One Night Stand-In

One Night Stand-InLucas Xavier Is The Last Person I Want To Spend Hours With, Let Alone Two Minutes Exes Are Exes For A Reason In His Case, For A Million Reasons Because He S Not Only An Ex Lover, He S Also An Ex Friend We Didn T Just Break Up We Combusted In A Spectacular Bonfire Of Barbs And Doors SlammedNothing Will Change That Not His Clever Wit, Not His Ridiculous Good Looks, Not His Unfair Levels Of Charm And Definitely Not A Wild Dash Through The City That Takes Us On An Accidental Scavenger Hunt Through Our Past, Where We Stop For A Tango Lesson, Pancakes And A Visit With Some LlamasAnd Certainly Not Time Together To Make Amends And Say We Re SorryBut, Let S Say That Was Enoughit S Not Like You Can Fall In Love In Hours One Night Stand In Is A Boyfriend Material Series Standalone Three Best Friends Three Outrageous Proposals Three Chances To Fall In Ove Three Brand New Standalones From Lauren Blakely The final yummy standalone in my WSJ USA Today Bestselling BOYFRIEND MATERIAL series is here Grab ONE NIGHT STAND IN and devour this fiery, sexy, enemies to lovers, second chance romance Apple Nook Kobo Google Audible I liked One Night Stand InI wish that One Night Stand In had lived up to my extremely high expectations Unfortunately, Lola was a little lacklustre She s so sassy, opinionated and sensual in the previous instalments, that I just expected her to carry it through to her own While there was initially a little sass, it soon led to a much vulnerable and I would even go so far as to say, timid, Lola Sure, she could strip off her clothes like the sexiest woman around, but in the end, she didn t own it enough to demand what she really wanted.I know, I m harsh It s just that I expected her confidence, originality and ambition to jump off the pages It just didn t.I liked Lucas and thought he was a pretty great bloke.I didn t like that Lucas and Lola enabled their siblings By the age of 25, those two should have been completely self sufficient and they just weren t It was a Lauren Blakely so it was still pretty damn good, just not what I was expecting I will definitely be reading listening to of this authors work in the future It s just so easy to do. This was a fun and quick romcom It had many of my favorite tropes, including second chance, friends enemies to lovers, and some forced proximity Lauren Blakely always does a wonderful job pulling on your heart strings, while also bringing all the laughs and heat Lucas and Lola have history together and what could have been an amazing start to something ended up crashing and burning thanks to egos and youth Now it s nearly 10 years later and a clever scavenger hunt throws them together again I loved seeing the sparks fly between them, but also their walls come crashing down They had sizzling chemistry and it was refreshing to have both characters be so open about their sexuality, wants, and desires The misunderstanding that ruined their friendship was fairly minor in my eyes, but I can understand how it wouldn t be to a 21 year old The clues and scavenger hunt were a fun twist to the story and kept the action going, but I did feel that things stalled a bit after Lola and Lucas decided to be friends again Overall, this was an enjoyable romcom and I loved the appearances by the previous couples heroines I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book Great second chance story with awesome characters, another great book by Miss Blakely Book 3 in the Boyfriend Material series and it was just as good as the other 2 I loved this story so much This story was all my favorite tropes rolled into one second chance and friends to lovers which became enemies to lovers Lucas and Lola were so good together The chemistry and attraction between them was still there all these years later and it was still was off the charts hot Fun read that will keep you laughing as only Lauren Blakely s stories can do Highly recommend it.I received an ARC of this book and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Thank you to Lauren Blakely and her team for the review copy of One Night Stand In, the third standalone novel in the Boyfriend Material series.Check out the full review on my blog Out of a number of memorable, binge worthy series, Boyfriend Material is probably my favorite Lauren Blakely series to date Not only is it set in a world that any bookworm is familiar with aka the book publishing industry , thus including all sorts of fun bookish jargon and the like, but it s centered around a trio of tight knit friends as they each find their happy endings After devouring a workplace romance and a friends to lovers romance, I was than ready to dive into my personal favorite a second chance romance Throw in a heated rivalry, snarky banter, and an adventure filled scavenger hunt, and you have an unforgettable rom com with One Night Stand In.After a close friendship and budding romance between Lucas Xavier and Lola Dumont crashed and burned during their college years, the two rival graphic designers aren t exactly on good terms The bad blood between them doesn t erase their lingering feelings, or so they discover when they re tasked with retrieving their siblings belongings in an elaborate scavenger hunt arranged by a beleaguered landlord Nostalgia and chemistry make a potent combination, stirring the embers of attraction between Lola and Lucas as they venture across New York City, arguing and flirting and getting reacquainted with each other over the course of two days.Fast paced and jam packed with action and adventure, One Night Stand In is a fun, entertaining, lighthearted read What hits you right in the feels is the slow burning, swoon worthy romance between Lucas and Lola After their first attempt at romance resulted in confusion and heartache, both are gun shy and wary of making themselves vulnerable to the possibility of love They grapple with crossing the line between friendship and something a process that evokes a whirlwind of emotions and heightens the sexual tension crackling between them If you re in the mood for a rom com that ll have you grinning from ear to ear and swooning nonstop, One Night Stand In is an instant favorite As a huge fan of second chance romances, this book kept me riveted from start to finish and satisfied the hopeless romantic in me Once again, Lauren Blakely has delivered another must read romance complimentary copy provided by author for an honest reviewRating 5 Stars 4.5 starsThere is no one Lola wants to spend the day with less than Lucas They were once best friends, but haven t been on friendly terms in a very long time If not for their younger siblings relationship they probably wouldn t have to see each other ever again But this time, their siblings need their help and neither are willing to stand by when they can help out, even if it means spending time together The scavenger hunt they have to participate in to collect Luna and Rowan s belongings would have been tough enough for the pair actually involved in the events, but because Lola and Lucas weren t actually there for most of the events, it s a bit of a guessing game to figure out where the items might be hidden This was a lighthearted, fun affair from the very beginning They have a history that both have avoided dealing with in the years since college But they also had a strong friendship before their falling out that causes them to miss the other, even as they remember the hurt that drove them apart Being forced together to find Luna and Rowan s belongings makes them face the events that put the distance between them, especially as it becomes clear that they still have so much in common I loved the side characters, both those directly involved in the action and those on the periphery The role they play in pushing these two former friends back together added the piece that this story needed to make it truly unique. This was a nice dip back into Lauren Blakely s writing I have read many books and many different romance sub genres since my last book by this author But reading this one brought me back to what I like about her The characters were well developed and likable Even if I liked one than another The overall plot was interesting and had me intrigued even from reading the blurb And the story itself did not disappoint I in particular loved Lucas I liked that he was than what he seemed I liked the adventure that was presented to the main characters to help bring them back together I do feel that the issues of their past were a big case of lack of communication which was kind of a bummer I usually prefer when the issues at hand are a bit complex than that But this one was still so well done that part could almost be dismissed I would definitely recommend this one. Reading a Lauren Blakely book is like comfort food You just know you re going to love it and feel so good when finished The One Night Stand In is her latest release and features two best friends to enemies to friends to lovers, one of my favorite romance tropes In this romance, we visit the past when we learn that Lucas Xavier and his former beautiful BFF, Lola DuMont, shared one passionate kiss with hopes of when they were in college The story shifts from the past and into the present and you will learn how an unfortunate misunderstanding led to two crushed hearts who meet up a decade later to help their siblings His brother and her sister, whom happen to be in love and on vacation, had their personal items purposely left all over town by a funny, clever, and ultimately vindictive landlord SO FUNNY So Lucas and Lola have no choice but to help their siblings retrieve their items one at a time, all in under 24 hours, as they work together to decipher clue after clue as to their whereabouts.This is where the joy of Lauren s writing comes in No two stories are ever alike, and this story is as engaging, witty, and original as I have come to expect I am never disappointed and know that I will adore her characters Lola depends on her girlfriends, Peyton and Amy who were featured in the previous two Boyfriend Material books in this series, to help her navigate her burning desire to be with her sworn enemy who after just one smile, is making her feel again.Lucas of course is not the enemy, he s her everything, and I just adored how humble he was when trying to make things right They both had so much in common including both being graphic artists, and their easy banter and honest communication gave me all the feels These two were so in sync and had me smiling ear to ear the whole time as they tried to complete the task of the scavenger hunt, plus get to know each other as adults Old flames never die as is evident in the One Night Stand In because Lucas and Lola were HOT, HOT, HOT He was so swoony and sweet to herI melted than once very much liking a grown up Lucas I highly recommend you read their journey of self discovery, and how they found their way back to their one true love.

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