Living the Great Depression & Beyond

Living the Great Depression & Beyond A Book With Lots To Think About For Anyone Feeling Pinched By Hard Times The Author Grew Up During The Great Depression And Here Describes A Life That Pulsed With Love And Fun And Freedom In Spite Of A Life That Had To Cope With Many Lacks There Are No Charleston Dancers Here But Mention Is Made Of The Equally Exotic Lady Who Made Her Living By Coming To A Woman S Home To Custom Fit Her For A Corset Descriptions Of The Clothing Of The 1920 S And 30 S Are Eye Openers Similarly, Accounts Of Sunday Drives In The Model T Ford Quite Soberly Include Descriptions Of Father Patching An Inner Tube When One Of The Tires Went Flat Lack Of Money For Eating In Restaurants Along The Way Was Always Compensated For By Bringing Picnic Lunches Of Crabmeat Salad Sandwiches, Egg Salad Sandwiches, Pickles And Fruit Along With Other Goodies Such As Mother S Chocolate Cake And Her Homemade Lemonade Sealed In Mason Jars And Wrapped In Newspaper To Keep The Jars Cool The Book Makes The Point That None Of The Kids In Town Considered Themselves Poor By Inference, The Reader Reaches The Conclusion That Children Can Be Happy Even During A Time Of Economic Downturn This Is A Book Not Only For Parents Of Young Families, But Also For Their Elders Who May, As They Read, Find Themselves Remembering Things That Haven T Come To Mind For Ages. This book is a delightful look at the early twentieth century through the eyes of the little girl that Esther MacNeill Friend was back then She grew up in a small town called Plainville, Massachusetts, a place where everybody knew everybody else and had the same shared experiences This isn t a story of negotiating the hardships and privations of the Depression as Esther says, the kids rea