Making a Masterpiece of Your Life

Making a Masterpiece of Your Life Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants Aka Managing Life By Intuition Is The Norm For Most People, Every Single Day, All Over The World Hundreds Of Millions Of People Flying Blind, Hoping And Praying Not To Crash And Make It Home For Dinner Once At The End Of The Day So, What S The Alternative To Life Management By Intuition For Millions, The Alternative Is The Mass Consumption Of A Daily Diet Of Motivational Quotations Taken Like A Dose Of Aspirin, Caffeine Or Sugar Snacks Delivering That Jolt Of Inspiration, Or Relief From The Emotional Pain They Re Suffering For Most It Never Lasts It S A Temporary Fix Leaving Them Unsatisfied And Hungrily Chewing Through Inspirational Slogans, Life Coaches And Self Help Gurus Looking For Something That Will Stick Something Solid And Authentic They Can Build On.Life As A CraftThe Alternative To The Glut Of Fix My Life Quick Motivational Fast Food Flooding The Marketplace, Is To Make A Masterpiece Of Your Life The Old Fashioned Way Take The Time And Do The Work With Skill And Quality After All, No Mission Is Important And No Adventure Is Rewarding To Practice The Whole Of Life As A Craft , The Way A Craftsperson Mindfully Practices The Trade Of Textile Weaving, Medicine, Or Carpentry, Requires That The Myriad Activities Of The Craft Of Life Be Systematically Organized, Managed, Taught And Learned Similar To The Ways In Which We Organize, Manage, Teach And Practice Our Trades, Occupations And Professions.Drawing Upon Centuries Of Knowledge And Practical Experience By Master Craftsmen And Craftswomen, Charles Collins Has Skillfully Organized A Complete Body Of Life Knowledge Into Five Elements, Providing The Guidance And Motivation To Practice Life As A Craft.In Other S Words Every Once In Awhile A Book Is Destined To Become A Classic This Is One Of Those Books Dick Hoffman, Author INTIMACY 45 Minutes To An Intimate Life Thank You Very Much For Providing Me With The Info I Wanted It Is A Beautiful Story Deborah CritzerPositive Parenting The Canadian Crime Prevention Centre Strongly Encourages People To Take Responsibility For Their Own Lives And To Stop Being Victims Your Material Gives People A Hands On Approach For Taking Control Of Their Lives And The Lives Of Their Children Diana Stinn, Program Director I Am Much Impressed It Is Full Of Most Wonderful Advice And Is So Neutral In Bias, Too I Feel Your Resources Have Much To Offer In A Wholesome Way Elizabethfor Motherheart Very insightfulWith some great thought provoking ideas about how one should live one s life Wish I had read it before my kids were grown Still some great stuff to share with them.