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Magic Words Magic Words From The Ancient Oral Tradition Of The Inuit Is A Modern Translation Of A Very Old Inuit Creation Story By Nationally Known Poet Edward Field As A Poem It Captures Beautifully The Intimate Relationship This Arctic People Have With Their Natural WorldMagic Words Describes A World Where Humans And Animals Share Bodies And Languages, Where The World Of The Imagination Mixes Easily With The Physical It Began As A Story That Told How The Inuit People Came To Be And Became A Legend Passed From Generation To Generation In Translation It Grew From Myth To Poem The Text Comes From Expedition Notes Recorded By Danish Explorer Knud Rasmussen In Edward Field Got A Copy From The Harvard Library And Translated It Into English This is a simple, straight forward story directly from Inuit legend about the power of words I was interested in the book because I have family through marriage who are Haida natives of Alaska not Inuit, a different group of people with a different language entirely The illustrations are captivating and worthy of spending time with this book just taking in all of the artwork Such a beautiful book and a nice way to introdu
Lovely goodnight story, for adults than children, because I can see a lot of whys at the end from the little ones part.The illustrations are great and that single line on the page is like a whisper And even being so short, it contains a lot of wisdom in its words, shows a strong bond between humans and nature, love and respect for animals, which I would preach ad infinitum I was not familiar with Inuit mythology and this little poem made me curious of so here a
A very short children s book of Inuit oral traditional story which emphasizes the importance of words It has beautiful art illustrations, the pictures and words combined have a very calming effect The book warns us about the power of words, and being careful about what you wish for This i
This book is ephemeral but powerful succinctly written I ve been dishing out so many 5 star picture book reviews, but for such good reason These Inuit tales are beyond learning beyond ABC and 123 they are life told with pictures, told with words told with the heart from a deeply beautiful culture and people Children. than anyone are responsive to the magical power of words and images These illustrious but mystical illustrations are truly something to marvel and gawk at I can t tell you the story it s something you need to discover for yourself.All I will mention is that this is a tale of when animals and humans were one they spoke the same language, felt the same joys and pains When words were magical and could breathe life into the world.I have pondered Fish Boy and Ma
Note I received a copy curtesy of Netgalley and Vanita Books in exchange for an honest review.Beautiful little story from the Inuits oral tradition, about the power of words and the profound connection between humans and animals The illustrations are si
Sparse in words but full of wonder, Magic Words is an Inuit creation story that has been passed down orally and then written as a poem, now translated by Edward Field and accompanied by Mike Blanc s gorgeous illustrations Aimed at children between 4 and 12 years old, children and their parents alike will enjoy this book Magic Words invites us to imagine a time when humans and animals shared one language, when humans could become animals and animals could become human We re shown the magic of words, the power of speaking something into being Just like Vanita Oelschlager s forthcoming book Fish Boy it was Mike Blanc s illustrations that sparked my interest in this book I m no artist but there s something about Mike s style that makes me want to linger over each illustration and I don t know if I can describe this accurately but it is as though there is both a simplicity and depth to his artistry You can glance at a page and know it s a beautiful im
This is a very short book which is beautifully illustrated by artwork and drawings that bring the Inuit story of creation into being.Where every tribe people have an oral tradition that passed on stories most have a creation account of how human beings were formed and lived on a world filled with animals and the interdependence of between both and the spirit world.The words are but a brief poignant account of the relationships between the wonderful world of nature and the Inuit people.This would be a wonderful children s book Certainly, the pictures are a magical element as they depict creatures Seal Fish Caribou Dog Fox Tern Dall Sheep Musk Ox Narwhal.The words also have a supernatural element for these folk but these ideas transcend all the Inuit hunting and survival in an otherwise bleak world.Anyone wil
This is a very short book It s not so much a story as an introduction to an idea It is, however, nicely illustrated After reading this, I m curious about other Inuit stories and beliefs We get some tantalizing hints about shapeshifting and the magic of words, but since there really isn t a story here, that s about all we do get.So it s a nice introduction to this Inuit idea I wouldn t really call it a creation story, since the first lines are In the very earliest
5 What a stunningly beautiful production this is Mike Blanc s artistic interpretation of Edward Field s sensitive translation of this Inuit poem adds a dimension often missing in lesser works.This is not a nursery rhyme, or even a rhyme It could be likened to an Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime story, passed down from generation to generation through
Description Magic Words is a modern translation 1965 of a very old Inuit creation story by nationally known poet Edward Field As a poem it captures beautifully the intimate relationship this Arctic people have with their natural world.Magic Words describes a world where humans and animals share bodies and languages, where the world of the imagin

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