Love Is Overdue

Love Is OverdueGabriela Pereira Has Spent The Majority Of Her 27 Years Tending To Her Ailing Mother, And In Doing So Has Put Most Of Her Hopes, Dreams And Aspirations For The Future On Permanent Hold She Is Constantly Tormented By The Guilt Of Being The Only One Left To Care For Her Mother, Who Has Suffered Through Unimaginable Trauma In The Past Both Emotional And Physical The Possibility Of Finding Love Has Also Become A Distant Fantasy For Gabby, Not Likely To Come True Any Time Soon Either, Until She Meets Benjamin Martin A Handsome, Charismatic, Intelligent, Successful, Funny, And So Very Tasty Quite Literally And Figuratively Speaking Man Who Owns The Caribbean Restaurant Next Door To Her Office He Is The Kind Of Guy That Seems Too Good To Be True This Sort Of Thing Doesn T Happen To HerPassion, Lust, Heartache And Loss All Collide Into One Mouth Watering Read When A Shy And Lonely Brazilian Canadian Girl Finds Love In A Handsome, Charismatic Jamaican Canadian Chef Among The Diverse Sights, Sounds And Food Of Vancouver S Eclectic Commercial Drive It Is Hard Not To Fall In Love With Gabby And Ben As They Try To Reconcile Their Inner Demons To Be Together Against All Odds. I truly enjoyed this book, so romantic I loved the banter between Ben and Gabriela The sex scenes are HOT I love Ben but Gabriela was a little weak and insecure I can t wait to read from Natalie Myrie I am looking forward to reading the next book. I enjoyed this book completely Gabriella with her low self esteem and Benjamins cockiness made them a good couple Besides the hot sex, i think I would of left him alone He was sweet at time but a complete control freak I can t wait to read the next book from this author I heard a rumor
Natalie s book had a very steady pace along with a main character I can really relate to It reads like a modern day love story A extended review I placed on my site called The Review Board Feel free to read the extended version below I loved every minute of this book couldn t put it down for anything Interesting story 3.8 starsThis was a very very long dramatic story I liked the characters, it just seems like the story could have been told in fewer pages The cover image was a little misleading, as this was an IR story And the cover images
Disappointed If your looking for a A A romance keep looking I prefer that genre This book was listed as such, so I chose it NOT It is a BMWW novel It is mild pornography again not to my liking Then the writer included the N word I don t write it I don t say it And I Da
Interesting readI never been one to read romance novels, this surprised me The author told a compelling story between two characters She addressed the struggles of a new relationship and how tends to get in the way.