Locked in

Locked inShot In The Head By An Unknown Assailant, San Francisco Private Eye Sharon McCone Finds Herself Trapped By Locked In Syndrome Almost Total Paralysis But An Alert, Conscious Mind Since The Late Night Attack Occurred At Her Agency S Offices, The Natural Conclusion Was That It Was Connected To One Of The Firm S Cases As Sharon Lies In Her Hospital Bed, Furiously Trying To Break Out Of Her Body S Prison And Discover Her Attacker S Identity, All The Members Of Her Agency Fan Out To Find The Reason Why She Was Assaulted Meanwhile, Sharon Becomes A Locked In Detective, Evaluating The Clues From Her Staff S Separate Investigations And Discovering Unsettling Truths That Could Put Her Life In Jeopardy Again As The Case Draws To A Surprising And Even Shocking Conclusion, Sharon S Husband, Hy, Must Decide Whether Or Not To Surrender To His Own Violent Past And Exact Fatal Vengeance When The Person Responsible Is Identified. I loved this book even than I had expected to from LJ s comments I took my pristine copy to bed with me to sample as I settled in and ended up finishing it at about 1 30 AM, sore eyes notwithstanding
27 in the Sharon McCone series 2010 Shamus Award for Best Novel Finalist 2010 Barry Award for Best Novel This 2009 series entry by author Marcia Muller has a unique perspective with the protagonist in a virtual coma able only to blink for most of the book Investigating several ongoing, sometimes intersecting, complex cases and having the progress presented by five alternating narrators makes for a potentially confusing novel with an ultimately satisfying set of conclusions.Returning to her office late one night, McCone is shot whil
Muller takes a shocking premise McCone is shot in the head by surprise and then moves that in an extraordinary direction, giving us the points of view of Hy and the four detectives who are working on cases that might be related to McCone s shooting By doing so
There is no doubt that Marcia Muller is one of the top mystery writers working today She has the Grand Masters Award from the Mystery Writers of America plus a host of other honors to prove it However, her army of readers don t need these affirmations to know that a Muller book is going to intrigue and entertain them Best known for stories featuring private investigator Sharon McCone this author suprises us with her latest, Locked In McCone has been a top favorite since her debut in 1977 we think we know her pretty well Nonetheless, this title s opener is a real shocker on a misty July night in San Francisco McCone s vintage MG runs out of gas Fortunately, she s not too far from her office on the Pier and she takes off for it on foot Once at the security grille to the Pier she called for the security guard, Lewis, a problem alcoholic He s not to be found She uses her security code to open the door to the Pier s entrance, climbs the stairs to the office s catwalk, and finds the door unlocked It s dark inside, there s a sudden motion she is shot The bullet has entered her brain leaving her in a comatose state known as locked in syndrome She cannot speak or move, totally paralyzed and can communicate only by blinking her eyes in response to a question So, for once McCone is not at the leader of a crime investigat
Locked In is the latest Sharon McCone mystery from author, Marcia Muller This book opens with a bang Sharon is headed back to the office When she arrives, she goes to unlock her office door but it is already unlocked She heads into her office and hears a loud bang, right before she passes out Sharon wakes up to find herself lying in a hospital bed with her husband by her side The problem Sharon now faces is that she is trapped inside her body in what is called locked in syndrome A syndrome where the person is conscious and can hear everything around them but their body won t respond and neither will their eyes It is up to Sharon s husband to find the person responsible for his wife s condition Time is racing Locked In is the second Sharon McCone book I have read Burned Out is the first While I didn t really care for the first, I thought I would give this book a try The concept really d
First Sentence A typical July night in San Francisco.That typical July night ends up as anything but when private investigator Sharon McCone returns to her office late one evening, and is shot But bullet has lodged in her head and left her, not in a coma, but locked in She can hear, see and think, but neither talk nor move Her husband, Hy, and her McCone Investigation team are focused on finding the shooter.The story definitely starts with a bang From there, each chapter is narrated by a different characters, but it is very effectively and clearly done Muller effectively conveys each person s emotions, but particularly Sharon s I felt her transition from confusion to fear, anger, frustration, rage, hopelessness, and determination It was also the first time I felt the real connection between McCone and Hy The plot is well c
This was my first time reading a book by this author or featuring this private eye and I was not disappointed Not only was the story suspenseful and a great mystery, but it also appealed to me as a Speech Language Pathologist After being shot in the head, Sharon McCone suffered from Locked In Syndrome, a very rare and misunderstood condition that results in the inability to speak or move while you understand everything going on around you Individuals with locked in syndrome can only communicate through eye blinks, eye gaze, etc I thought the author did a great job of communicating the frustration McCone must have experienced as well as the difficulties those around her had coping with her disorder I also thought she captured well the idea that communication difficulties are not equated with intelligence in spite of the fact that most of us assume someone who cannot communicate is slow or stupid In her protagonist, she had a very i
The 27th Sharon McCone mystery finds McCone hospitalized, paralyzed by a gunshot wound to the head, in a locked in state, meaning that she can hear, she can think, but she cannot move or talk At best, she can respond by blinking once for yes , twice for no Her colleagues gather to try to find out who attacked her, delving through old files on the not unreasonable assumption that this was likely related to one of her old cases.Ordinarily, Muller writes from McCone s point of view But because of the situation in which she has placed
I have a problem but it s not the book it s me I m pretty sure that I ve read all the McCone series and there are a ton of them In this book Muller reprises the background of all the people we ve come to know operatives and family While the refresher was helpful, I realized I just didn t care Since her early days as a struggling PI at All Souls, McCone has practically become a CEO She has so many people working for her that it took me awhile and sometimes the backstories to sort them out Then, there s the whole family th
I like Marcia Muller and this one was no different.As I finished, I noted that the dedication is To Bill, for a story that started out as a joke I am thinking that is the only way to explain this one She has Sharon McCone getting shot in the head and she has been diagnosed with locked in syndrome That s right her main character is paralyzed and cannot talk This is practically a death sentence Some people can live for years and some for mere months.So I was thinking, wow, how is she going to get out of this or is this the last book Anyway, we do get to know her staff at McCone Investigations as they try to follow what leads they have, or think they have, to her shooter But, obviously, the best parts were the parts going on in