Details Are Found In The Kindle Version. Love this book I finished the book in two days So much to tell from this author I couldn t put this book down. I really liked this book The main subject Frank Culotta is certainly not a sympathetic character He worked for the Mob and committed many crimes and then turned informant to save his own live and is pretty much unapologetic for his criminal life But his life is certainly interesting.If you ve ever seen the movie Casino you will recognize Frank Culotta He played a Mob hit man in the movie and many of the events depicted in the movie he was involved in directly Frank was the top lieutenant of Tony Spilontro the real life Mobster on whom Joe Pesci s character was based.The
Don t buy this book, check it out at the library No sense in enriching criminals Still, read it Very good and well paced story about the Chicago Outfit, Cullotta, Las Vegas crime in the 70 s and 80 s, and the
I just finish Frank Cullotta s new book, Hole in the Wall Gang 5 , I love reading this well writing book From his first hole in the wall to today If you love the movie Casino then you would love this book Good bookAuthor did a good job telling the story Book was easy to read, told the facts ,but didn t drone on.