Transperceneige: L'Echappé

Transperceneige: L'EchappéSnowpiercer Is The Enthralling And Thought Provoking Post Apocalyptic Graphic Novel That Inspired The Critically Acclaimed Movie Starring Chris Evans Captain America, Fantastic Four Originally Published In French, This Marks The First Time That Snowpiercer Will Be Available In English.In A Harsh, Uncompromisingly Cold Future Where Earth Has Succumbed To Treacherously Low Temperatures, The Last Remaining Members Of Humanity Travel On A Train While The Outside World Remains Encased In Ice The Surviving Community Are Not Without A Social Hierarchy Those That Travel At The Front Of The Train Live In Relative Luxury Whilst Those Unfortunate Enough To Be At The Rear Remain Clustered Like Cattle In Claustrophobic Darkness Yet, Things Are About To Change Aboard The Train As Passengers Become DisgruntledThe Movie Snowpiercer, Due For Release In 2014, Is Directed By Joon Ho Bong The Host And Is Already Causing A Stir With Parallels To 1984 And Animal Farm. Sure, it s a bit of a stretch a super train circling the globe powered by something close to perpetual motion, running on tracks that don t appear to need maintenance I like the boldness of the story and the all too human story of rich versu
I fail to see why people rate this book so high I didn t hate it, but I didn t like it either.That said, this isn t a ground breaking story and comparing it to Orwell s Animal Farm is not only wrong, it s embarrassing.The only reason I give this two stars, is because most of what I didn t like could be due to a bad translation, but I highly doubt it For example, I read a bad translation of Beowulf my first time through and I hated the book Years later I icked up the Seamus Heaney s version of Beowulf and fell in love with it That too, could be the case with Snow Piercer, but again, I highly doubt it.SPOILERS AFTER THISMy issues 1 The story is very disjointed Many little plots are scattered throughout the book, but none of them are followed through with and the main story becomes nothing than a Michael Bay race to the front of the train Boom Boom Some sex Boom Weird science Sex Boom SexBoomSex Old man living off crackers.2 The men in this book are either mindless military or religious drones or bad Eastwood Man with no Name ripoffs.3 Whereas the men are mindless, the women are merely in the story for sex and to die at the hands of men Yeah, women love
Rating 3.5 of fiveThe film is beautiful to look at, and the message apt and timely It s 2 06 11, which is at least 20 minutes too long The metaphor of the train is resonant the acting supports the message of the metaphor well, with Chris Evans as revolutionary Curtis doing a bang up job of being a gigantic force compressed into a tight, unyielding metal tube The seriously skeevy Mr Big of the train Wilford, played by Ed Harris, was so oozingly vile that I wanted many horrible things to happen to him onscreen Regrettably they did not.It s a good film The graphic novel was well served, though I found the print version less appealing than the movie It was chaotic and underdeveloped its characters The film had the advantage of drawing from the whole series of them, of course, and that could well be the source of its superior character building.All in all a good experience and an instr
Stay way unless you re a teenage boy.This is the hyped comic that is supposedly a treasure of French Bandes D ssin s that spawned a recent film adaptation by Joon ho Bong The Host, Mother What a bummer There are so many problems with this book and they can t all be due to due to poor translation Rushed storytelling the pacing is way too fast for any depth Very misogynistic Even the supporting female character is an irrational stereotype that can t wait to get it on in the first second of every scene she s left alone with the main character in Most of the major characters are paper thin Dialog is horrible And WTF is up with the last 2 pages They must ve screwed up in the printing There s a huuuge jump in time between them, completely skipping over a major development Lob just threw away the main character, and not in an love to hate it George R R Martin kind of way but in a Okay I m bored and h
3 1 2 StarsI love this concept, which was captured wonderfully in the movie of the same name starring Chris Evans.Basically the world has gone to crap It is an ice age were just a few seconds outdoors leads to death The only salvation is an enormous self sufficient train to nowhere that never stops.Seriously, if you haven t seen this movie you are missing out.Anyways, as is common with dystopian literature, the main theme is the poor being trampled by the heartless, selfish upper class One man from the back of the train escapes the horrors of the tail end ghetto and sees how the other half lives.The style of this book was awkward and often very choppy The lack of transitions were confusing, and there was no mention of time passing even if two cells were days apart The artwork is decent but sometimes it is difficult to tell people apart Still it is a great concept and the book does not shy away from bleak and
I assume that the flaws in this are because it s volume one, and that the subsequent volumes will pick up some of these threads and actually develop a gripping story Because this isn t It s a series of vignettes.Tincangoat s review raises a lot of the problems I experienced with the book, and I d add view spoiler where are they getting the hair products, makeup, and lingerie from With all the rape going on, where are the babies, children, and adolescents Wouldn t it, in these circumstances, be efficient for the ruling corrupt military regime to appropriate women from 2nd class and install comfort carriages rather than letting individual men raid at will Then you could also use it as a tool to instill fear in your political enemies Wouldn t it also make sense for the tailies to be forced to offer tribute, and sacrifice one person every week, whatever, to be made into special rabbit pies If not, then why have they been kept around for so lon
Just finished this fantastic graphic novel A train that is 1001 cars long must travel through a frozen wasteland without stopping or everyone on board will freeze to death From the back of the train to the engine all levels of social stratification exist When the powers that be uncover a p
Yeah, no I was soooo very excited to read this after watching the killer trailer for the movie coming out this summer But, ugh, such a disappointment Flat characters, so very very much misogyny, and despite the interesting idea setting
I hadn t realized that the movie with the same name was based on a graphic novel, so when I saw this on a shelf I was quite keen to do a bit of a comparison.Overall the graphic novel is somewhat grittier than the film, focusing on the dire situation of the train, and the 3rd class tail scum where the movie added considerable eccentricity to the world, and a number of subplots and characters While I preferred the novel s political analysis, and developed history of the Snow Piercer I felt the m
This is a unique situation for myself I have found that elusive case of a film actually superseding a book, or in this instance, a graphic novel I discovered Snowpiercer on Netflix a few years ago and fell hard The haunting cinematography and fast paced dystopian plot impressed It also happens to boast a favorable cast So I picked up the graphic novel with a pretty high standard in place.The plot offers a potential that was better executed on screen and failed to fully come to life within the pages of this first volume The blurb is pretty definitive and there is no need to explore the concept in depth Perhaps the biggest barrier standing between myself and possible love for this post apocalyptic story would be dialog It leaned heavily towards dry and flat There seemed to be a lack of real depth within the story, yet so much was happening.The artwork was the one element that actually carried me through to the end Had it not been for the bold, grey scale illustrations offering a simplistic yet fitting representation

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