Made for Two Champions

Made for Two ChampionsMade For Two Champions Madison Hayes Book 4 In The Made For Two Series On Her Twenty Fourth Birthday, The Queen Of EYona Must Take Her First Lover A Competition Is Held And The Strongest Warrior Wins The Right To Sleep At Her Side For A Year Yarionna Has No Choice In The Matter She Must Share Her Body With The Champion Camp Has Been In Love With The Queen For Six Years During That Time, The Brutally Handsome EYonan Warrior Has Honed His Body Into The Ultimate Fighting Machine He S Determined To Sweep The Competition And Make Yarionna His Own Unpredictable, Impetuous And Exquisitely Male, Lieutenant Matchstick Maloney Is Just As Determined To Win The Spaceforce Officer From Earth Hasn T Trained For Six Years But He S Inventive And Resourceful In Short, He Ll Cheat If That S What It Takes To Finally Bed Yari While Both Men Fight In The Arena For The Right To Claim Her, Yarionna Falls To The Force Of Their Passion In The Bedroom Together The Three Lovers Discover A Prize Greater Than Any Of Them Ever Imagined. Considering the type of book this is threesome erotica this was probably the first that I ve read that didn t bore me The story is interesting, the characters are flawed and not necessarily very nice but I was interested to know what would happen to them and, even though the resulting relationship between the three characters still feels like a stretch of the imagination, it di
Good read Sadly I suspect that this is the last of the series Too bad I ve had fun reading them Great heroes in this one, also Match is delightfully sneaky and conniving and Camp is the poster boy for towering, taciturn heroes.Order is not wildl
Best book of the series for me, hands down, and just a great read Enjoyed all the characters and everything it took them to get to the end The ending was just a wonderful finally to the book and fitting end Total HEA book and you just know they will make it.

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  • Made for Two Champions
  • Madison Hayes
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  • 10 September 2017
  • 9781419918568