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Out There In The Vein Of Randall Munroe S What If Meets Brian Green S Elegant Universe, A Senior Writer From Space.com Leads Readers On A Wild Ride Of Exploration Into The Final Frontier, Investigating What S Really Out There We Ve All Asked Ourselves The Question It S Impossible To Look Up At The Stars And NOT Think About It Are We Alone In The Universe Books, Movies And Television Shows Proliferate That Attempt To Answer This Question And Explore It In OUT THERE Space.com Senior Writer Dr Michael Wall Treats That Question As Merely The Beginning, Touching Off A Wild Ride Of Exploration Into The Final Frontier He Considers, For Instance, The Myriad Of Questions That Would Arise Once We Do Discover Life Beyond Earth An Eventuality Which, Top NASA Officials Told Wall, Is Only Drawing Closer What Would The First Aliens We Meet Look Like Would They Be Little Green Men Or Mere Microbes Would They Be Found On A Planet In Our Own Solar System Or Orbiting A Star Far, Far Away Would They Intend To Harm Us, And If So, How Might They Do It And Might They Already Have Visited OUT THERE Is Arranged In A Simple Question And Answer Format The Answers Are Delivered In Dr Wall S Informal But Informative Style, Which Mixes In A Healthy Dose Of Humor And Pop Culture To Make Big Ideas Easier To Swallow Dr Wall Covers Questions Far Beyond Alien Life, Venturing Into Astronomy, Physics, And The Practical Realities Of What Long Term Life Might Be Like For We Mere Humans In Outer Space, Such As The Idea Of Lunar Colonies, And Even Economic Implications Dr Wall Also Shares The Insights Of Some Of The Leading Lights In Space Exploration Today, And Shows How The Next Space Age Might Be Brighter Than Ever. Informative, based on scientific research and real observations, not speculations and guessing. Unfortunately I didn t really gain anything new from this novel Everything that was tackled here I ve already read somewhere else and it s of questions than answers really This novel isn t bad, it s just unfortunate that I already read a bunch of books like this before and those were in depth. This cheeky little book attempts to digest all of the speculative and predictive thought about aliens, space travel, time travel, and tropes of sci fi generally For a dilettante like me without any backgr
The first thing I noticed when cracking open Out There was that the typeface was twice as big as I d expect, which is a big red flag for me when it comes to short nonfiction And sure enough, the book involved way too much padding for my taste.It s written in a breezy, simplistic style that might make it a decent fit for middle grade readers if it didn t also include references to things like virtual po
what a fascinating universe aren t you glad you live here sooo so good one of the best books i ve read on the subject we truly live in a remarkable time, settled right here on the very precipice of the second space age wall is accessible, hilarious, and unbelievably smart i absolutely devou
Just okaywhile some of the facts were interesting, I cringed at every bad attempt at humor Likely would have earned another star with that simple elimination. I thought this book was a lot of fun Out There speculates about what alien life might be like and how and where we might find it Wall is a good guide to take us through these questions He doesn t believe aliens have been to our planet yet although, as he points out, if they came 60 million years ago, how would we know , but he is cautiously optimistic about the possibility of extraterrestrial life existing in the universe I ve read about a lot of the subjects covered in this book transpermia, that Martian meteorite some people think contains proof of Martian life, SETI, etc but this is the first time I ve ever read anything where all these subjects were discussed together in a comprehensive way.Wall also discusses the potential of humans to travel through, or perhaps even colonize, space No matter what he s discussing, he s always interesting, thought provoking, engaging, and reasonable.One negative comment Randall Monroe h
Are we alone in the universe It is a good question to ask Given the size of the universe and the diversity of life on earth, it seems rather unusual for us to insist that we are the only intelligent beings Out There is a measured, scientific look at Extraterrestrial Life and the implications it would have for all of us on Earth The author, Michael Wall, sprinkles little bits of humor here and there that add a touch of flavor to what he is saying.Most of the book focuses on aliens and methods to communicate with them Wall discusses SETI, the methodology used in case intelligent life or any life is found, the implications it would have for religious people, and other such inane topics For example, it might make headline news for a few days The heads of state don t need to be informed The UN doesn t have an official chain of command for such an event In fact, from what I understand, they don t particularly care In this case, I can understand that though, I imagine it is far important to manage international affairs.So in that sense, the book was interesting While it wasn t particularly stupendous, it did briefly touch upon ideas of colonizing other planets, intergalactic space travel, different forms of communication that we might be unfamiliar with and other such trivia The book explores every little possibility Is there life on other planets Is this life intelligent Could the aliens be hostile, like in a lot of Action Movies
Three point five stars Amusing, breezy, with enough brain candy to keep you engaged Per Wall life elsewhere Probably Intelligent life Probably Will we become robots Probably, unless we commit collective suicide Lots besides, but those are my main takeaways.Contra Wall s optimism, I recommend If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens WHERE IS EVERYBODY by Webb Webb focuses exclusively on the likelihood of alien life, unlike Wall, who also discusses a number of re
A breezy quick read full of droll asides Fun, quick, suitable for kids and young adults.

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  • 01 December 2017
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