Honey Red

Honey Red Two Men Suffering From Visible And Invisible Wounds Meet By Chance Circumstance.Nick Traynor And Ian Donovan Spend A Lot Of Time And Effort Keeping It Very Hot, Only Physical, And Purely Superficial But When Their Resolve Starts To Slip, A Woman Is Tossed Into Their Midst.Hannah Williams Wants Nothing Than To Do Her Job Until Something Better Comes Along, But Is Forced To Own Up To Her Visceral Reaction To Ian, Her New Boss, And Later To Nick, His Sometimes Lover Lust Has A Funny Way Of Turning Into Companionship, And Eventually Evolving Into A Deeper Connection Faced With The Internal And External Complications Of Their Potential Three Way Relationship, They Begin To Heal And Trust, To Consider That It Might Work Then Life Tosses Them A Hardball, Forcing Them Back Into Their Respective Corners, Where Each Must Choose What Is Most Important.Three People Determined Not To Commit, Thrown Together By Fate And Undeniable Attraction Their Nights Heat Up And Emotions Run High In Spite Of A Claimed Mutual Desire To Keep It Simple In The Process Of Honest Self Discovery, Can They Learn That While Love Is Never Simple, It Is Definitely Worth Fighting For 2.5but would have easily been a 4 star read without the f in m m fstars I really enjoyed the first half of this one Unfortunately, once the female was put into the mix, I totally lost interest I thought she was unlikable and thought the whole 3 way relationship feltoff I was very much invested in the first 60%, then ended up skimming through the rest just to get the gist of what happened This starts out with Ian, a bisexual guy who spends his life getting high and drunk and has a dead end job When a woman that he has been sleeping with gets pregnant, she claims she is going to get an abortion Months later he gets a call from the hospital bearing news that not only is he a father, but the mother has abandoned the baby and left his information He is now a single dad Then there is Nick I loved Nick He is a Marine that has recently toured in Iraq and lost his sight during an attack During this attack, a fellow Marine and Nicks love for the past two years dies So when he goes back to the States, he has to stay with his sister, is missing his lover, and is getting used to being blind He is beyond depressed, and is plagued by th
Honey Red Yeah, I read it rolls eyes It went a little something like this Blah, blah, my life is a mess Blah, blah, oops Blah, blah, beer Blah, blah, your life is a mess Blah, blah, that was amazing, but it s never happening again Blah, blah, my life really is a fucking mess Blah, blah, beer Blah, blah, I hate you, but you re hot Blah, blah, beer Blah, blah, that was amazing, but it s never happening again Blah, blah, you smell like honey Blah, blah, you re both hot Blah, blah let s have a threesome Blah, blah, you taste like honey Blah, blah, oops Blah, blah, I hate you Blah, blah, me too Blah, blah, me three Blah, blah, beer Blah, blah, oops Blah, blah, I love you Blah, blah, me too Blah, blah, me three Blah, blah, I do Blah, blah, me too Blah, blah, me three And
HONEY RED by Liz Crowe5 starsShh Mom s Reading www.shhmomsreading.comand join the conversation at www.facebook.com ShhMomsReading shhmomsreadingHoney Red is the best menage story I have ever read Ms Crowe crafted a powerful, emotional and heartwarming story of three people who struggle to accept the nature of their feelings for each other All three of these characters are really well developed each coming with their own wounds that are laid out for the reader with a beautifully detailed backstory Nicholas Traynor is a Marine who has returned home wounded I will not share all the details of his injury as I think it is powerful if the reader uncovers them for themselves.I will say Crowe s vivid and realistic portrayal of Nick s PTSD broke my heart and then with amazing storytelling rebuilt it again Ian Donovan is a single Dad, whose journey to the man he is when Nick meets him is engaging Many of you know first hand that having a child changes you Ms Crowe really illustrated that with Ian and his son
A special thanks to Liz Crowe for providing Honey Red in exchange for an honest review.To read of this review and others visit WORD FEUD Where your favorite reviewers duke it outSynopsis The phrase SEX WITH NO STRINGS takes on a new meaning in Honey Red When you ve got two gorgeous men and a woman determined have noncommittal sex and emotions that are running rampant I guess things can get a little messy.Ian Donovan has always known it doesn t take much for either sex to ruffle his feathers and get his juices flowing So when his ex girlfriend skips town leaving him with a new born and a tone of stress he isn t too surprised by his immediate attraction to Nick Traynor.To help relieve all the stress that Ian and Nick are experiencing they decide to spend a lot of time getting to know one another between the sheets Their hot and purely physical relationship is just what they need to keep their minds off of their own baggage, however neither one is prepared when Hannah Williams, Ian s new employee, is thrown into the mix.Hannah pretty much knows that this position is temporary until she can find something better, but when she s forced day in and day out to be around the super sexy alpha male Ian, her new boss, she can t get o
Liz Crowe ALWAYS makes me cry Every time Without Fail Honey Red is no exception these men broke my heart There s so much emotional pain going on here, so much heartbreak I found myself completely willing them to find that unconventional Happy Ever After that hovered, tantalisingly, just out of their reach.Honey Red is another deeply poignant read from Liz Crowe The central trio of Ian, Nick and Hannah take us on an emotionally exhausting journey that left my heart breaking for them several times during the story.Ian is a man drifting through life at the beginning of the book He s bisexual and, when one of his casual affairs with a meth addicted woman results in the premature birth of a fragile baby boy, he decides to get himself together and work with his twin brother and get his life into some sort of order.His twin, Gavin, has been dating Alyssa after the breakdown of his marriage and a dinner at Alyssa s house one evening, brings Ian into contact with Nick, her brother Nick is a war wounded marine who has lost his soldier lover in the
WOW, I mean WOW It is no secret that I am a Liz Crowe fan I have loved every book of hers that I have read and this story is no exception The mill of emotions that became a part of me while I followed the journey with Hannah, Ian and Nicholas was par for the course and is one of the reasons I love her writing so much Whether it was the sigh of admiration I made when Hannah describes Ian to us through her eyes, or the slight swell of my heart when Ian describes how Jaime melts his heart, or the anguish I felt when Nicholas recalled the events that left him the wounded war veteran that he has becomeI felt it all deeply The story follows Ian through tough times and the events the have shaped him into the man he is when he meets Hannah and Nick and then helps you understand why all three of them are damaged in some way and why they resist the pull of each other through out the story At the end of the story, there is no question left unanswered, there is nothing that is incomplete and you are left with the feeling that these are people you would want to be a part of your life Between the main characters and the supporting characters, you can t help but love them all and embrace them as real individu
This is my favorite type of m nage story, and I have to say that HONEY RED was such a refreshing read Each of these characters has flaws, but I think that was the beauty of their relationship Things didn t just snap easily together, and it took a lot of trial and error to make things work out for these three I ve found that so few books now days can evoke emotional reactions out of me, but HONEY RED was able to make me laugh, cry, smile, and make me angry all in one fantastic read.Ian Donovan is in a slump, and he has spent his life in the shadow of his brother feeling like an overall failure in life After fate throws him a curveball, he has to make some serious life changes as he heads back to Michigan to help his brother with his new brewery.Nick Traynor is struggling to live life on a daily basis after being injured in combat and losing Dan the love of his life His sister attempts to fix him up with her boyfriend s brother Ian, and as sparks fly they decide to embark in a purely sexual relationship Emotions start to get involved, but Nick i
Ok, this was a VERY different read for me I don t typically pick up books that have M M or three way relationships It s just not something that really appeals to me So naturally when I was first asked if I d like to review it, I was a little iffy, but since I ve absolutely loved everything of Liz s that I ve read so far I decided to give a chance After all, she does write some epic love stories, and I love how she always writes about the craft beer industry I m a sucker for a good beer Needless to say, I already had a long list of reviews scheduled so it took me a little time to get around it Honey Red Even though I had decided to give it a shot, I still wasn t sure I was going to like it so I opened it a little reluctantly And of course, after all that I fell in love with it, but I was still struggling with whether or not I would review it But I finally decided that, at the center of everything it s just a love story Granted an unconventional one, but I fell in love with the characters, and realized that they were struggling with their own story just like I was struggling with my decision to review it, and that s when I realized that yes, of course I w
A special thanks to Liz Crowe for providing Honey Red in exchange for an honest review Rating 4 StarsCover 4.5 Stars Loved how it fits the story perfect Character Development 4 Stars alot of growthSteam Factor 5 stars it is Erotic M M F book yum Ending HEA I love menage books but I usually lean toward M F M then M M F so this was a very nice change of pace Liz done an amazing job of writing a sweet, emotional, angsty, captivating book that tugs at your heart strings at the same time it heats up your panties It s a story about three emotionally physically damaged people that thought all they wanted with each other was No Strings Attached sex But when you put that much chemistry, two smokin hot guys and a women who is who is lonely but thinks unattached sex is the answer, you get trouble with a capital T..lol First you have Ian who is a stressed, emotionally damaged playboy turned single father who meets Nick Nick is physically damaged and so e
Overall, a good read from a new to me author One thing bugged me though view spoiler Ian s demand to Hannah that sex only be among them when they were all together I prefer that all members of the menage have a relationship singly, coupled and triad so for him to make that demand didn t sit well Of course, Hannah was going to get mad