Minecraft (Unofficial) (The Journey of Steve The Builder Book 2)

Minecraft (Unofficial) (The Journey of Steve The Builder Book 2) A Block Story For Kids The Journey Of Steve The Builder Book 2 Steve Is A Creative Worker That Toiled In One Of The Many Villages In The Overworld He, Just Like Any Other Fellow Who Hunted, Researched New Areas To Help The Village Expand But The Best Thing About Steve Was His Passion For Building He Is An Overworld Builder And He Would Do Nothing All Afternoon But Create Things, While Other Men Preferred Hitting Each Other With Shovels.In The Middle Of One Of His Creations, Steve Meets A Strange Dog Holding A Mysterious Piece Of Redstone Steve Tracks The Dog Down And Learns About This Strange Material And How To Use It But In The Process, He Meets A Group Of Strange People Who Will Later On Lead Him To One Of The Biggest Challenges Of His Life Steve Will Have To Take Everything He Knows About Building And Learn A Few Things To Take His Craft To The Next Level Based On The Popular Minecraft Videogame, Steve S Adventures Will Prove To Be A Test Of Creativity, Patience And Bravery He Shall See What It Truly Means To Be An Epic Builder.