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O Pioneers!O Pioneers Is A 1913 Novel By American Author Willa Cather It Was Written In Part When Cather Was Living In Cherry Valley, New York, With Isabelle McClung And Was Completed At The McClungs Home In Pittsburgh The Book Is Number 83 On The American Library Association S List Of Most Frequently Banned Or Challenged Books O Pioneers Tells The Story Of The Bergsons, A Family Of Swedish Immigrants In The Farm Country Near The Fictional Town Of Hanover, Nebraska, At The Turn Of The 20th Century The Main Character, Alexandra Bergson, Inherits The Family Farmland When Her Father Dies, And She Devotes Her Life To Making The Farm A Viable Enterprise At A Time When Other Immigrant Families Are Giving Up And Leaving The Prairie The Novel Is Also Concerned With Two Romantic Relationships, One Between Alexandra And Family Friend Carl Linstrum And Another Between Alexandra S Brother Emil And The Married Marie Shabata From Wikipedia Alexandra Bergson at a young age , has to take care of her family and farm, in Nebraska, with the untimely death of their father John, he wished his oldest child, and smartest to guide the poor immigrants from Sweden in the 1880 s, everyone agrees at first, struggling on the harsh prairie, are also brothers Lou, Oscar and five year old Emil, her pet, the mother knows little about farming An endless drought soon after begins , the Sun baking the soil , the crops withering for lack of rain, year after year, fail, many farmers give up and leave for the cities, but the Bergson s endure, because of the wise and strong leadership that Alexandra brings the people around there, recognize that fact The little town of Hanover, a short distance away takes care of the needs of the local farmers, she Alexandra often meets her only friend Carl Linstrum there, from a neighboring farm, still he doesn t have a clue what to do in life, moody, always daydreaming, unsure, the obvious is in front of his eyes but he cannot focus 16 years have passed , the land becomes prosperous, prices are skyrocketing, farmers becoming well off, some even rich, the old evil days long forgotten, the Bergson family farm has been divided between Alexandra, Lou, the intellig
I was entranced by the Nebraska prairie and a wonderful leading woman, living a century ago a time and place I have never been, but which leaped from the pages, with simple craftsmanship, to sculpt the landscape of my mind s eye, as Alexandra transformed both her fields and the lives of those around her.The final thirteen pages felt written by or about a different person, not the author and protagonist I thought I knew Prairie SpringThe novel opens with a poem contrasting the harsh landscape with the power of youth to trigger change, including Evening and the flat land The toiling horses, the tired men Sullen fires of sunset, fading,The eternal, unresponsive sky.Against all this, Youth,Flaming like the wild roses Flashing like a star out of the twilight Part I The Wild LandAt barely twenty, Alexandra Bergson takes over her late father s land, aided by hard working but risk averse brothers Lou and Oscar aged 17 and 19 She has big plans to try new things, buy land, employ farmhands, and get little Emil aged 5 educated Alexandra is the leading person, but the landscape is the main character Everyone in The Divide is an outsider, identified by their heritage Swedish, French, Bohemian etc , as they strive to survive and conquer the harsh and unfamiliar soil and climate, while battling blizzards, prairie dogs, sn
Alexandra looked at him mournfully I try to be liberal about such things than I used to be I try to realize that we are not all made alike Everything in O Pioneers is beauty to me I am so in love with this book Maybe it is because I have it in my brain that pioneers by definition suck that Willa Cather always catches me by surprise and turns me upside down It s like walking through an alien landscape and then running into my best friend I thought what I would find was Michael Landon crying into a butter churn, and here you are, everything that is wonderful about humans Still, I never know whether to recommend that other people read this book, or whether it is better to just keep it to myself As Alexandra says, we are not all made alike, and maybe what is beauty and revelation to me is Michael Landon crying into a butter churn to you.It s so easy to say why I hate writing and difficult to say why I love it I want to compare Cather to Hemingway because of how steady and careful their writing is, because of how speculation about their lives cheapens conversations about their stories, but no I want to say Cather writes what is in my soul, but that s not right either What she writes is as much her own world as it is my reality, but that doesn t make her wisdom easy or her power arrogant Sh
Can we even imagine what it was like for the early homesteaders and pioneers, arriving most likely from somewhere in Europe in a last ditch effort to make something out of nothing There it is before them a vast, lonely, rolling plain of earth meeting a vast, lonely, infinite sky Where does one even begin In this novel, Willa Cather takes us on a journey where we see exactly where it begins with sod huts or log cabins or some form of shelter Then comes the dawn to dark labour of breaking the ground to plant seeds to feed themselves and their animals, if they have any.And through this novel, we are also introduced to people who have a vision broader than just survival A vision that eventually bears fruit as the earth begins to give back rather than just take And so the cycle of life begins where people and animals give to the earth and the earth produces for the people and animals, gradually rewarding each other for mutual benefit.This is part of the story in this book, but only a part Wherever there are human beings, they bring their stories and they create and re create their stories As with all human stories over time, there is great joy
I read this book many times Why Its a beautiful book and georgous stage play This was the first professional Equity play our daughter was in at the age of 9.I want to read another Willa Cather book soon My A
The history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman I don t know why I haven t read this before it seems like the kind of novel I should have been assigned in 9th grade but I m glad I read it as an adult because I wouldn t have appreciated it as much when I was younger I am from the Midwest and my grandparents were farmers, and I loved Willa Cather s stories about what it was like for the pioneers in Nebraska I liked Cather s spare writing style she gives just the right amount of description and action, and then moves on to the next chapter In this way we get a complete picture of the whole life of Alexandra Bergson without the story ever dragging His sister was a tall, strong girl, and she walked rapidly and resolutely, as if she knew exactly where she was going and what she was going to do next Alexandra is such a strong character she was as defiant as the land she was trying to tame At one point I got so angry when some men tried to bully her that I slammed the book shut in frustration My break didn t last long, and I should have known
O Pioneers Great Plains Trilogy 1 , Willa Cather O Pioneers is a 1913 novel, by American author Willa Cather, written while she was living in New York It is the first novel of her Great Plains trilogy, followed by The Song of the Lark 1915 , and My ntonia 1918 O Pioneers tells the story of the Bergsons, a family of Swedish American immigrants in the farm country, near the fictional town of Hanover, Nebraska, at the turn of the 20th century The main character, Alexandra Bergson, inherits the family farmland, when her father dies, and she devotes her life, to making the farm a viable enterprise at a time, when many other immigrant families, are giving up, and leaving the prairie The novel is also concerned with two romantic relationships, one between Alexandra and family friend Carl Linstrum, and the other between Alexandra s brother Emil and the married Marie Shabata O pioneers , Willa Cather edited by Susan J Rosowski,
Beginning with simplicity, innocence and hope, Willa Cather runs her pioneers through the ring of fire that is the hallmark of the pioneer s life and only some of them survive.Perhaps I ve made that sound exciting than O Pioneers actually is There are far too many dull scenes in this book for me to call it a perfect classic, but it is a solid addition to American western frontier literature Writing from her experiences, Cather populated her novel with Scandinavian immigrants, gave them backbones and leathery hides, and set them upon the fields of Nebraska Their characters bloomed into an organic array of flowers, weeds, fruit, and prickly briars What she sacrifices in the way of drama and action, she than compensates in personality and the study of human behavior.The central figure is a strong willed and whip smart young
Isn t it queer there are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before like the larks in this country, that have been singing the same five notes over for thousands of years If you ve read Willa Cather s famous My Antonia, you re already aware of the Bohemian community, those farming pioneers of the American frontier she writes about The young Swede protagonist of this novel, Alexandra Bergson, is familiar she grows up to become a fearless business owner and woman of the land Though she finds her best expression within the soil in so many orchards and cornfields she brings to life , she is also intrigued by the world beyond her country home We grow hard and heavy here We don t move lightly and easily as you do, and our minds get stiff If the world were no wider than my cornfields, if there were not something beside this, I would n t feel that it was much worth while to work In Cather s The Professor s House, Professor Godfrey was just as distraught and unsatisfied as John Bergson, the opening voic
s for quality of writing and descriptions because it turned out to be a fricking romance novelAverages out to 3 stars May classic of the month for 2019

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