Kickin It (Red Card, #2)

Kickin It (Red Card, #2) Love Breaks The Offside Rule In New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken S Irresistibly Sexy Red Card Romance.Successful, High Profile Sports Agent Matt Kingston Thinks He Can Handle Anything Then Soccer Player Parker Speedman Shows Up At His Door She Is Young And Gorgeous, Has Natural Talent, And Is Looking For A Team She S Also A Hothead With A Punchy Past Who Floored Her Last Coach On Live TV Despite His Misgivings, Matt Agrees To Be Both Her Agent And Her Coach Professional Common Sense Says She S Off Limits But What Can He Say About The Raw Attraction Between Them Parker Plays Soccer With Her Heart And Soul But After The Events Of The Last Year, She S Shaken She S Already Seen What A Powerful Man Can Do To A Female Athlete S Career And Her Beloved Dream Is In The Hands Of A Sexy, Gorgeous Man With The Uncanny Ability To Slip Past Her Defenses And Into Her Heart.Now Matt And Parker Are About To Learn That When It Comes To Love, The Only Way To Win Is By Breaking Every Rule They Know And By Playing Nice Real Nice. Have I ever mentioned how I love RVD Gahhhhh her writing, I can t get enough And this series, oh so good If you haven t got to enjoy the first book, do it Although this one can be read as a standalone, this series is just yummy We are introduced to Matt in book 1, so I couldn t wait to get his story You get the feels in this book Its packed full of stuff Stuff that I overly enjoyed I am a bit behind on reviews, so read this over a week a
3.5 starsThe couple, Matt and Parker gave me all kinds of aweseome feelings As Parker s agent coach, Matt was all kinds of yummy His concern towards Parker, her future and mental health was adorable and just wonderful for such a savvy and by the book business man He really fell head over heels for her and their interactions and banter were right up my alley With one word they clicked.Parker was such a strong woman, especially after what she went through Her struggles felt genuine, and made me root for her even stronger I adored how much she pushed Matt s buttons The way those two harmonized was the sweetest thing, and they always seemed to be on the same wavelength.And OMG her best friend Willow, who also was Matt s baby sister, actually stole the show at times She was the BOMB That girl deserves her own book Best supporting character, best kind of friend, hilarious younger sister and pain in the butt, tenacious agent in the making, and an absolutely crazy girlfriend I could go on LOVED HER My thoughts Like I said, this story was all k
Kickin It was just one reason to be a fan of Rachel Van Dyken It was one part sports romance, one part sweet and sexy romance, and it was all parts love.Matt was a former professional soccer player, successful sports agent, and everyone s best friend He had it all a beautiful home, fast cars, expense accounts, his own prosperous business, great buddies, connections, fab clothes, and opportunities of a lifetime He was happy Or was he What good is having it all with no one to share it with Parker was striving for a soccer career, but one moment may have derailed her future forever Being best friends with Willow has many perks aside from her being awesome, one of them being that she s the sister of the best agent around Can Matt save her reputation and secure her the deal of her life When spending time with Matt has her formidable walls crumbling apart, will he keep her and her fragile heart safe I absolutely loved Matt I became quite fond of Willow and Jagger And Parker had her moments I enjoyed the heck out of all of the banter between these characters and I swooned so hard over the many ways that Matt wormed his way into Parker s heart and mine I appreciated how the author illustrated Parker s talent and how hard being on top can be What she suffered is all too common and the author did an amazing job of bringing it to light I m so in love with these characters that I now have to go back and read the first book of the series, Risk
NOW LIVE US UK Kickin It is book two of the Red Card series but can be read as a standalone if you haven t enjoyed the previous book yet This book gives you everything forbidden client agent romance, best friends older brother, sexual tension galore, and so many sweet moments you ll be swooning all over the place Matt and Parker were amazing together and I loved the mix of Matt s grumpy old man behavior with Parker s sass Parker was definitely reserved and quite at times but when she opened up and we got to see of her true personality it made for some of the best dialogue between her and Matt We also got to see a lot of Matt s sister, Willow, who was so crazy and outspoken and I loved that she had so much page time Especially getting to see glimpses of her own romance going on Bottom line, I loved
4 Off limits stars I m always enjoying RVD s books They re always having the right amount of fun, sexiness, emotional stuff and the stories have that something that are hooking you up from the first page till the last one I loved the first book in the Red Card series, and i felt the same for the second one And of course, for a change, we had a female athlete in here How refreshing We have already met Matt in the first book and i really loved the guy He was a high class sports agent and he was putting up with both Slade and Jagger These guys were driving him crazy, but he was a really good friend and the best agent out there, so he was putting up with the fires that they were starting all the time in their lives Add into his crazy life, his sister Willow and her best friend, Parker, who are getting into his life and home and turn everything upside down Parker is a young girl whose life is soccer She is putting her heart and soul in her sport, but last year was a living hell Everyone are saying that she has anger and behavior problems, since she punched her coach on National TV And now, her career is trembling down She needs Matt, her best friend s big brother and famous sports agent, to help her chasing her dream But he is an ass, most of the times, and she has a big mouth So, there are problems between them Add to that and a fierce attraction
I loved Matt and Parker We met Matt in Risky Play, and here he has met his match Parker is lashing out because of something in her past, but Matt can see the true Parker He tries to stay away, but Slade, Mackenzie, Jagger and Willow have other ideas for them With her usual wit and humor,
I have been a longtime fan of Rachel Van Dyken and could not jump on Kickin It fast enough I absolutely love love loveeee soccer stories and am borderline obsessed with coach and player stories thank you Kulti We saw Matt and his clients friends from the first book in this standalone series, Risky Play, but I am officially obsessed with him after this book Matt and Parker were so delicious and he was just so sweet I think he made me swoon and melt times than I could count I just loved this story I loved how the author successfully balanced current sensitive issues prevalent today with an amazing love story filled with fiery sexual chemistry, friendship and protectiveness Matt was just perfect He was strong and assertive without being overbearing and everything Parker was used to from her former coach I loved that Parker made him feel again and be excited not only for the sport but the idea of love and committment Likewise, Parker was so damn strong She is one of my favorite RVD heroines to date She had a hard exterior but an even softer and vulnerable interior She was betrayed and hurt by someone in power and it took an even stronger man and friend to instill that trust back in her I loved everything about this story Bravo 5 stars Ratula I accidentally went on a Rachel Van Dyken mini binge this week when my audio of The Matchmaker s Replacement overlapped with my read of Kickin It, an
ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I don t know if I ve already mentioned this in any of my other reviews of Rachel Van Dyken s books but over the years she s definitely become one of my favourite romance authors Her books are always so much fun to read and Kickin It was definitely no exception It was so good to see Mack, Slade, Jagger and Matt from Risky Play again in this book and thankfully, the newly introduced characters were all just as awesome as those four I m also still absolutely in love with Rachel Van Dyken s writing style and there were so many scenes in Kickin It that made me laugh out loud I read this book in pretty much one sitting with a small break and loved it so, so much, I just had to give it five out o
Love breaks the offside rule in New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken s irresistibly sexy Red Card romance.FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED UniversalSuccessful, high profile sports agent Matt Kingston thinks he can handle anything Then soccer player Parker Speedman shows up at his door She is young and gorgeous, has natural talent, and is lookin
This is my 3rd Rachel VanDyken book I need to read .I ve been reading a LOT of guy athlete books Now it s time way over due for me to read about a woman athlete Parker is a disgraced soccer star She had a run in with her college coach It looked really bad for her Caught on camera of course With several witnesses It was than meets the eye Much .Parker is trying to move on She loves soccer and wants to play professionally She s just about black balled from being even considered for a try out Parker s bff Willow gets her a meeting with her sports agent brother Matt Matt is stubborn and doesn t put up with Willow s shenanigans Matt doesn t know what hit him.Willow is the bubbly younger sister, but Matt has has soft spot for her too Parker and Matt don t hit it off very well Matt is skeptical of Parker He s heard the story Parker is determined to prove that she deserves a chance Matt s hostility thaws little by little I thought that his turn around was a little quick He did realize that Parker has talent and there may be a reason for her temper hostility against her former coach Parker tries to keep her distance from men Matt notices this and gets Parker to confi