Milestones, Ever After ( The Camp Milestone Trilogy #3)

Milestones, Ever After ( The Camp Milestone Trilogy #3) Camp Milestone Is No Faye Martin Has Lost Her Friends Including Her Best Friend Diane, Who Is Now Determined To Kill Her Despite Her Best Efforts To Forgive And Forget, Faye Realizes This Is Impossible Her Future Actions Are Crucial To The Survival Of Her Kind, And Of The World Can She Get Through To Diane And Make Her Remember Their History And Friendship Will She Be Able To Warn Her Camp Friends In Time Before The Next Natural Disaster Hits Will She Be Reunited With Benji Again The Third And Final Chapter In The Milestones Trilogy Answers These Questions And Leaves Us Wondering If Happily Ever After Can Truly Carry Through To The Next Generation. This was an amazing ending to a series, worth the wait