Jalapeno Madness

Jalapeno Madness Welcome To Jalapeno Madness, The Jalapeno Cookbook With Jalapeno Recipes Galore This Compendium Of Jalapeno Recipes For Every Occasion Has Been Years In The Making Perfect For The Spicy Food Lover.We Ve Got Jalapeno Pepper Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers, Desserts, Poppers Galore, Salsas Like You Wouldn T Believe, Sauces, Jellies And Entire Sections Dedicated To Grilling Of All Types, Holiday Recipes And This Book Is Long And Sorely Overdue, Especially Since Nobody Has Seen Fit Enough To Create A Good Book Dedicated Specifically To The World S Finest Chili Pepper Books Abound On Peppers In General, But There Are None That Extol The True Virtues Of The Jalapeno, My Favorite Pepper And I M Sure I M Not Alone This Book Was Borne Of Love For This Wonderful Pepper, And I Am Overjoyed To Share My Feelings With The World Many Of These Recipes Are Pepper Stand Alone Recipes, Meaning The Jalapeno Is The Main Focus Of The Meal There Are Many, However, That Could Be Made Without The Pepper, But What Fun Would That Be That S The Point Of The Jalapeno If You Removed The Peppers, The Dishes Would Be Bland, Boring, And Tedious To The Tongue.Did Your Garden Product An Abundant Harvest Of Jalapeno Peppers This Year Have No Idea What To Do With All Those Jalapenos Look No Further.Enjoy