It Now Available In Paperback Musings, Inspirations, And Styling Tips From The Darling Of The Fashion WorldWith Influences That Range From The Sultry Beauty Of Jane Birkin To The Rocker Chic Of Mick Jagger, It S No Wonder That Everything Worn By Alexa Chung Instantly Becomes The Latest Trend Already A Hugely Popular Television Personality And A Muse For Marc Jacobs And Karl Lagerfeld, Chung Was Also A Cohost Of The Nightly Music ShowFuse News, Covering The Hottest Acts And Entertainment News Chung S First Book, It, Provides Her Legion Of Fans With A Long Awaited Inside Look At Her Fascinating World.A Wholly Unique Collection Of Chung S Personal Writings, Drawings, And Photographs, It Covers Everything From Her Candid Thoughts On Life, Love, And Music To Her Favorite Ensembles And How To Decide What To Wear In The Morning With Chung S Characteristic Wit, Charm, And Refreshingly Down To Earth Attitude, This Full Color Compendium Is A Must Have For Anyone Who Loves Fashion, Music, And Just About Everything Alexa Chung. I literally read this book in 7 minutes while standing in the biography section of BN I have never in my life read anything so ridiculous, pointless, and inane as this book This is what it is selfies of Alexa Chung, clothed and unclothed, with the most idiotic musings on every few pages Such things as, and I paraphrase, but I assure you I m not far off My favorite book is Lolita of course it is and
You know what you like, so follow your gut I love photographs, and I also recently discovered my love for memoirs thanks to I m Supposed to Protect You from All This by Nadja Spiegelman , so this book came at the perfect time for me to read and enjoy.It covers everything from Alexa Chung s thoughts on life, love and music to her favourite looks and how to decide what to wear in the morning There s also talk of first favorites varying from clothes to anthems to movies and, of course, featuring gorgeous pictures and illustrations The images honesty made this book for me I think the above picture remained my favorite All these images managed to capture beauty, style, and essence Yet my appetite for , , rages on unabated I thought going into this that it was going to sound semi pretentious, but I for the most part real
I really, really wanted to like this book I enjoy fashion, and I enjoy Alexa Chung I mean, I think she s funny, she s good at what she does i.e being there when they need cool people to be there, wearing clothes and just talking about whatever However, and even though I didn t have any high expectations when buying the book yes, I BOUGHT it , I still expected something totally different from this It kind of reads like a diary, kind of not It d read like a diary if you patronized a diary and made it feel a little stupid when reading it My main problem with it is that I just feel like it is so unnecessary This is basically the tumblr of a hipster girl, all printed out and ready to go I read this in a half hour sitting because there is literally nothing to read When going through other people s takes and reviews of this book, they talk about it like it s some kind style bible and it made choosing their clothes in the morning so much easier, when in fact her style advice is just so vague it s basically impossible to do anything with it I probably made this sound way worse than it actually is, but the fact is, it just isn t great I liked some of it, the pictures were nice, and Alexa is witty and was able to keep your attention, but keep it on what There s no plot or conducting element throughout the whole book The thing that seems to be hey, Alexa Chung wrote this bunch of anecdotes or just
I m not going to lie I fell into the Instagram obsessed, teenage girl trap and bought this book because Alexa has pretty hair and the book looks pretty in a filtered photograph After looking through reviews, I wasn t expecting a thought provoking, literacy masterpiece, but I was expecting a light hearted look into Alexa s life written in a fun chatty style with cool pictures.However, the book was completely pointless for lack of a better term.The book was 192 pages and 3 4 of these pages were photographs, of which, Alexa featured in about 3 The pages with actual text on them were a paragraph long at the most and were
I m just going to say it I love Alexa Chung I think she sells herself short way too often just to appease all of her haters I really do think that she is quite stylish, very witty, and charmingly talented People really do not give her enough credit One thing about her that is so refreshing is that she never hesitates to downplay her accomplishments and fame Though people love to break her down, I think that she is actually very humble She has, on than one occasion, referred to herself as nothing or a blob who is baffled by her rise to fame, and she gives credit where credit is due I just copied Kate Moss Jane Birkin Lou Dillon blahblahblah Of course this wasn t meant to be some devastatingly amazing piece of fine literary work It is a reflection of who she is as a normal girl who just so happens to be an oft Tumbl d style icon.I really don t understand all of the negative reviews I mean, w
Goodness, I ve held onto this book for several years and now just read it in about 30 minutes while putting off doing my laundry which I m continuing to put off by writing this review.This is a great little coffee table book It s a scattered, inane sort of account by Alexa Chung of all her favourite style icons with photographs, doodles, and a few things she s learned over the years mixed in IT S NOT A MEMOIR It resembles a scrapbook combined with diary entries Some reviewers appear to be morally offended that there isn t substance to It but I don t see any reason not to enjoy this book if you know what you re getting into An interest in style, fashion, and Alexa
I read this in less than 2 hours and those 2 hours were wasted I saw this pretty hardcover sitting on my friend s bookshelf and asked her if I could borrow it, not really knowing anything much about Alexa Chung beforehand but being none the wiser after reading her kind of memoir I m confused as to what exactly this book is supposed to be, considering it feels like random ramblings about stuff Chung likes and collages of pictures she I guess likes as well that might be better off as a Tumblr blog instead of a printed book It just feels like a lot of high quality paper was wasted on this but that s just my opinion I d recommend this to Chung fans who are curious
So first of all I didn t realise that Alexa Chung had Chinese heritage, which is idiotic as her name is CHUNG how stupid am I , although I have a friend with a very similar name and I didn t realise that he had Chinese heritage either until someone mentioned it also I thought my husband was Asian even though his surname is Italian We can draw from this that I am not a big thinker in regards to names and lots of other stuff and or genealogy.Anyway This book is very pretty, and I am regretting that I got it out of the library rather than buy a copy It s like a scrapbook with lots of images of Chung and of her style i
I only took this out of the library because I ve heard several times that it s absolutely terrible, and I was curious I quite like Alexa Chung, largely based on her style I don t think I ve ever seen her presenting anything but that s probably the way most people think about her, hence the publication of this scrapbook cum style guide rather than an autobiography It is a combination of irreverent commentary, fashion advice, photography and illustrations, mixed with autobiographical anecdotes And it s quite a nice, enjoyable, amusing book I don t know exactly what it is people were expecting that s made so many so irritated with this did they think Chung was going to write a detailed step by step guide on how to replicate her life and wardrobe It s exactly what I would have expected it to be, and although it i
You ll love it or you ll hate it There is no real in between Like your reaction to it, the book is very no nonsense.Having read Man Repeller by Leandra Medine just prior to this, I can say that Alexa s efforts pale in comparison I don t think its meant to be wordy though, its art book than anything else Stick it on your coffee table and let people think you re stylish, as it s very nice to look at.I get the sense though that whatever your opinion of the book itself, it very much reflects Miss Chung I feel it perfectly reflects the author I imagine her as a slightly eccentric

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