Jennifer Government

Jennifer GovernmentIn Max Barry S Twisted, Hilarious And Terrifying Vision Of The Near Future, The World Is Run By Giant Corporations And Employees Take The Last Names Of The Companies They Work For It S A Globalised, Ultra Capitalist Free Market Paradise Hack Nike Is A Lowly Merchandising Officer Who S Not Very Good At Negotiating His Salary So When John Nike And John Nike, Executives From The Promised Land Of Marketing, Offer Him A Contract, He Signs Without Reading It Unfortunately, Hack S New Contract Involves Shooting Teenagers To Build Up Street Cred For Nike S New Line Of 2,500 Trainers Hack Goes To The Police But They Assume That He S Asking For A Subcontracting Deal And Lease The Assassination To The Experienced NRA Enter Jennifer Government, A Tough Talking Agent With A Barcode Tattoo Under Her Eye And A Personal Problem With John Nike The Boss Of The Other John Nike And A Gun Hack Is About To Find Out What It Really Means To Mess With Market Forces. A marketopia populated by the rabid people, surnamed after the companies they work for An inane world for profit Tongue in the cheek market worshipping leading to perception of capital and enterprise as the pinnacle of human achievement And don t forget your constitutional rights, fraud included Add to that all the nice touches The gun of sentimental value The Nike hype The John guy assaulting a gal and all the way threatening to sue her for damages Wow Consider me a Max Barry convert Q Hey, don t worry about it, Vice President John said Career change can be very stressful I read that somewhere c Q Hack was a Merchandise Distribution Officer This meant when Nike made up a bunch of posters, or caps, or beach towels, Hack had to send them to the right place Also, if someone called up complaining about missing posters, or caps, or beach towels, Hack had to take the call It wasn t as exciting as it used to be c Q They were smiling at him as if he was an equal but of course, Hack was on the wrong floor c Q Then they stuck out their hands I m John Nike, Guerrilla Marketing Operative, New Products And I m John Nike, Guerrilla Marketing Vice President, New Products, the other suit said c Q Hack, we need someone who can make snap decisions A fast mover Someone who can get things done With a minimum of fucking around If that s not your style, well let s forget
Jennifer Government maths This is one of my favourite books EVER and I don t give a damn if Some people say it s overhyped and overrated Some people say it s predictable Some people say it s pure, badly written crap Some people say all the characters in the story are stupid, flat and unlikeable And I certainly don t give a damn about the book snobs who compare this book to the supposed greatness of novels written by Huxley, Orwell, Stephenson and the like The reverse book snob in me happens to think all these authors are greatly overrrrrrrated I d rather reread The Duke and I than have to go through Snow Crash or Brave New World again But hey, I m pathetic enough to think Jennifer Government is one of the coolest books ever, so who am I to judge And the moral of this story is love this book, hate this book, judge this book, I don t give a damn It is and forever will be pure awesomeness to me Ha Pre review nonsense 2 Question Is thi
If asked to write the foreword to some 20th anniversary commemorative edition, I would say that Max Barry s Jennifer Government is like a bottle of Diet Neal Stephenson served with a twist of Christopher Moore or perhaps a dash of Tom Robbins There is something uncannily similar between Snow Crash and Jennifer Government in the comic book pacing in the hyperbolic and impossible but chillingly familiar geo political climate that he illustrates in the characters that reek of auto erotic caricature and yet are so well drawn, so believable and sympathetic and damn plausible You can see Y.T dropping out of school because of girls like Haley McDonald s You can see NRA franchises competing against La Cosa Nostra in the burbclaves You can imagine Hiro Protagonist sub contracted by Jennifer Government to fend off Violet ExxonMobil You wonder how the milieus of these novels aren t linked.But even if you haven t read Snow Crash , even if you aren t making those comparisons, you will find this one wholly enjoyable It has an immediate start, thrusts you headlong into the story already in progress but makes sure to catch you up just as quickly And it never loses this momentum The chapters coming at you fast each about 3 5 pages and are fairly dialogue driven Before you know it, you ll find you ve burned through 100 pages THIS IS NOT A BAD THING The narrative draws you in, the prose gets o
In a word, Max Barry is overrated He has no ear for dialogue and his characters are completely flat and forgettable He has an annoying habit of making his female characters drop dead gorgeous and going on at length about just how gorgeous they are And exactly what they re wearing That being said, he s got a good enough sense of pacing and enough satirical bite though it never breaks the skin to keep a person reading I mean, there has to be some explanation for the fact that I read three of his books in two weeks I find myself irritated with his mediocre writing and tired observations yet unable to put his books down until they re done Jennifer Government is set in a dystopian future in which the individual i
I gave this book 2 stars, because I thought it was a good ride, but honestly it s only good at all if you can get past the fact that all of the characters are completely one dimensional, poorly thought out, do things that are totally unrealistic, and have little to no motivation to do anything but do things that are completely bizarre Seriously, Hack, the main character if there is one, is like Tess of the D Urbervilles He practically sleepwalks his way through the book and then when he grows a spine it s all pointless The big secret of Jennifer Government s eye tattoo wasn t anything worthwhile eit
There is so much I want to say about this book It is so jammed packed with interesting ideas and characters that there are a million places to start Perhaps I ll just get the crude and vulgar out of the way first.The world of Jennifer Government reads like an Ayn Rand wet dream Corporations have free reign in what is called the United States of America but actually comprises North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and the British isles or, for you George Orwell fans out there, Oceania The government makes Nozick s Night watchman state look like Soviet Russia and even most basic services are provided by companies The teacher jotted something in his folder McDonald s sponsored schools were cheap like that at Pepsi schools, everyone had notebook computers Also their uniforms were much better But all is not happy go lucky in this Capitalist Paradise Where the government does not have a monopoly on violence, those that deal in violence are attracted to the highest bidder A corporate Cold War is on the verge of heating up, and in this case the customer isn t always right The battle lines have been drawn Every Team Alliance company is in competition with every Team Advantage company Every customer who flies T.A airline wi
This was really fucking good Not quite five star read, but I m giving it 5 anyway Because.Review might come If I ever do the other 5000 I ve been promising. In some ways, Max Barry s Jennifer Government is like the inverse of Orwell s 1984 It s set in the near future where things have gone loopy, but instead of an out of control, totalitarian government oppressing everyone, it s uncontrollable megacorporations and hypercapitalism or, one could argue, hyperlibertarianism that s ruining everyone s day Unfortunately, Jennifer Government is unlike 1984 in that it s not particularly well written.The hook, like I said, is that Barry has created a near future world where capitalism and its slothful cousin consumerism are the defining forces in the free world, to the point where the USA has taken over most of the planet, abolished taxes, moved nearly all traditionally governmental functions like education to the private sector, and yelled Okay, let er rip It s the kind of place where McDonald s and Mattell run the grade schools, the police are mercenaries who dispense justice only after your credit card clears, and most of the world s ginormous corporations are banding together into ruthless syndicates centered around competing frequent buyer clubs The consumer culture is so extreme that one s job is the most important thing in life, so that people do the very improbable thing of taking on their employer s name So you got among the cast of characters John Nike two of em, in fact , Billy NRA uh, two of those, also , an
Interesting book A blistering satire on corporate culture, the book is written with a sparse, sharp style It flies by I read it while on the plane I don t enjoy flying and it took me right out of the shuddering cabin and into the world of corporations, advertisement, and violence.In the future, corporations rule the world, at least in USA and Commonwealth Last names are abandoned in favor of employer names John Nike, Lisa Disney, Michelle McDonalds and so on Jobs are everything Hack Nike works in marketing and he hates his Then, on a chance trip to a different floor, he is approached by an executive who offers him a new position with a contract in a small print Hack signs the contract without reading and the executive explains his new position to him Nike is about to unveil their new line of shoes and to generate some street cred, Hack has to go to a local mall and shoot twelve teenagers for their s
Le gusta el liberalismo Pues tome liberalismo, pero luego no se queje aunque ser libre de hacerlo, claro G nero Novela.Lo que nos cuenta El libro Jennifer Gobierno publicaci n original Jennifer Government, 2003 nos lleva a un futuro no muy lejano en el que los Estados Unidos de Am rica han absorbido todo el continente, parte del norte de Europa, algunos pa ses del sur de Asia y Ocean a, mientras Rusia y otros pa ses son afiliados, llevando a todos esos lugares su r gimen sociopol tico, el Capitalizmo, en el que las v