I Know What You Need

I Know What You Need Published In Night Shift Playlist Neil Diamond This was a really good story, I actually feel bad for the creepy character Ed If I had the abilities that he had who is to say I wouldn t use them to try and get what I wanted Don t we all use our unique abilities in a similar fashion Looks, wit, humor, intellect or psychic abilities
This one didn t do a whole lot for me, but I m so caught up in Night Shift that I gave it three stars instead of two, which I probably wouldn t have done had I just stumbled upon this at random, or had it not been Stephen King Still,
Not my favorite of all his short stories, but as part of the Night Shift collection, it seems to fit in. Excellent for a short horror ish suspenseful story All of the characters had depth Plus, I really liked the way things ended or not ended It does feel good to finally read a good horror after so long. A terrifying and classic collection containing twenty of King s most legendary tales I reviewed Night Shift as a composed body, rating each short story therein individually.To read the actual review, search Night Shift A mild and not really scary horror story This one resonates a littlethan usual the characters have a littledepth than your average King short. 2.6 5, . From Cosmopolitan, September 1976Collected in Night Shiftthen later in The Stephen King Value Collection