Make it Count

Make it CountKat Caruso Wishes Her Brain Had A Return Policy, Or At Least A Complaint Hot Line The Defective Organ Is Constantly Distracted, Terrible At Statistics, And Absolutely Flooded With Inappropriate Thoughts About Her Boyfriend S Gorgeous Best Friend, Alec Who Just So Happens To Be Her Brand New Math Tutor Who Knew Nerd Was So Hot Kat Usually Goes Through Tutors Like She Does Boyfriends Both Always Seem To Bail When They Realize How Hopeless She Is It S Safer For Her Heart To Keep Everyone At Arm S Reach But Alec Is Always Stepping Just A Little Too Close.Alec Stone Should Not Be Fantasizing About Kat She S Adorable, Unbelievably Witty, And Completely Off Limits He D Never Stab His Best Friend In The Back But When Secrets Are Revealed, The Lines Of Loyalty Are Blurred To Make It Count, Alec Must Learn Messy Human Emotions Can T Be Solved Like A Trigonometry Function And Kat Has To Trust Alec May Be The First Guy To Want Her For Who She Is, And Not In Spite Of It. 4.5 refreshing stars This book Her whole life, Kat Caruso has been pegged as a flaky airhead Fun to be with but not the smartest sheep in the bunch Alec Stone is a sexy brainiac who is assigned to tutor Kat in Statistics Kat hides her insecurities by being a cute smartass while Alec hides his pain and loneliness by controlling and fixing everything But the moment these two met, their chemistry has been undeniable But Kat doesn t feel worthy of being Alec s girlfriend She s not the kind of a girl a genius like Alec is attracted to Plus, she is dating Alec s best friend Max, which adds to the complication But Alec is attracted to her, and the he got to know Kat, the he is convinced that Kat is the girl for him He sees beyond her flakiness and actually the girl with big heart If only he could convince Kat that she worth than she values herself I loved Kat She s awesome She s not your typical heroine who s totes perfect but she was endearing and likable Her struggles with her learning disability, her helplessness at first just broke my heart I totally get why Alec was so taken with her Most of the time, in NA, we don t easily see why this particular hero fell in love with this heroine and vice versa But in this book, I totally, totally get it And Alec sigh is just divine First of all, he s a geek and wears glasses but he also happens to smart, sarcastic, loyal and hot He is just a great char
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3.5 StarsOverall Opinion Hot, sexy nerd Sign me up That s definitely what I was thinking when I read some friend reviews on this book I like college age, or New Adult, books but I m always kicking myself at the end when they don t provide enough closure or commitment in the end for me to deem it a HEA Other than the ending, I found the characters likeable and their connection good I also appreciated the learning disability subject I didn t find the cheating too offensive, but I like some messy romances every once in a while So overall, this was good for what it was but not going on my favorites shelf or probably all that memorable in the long run.Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Kat and Alec s story Kat is struggling in her statistics class and is assigned yet another tutor, and she is shocked to find out that her new tutor is her boyfriend s best friend Alec Alec is the hot nerd that she hasn t had many interactions with Kat is quickly embarrassed by the fact he will see her struggling with her schoolwork, and that will give him reason to write her off as the flaky, dumb girl that everyone else has categorized her as The time they spend together, the they start to feel for one another even though th
Finally, a new adult experience that feels familiar I absolutely love this genre, don t get me wrong, but often the stories do not reflect my personal journey MAKE IT COUNT is different Though it has its fair share of angstit s so much Fun, fresh, and romantic, this book kept me enthralled and swooning hard while shining a light on important issues oft
This is not a bad rating, it s part of my new responsible ratings initiative Three stars means that I liked it, it was just a little vanilla for me I mean, if you re going to do feel good, stick to humor If you re going for drama, make the angst so heart wrenching that by the time we get the HEA I m jumping up and down all over my room This middle ground, clean romance is just not my style I know some people love it, and I don t dislike it, but I like things in that fine line right before you cross to overdone which not many authors can get to and not every reader enjoys The Nerd Hipster vibe Alec had going was totally up my alley Even though I did like Max because he made great cookies GREAT COOKIES PEOPLE, THIS IS IMPORTANT , I was totally rooting for him I also liked that he was majoring in Law and not some stereotypical nerdy career computer
Make It Count es el primer libro de la trilogia Bowler University escrita por Megan Erickson y narra la historia de Kat y Alec, ademas de ser mi segunda lectura de la autora.Antes de comenzar la lectura intente no leer ninguna rese a y asi poder ser mas imparcial con la novela y lo cierto es que me sorprendio, no fue tan floja como imaginaba.Es cierto que no es impresionante o transcendental esta bien, sin mas y que en algunos aspectos no consiguio conv
2.5StarsThis is kinda hard to review Because honestly, maybe I should round up But then again it was kinda between ok and good.There are parts I really loved, they really touched my heart and the other parts, that felt stoic or cliche and even worse some scenes lacked depths and felt rehearsed sounds weird right But some dialogues were, just really woody to run of the mill romance movie ish and I couldn t feel the connection between the characters If felt fake.My mind about this book changed literally every few pages Which is my biggest issue actually While I like the idea behind this, and as I said it had its great moments it feel rough and unfinished I even went and checked if this was self published, thinking some editing might fix it But it isn t, which had me wondering what make this feel so unpolished and all over the place.The story line is kinda sweet and annoying in one go I love Kat s sub story, her problems are relevant and I think sadly many people feel the same as her and there is a huge amount of unawareness about the issue SOOO kudos to Erikson for bringing it up BUT at times it felt like Erikson wove it too carefully into the story, which resulted in feeling prepared and stoic It felt a bit labored,
Bah no me gust kat me pareci insoportable no me gust su actitud as la hayan querido justificar y a el protagonista nunca me convenci no estaba muy bien definido su personaje a mi parecer I enjoyed it so much It has a PoC female character with a learning disability, healthy friendships, a non douchey male lead and so many sexy times Shouldn t have read this during my exams, though when will I learn Disclaimer I fangirl in lieu of starsI started to read MAKE IT COUNT after one of those mighty long days My plan was to read a chapter, maybe two Instead I was face punched by talent and plot gobbling well past a sensible hour I paid for my giant eye bags with aching cheeks The book truly is laugh out loud funny Wait That sounds like a stupid cliche I ll try again THIS BOOK IS STILL MAKING ME CACKLE BY MYSELF IN THE CAR ALONE LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.While I appreciate the seriously out there hilarity weenis jokes anyone , where Make it Count delivers is in the heart I got these characters I want to be their best friends They are real, authentic and when they hurtit s real When they loveit s