Ketchup Clouds

Ketchup CloudsZoe Ha Quindici Anni, E Troppa Fretta Di Innamorarsi Ma, Proprio Quando Crede Di Aver Capito Cosa Significa Conoscere L Attrazione E La Passione Si Accorge, Troppo Tardi, Che L A Vero Appartiene A Un Altro Sguardo, A Un Altra Bocca, A Un Altra Persona E Di Aver Commesso Un Tragico, Irreversibile, Errore Attraverso La Voce Fresca, Brillante, Commovente E Pura Di Una Quindicenne Aggrappata Alla Sua Umanit , Annabel Pitcher, Autrice Di Una Stella Tra I Rami Del Melo , Cattura Indelebilmente La Perdita Dell Innocenza Di Zoe Cos Come Il Suo Cammino, Irto Di Dolore E Desiderio, Verso Un Futuro Fatto Di Promesse. my stomach ached with disappointment at the familiarity of it all Humans We re all the same There s no escaping itDoesn t matter what language you speak or what clothes you wear Some things don t change Families Friends Lovers They re the same in every city in every country in every continent of the world If you re a Netflixter, then you re aware of the unique rating algorithm that essentially takes the guess work out of whether you will love or hate a movie based on your past ratings It would be awesome if Goodreads had a similar system hint, hint instead of basing ratings on how others rated a book Not to knock Goodreads too much, the site has actually turned me on to several books that I would have otherwise never given a second glance Ketchup Clouds is a stellar example of a book I would have never found on my own Zoe seeks out a Texas Death Row inmate as a pen pal Writing from the shelter of her garden shed in the UK, she relates the events of the previous year Riddled with guilt over the death of her boyfrie
KETCHUP CLOUDSThis book had been on my tbr for AGES, and when I recently came across it in my library, I thought now is as good a time as any to give it a try, especially as I had been binging crime fiction and needed a little break.Ketchup Clouds is not an easy book to describe It s got elements of a coming of age story, a mystery, romance and a dose of strangeness pervading the pages I was surprised that it was considerably melancholy than I expected In the beginning, I thought it was just a story about a quirky girl with a vivid imagination, but as it progressed, I almost started to worry about Zoe, the protagonist, because she was making so many troubling decisions and I could just see how things would eventually spiral badly out of her control This book was like a pleasant journey, which took a number or wrong turns and finally resulted in toppling off a cliff That s not a criticism of the story, which I found engrossing, but it s definitely the kind of book where you are constantly questioning how far you can trust the narrator I wasn t familiar with this author before, but I would definitely be interested in reading of her books in the future Ketchup Clouds was well written, with strong character development and an engaging story My only gripe is that I felt the ending was a little too rushed But overall, I can definitely recommend it If you like Melina Marc
So, I have to admit, I m extremely underwhelmed by this book I ve never read My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece but I ve heard it s great It never really appealed to me though, I m not sure why.But Ketchup Clouds appealed to me, really it did I was captivated by the gorgeous cover, the wonderful title and the intriguing synopsis.I guess you know what they say you shouldn t judge a book by a gorgeous cover, a wonderful title and well, you get the gist.This was such a disappointment There was far too much going on, so many issues and drama smushed into a story that everything seemed to be watered down When I m reading a book, I d much rather a few issues were dealt with thoroughly and completely so I can be completely invested in them as opposed to thousands, cluttering up my brain To me anyway, it often felt that just as I was feeling one storyline, I was whipped away to try and deal with another thing.I also had a bit of a problem with the whole letter writing to death row In theory, excellent In practice Not so much It just didn t seem to fit at all with the style of writing or the subjects that the story was covering The I thought about it, the I thought it could ve been a sixteen year old girl s diary, full of angst and drama about boys and kissing If you had taken out the references to death row and Stuart s crime, I honestly wouldn t have been able to tell th
Immature and childish story about a teen girl caught between two brothers I am obviously not the target audience for this one No idea what the title is about. This an award winning YA book it s a mystery, with plot twisting turns that lot of so called adult books don t have.I had hard time thinking that this YA but at over 50 ys old I wish that there been books available like t
Trigger warning Sexual consent issues Slut shaming Sexual coercion Talk of domestic violence leading to death view spoiler Indecent photos taken and distributed without consent utilised for public humiliation hide spoiler Please can Dot be my little sister Okay, ketchup clouds After reading this book I still do not know why it is called ketchup clouds Well not really.If you are looking for a happy summer read which leaves you in the same way as you were before you started the book then maybe this is not for you This book is about a girl and two boys Yes I know what you re thinking not another love triangle but, it is a story about a girl finding herself and accepting what she has done She writes to a man of death row, she does not give her real name or address so the man can t contact her In a way it is kind of beautiful how she gets so much comfort out of sharing her story with someone without being able to hear their reply She seems to have a connection with him through the story and it seems that the bond between them enhances or maybe it is just her finally coming to acceptance I gave this book four stars so I am going to tell you why in hopefully four points Keeping it concise like the book itself 1 I loved it because it surprised me When I picked up this book I thought it would not be great Honestly, the first time I picked it up I put it straight back down and it took several other visits to the bookshop and many high recommendation from the shop keeper before I even just read the blurb
P ekvapen Prvn kniha roku a rovnou p t hv zdi ek P ni Do tala jsem to ve t i r no A bre ela.P e t te si to I don t know why, but I somehow love reading books of the contemporary genre And for the record aside from its strange title , I chose Ketchup Clouds because of its cover haha can t help it and its interesting synopsis that got me curious all along I ve done something wrong and do you know the worst thing I got away with it The main character can t keep her secret to herself any longer, so she decided to tell her story to someone She introduced herself as Zoe Her story was told from the letters she wrote to Mr Stuart Harris, an inmate charged for doing murder.She sends her letters to him, but she didn t disclose concrete information about herself What I didn t like here is that Zoe is very vocal considering that she s narrating her story to a stranger Yes The way she tells her story is very detailed sometimes it gets gross However, I like Zoe s honesty Her voice is so sincere and unique I learned things about her and her personality I admire how this book isn t overly romantic at all However, if you re not into hammy love triangles, WARNING keep this book away I don t know if it is considered a spoiler if I ll spill the beans about Max and Aaron, but don t worry I won t spoil it for everyon