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Palace of TreasonThe Thrilling Sequel To Red Sparrow CIA Insider Jason Matthews S Compulsively Readable New York Times Bestseller And Edgar Award Winner Featuring Russian Spy Dominika Egorova And CIA Agent Nate Nash Shimmers With Authenticity The Villains Are Richly Drawnthe Scenes Of Them On The Job Are Beyond Chilling The New York Times Book Review.Captain Dominika Egorova Of The Russian Intelligence Service Despises The Oligarchs, Crooks, And Thugs Of Putin S Russia But What No One Knows Is That She Is Also Working For The CIA Her Sparrow Training In The Art Of Sexual Espionage Further Complicates The Mortal Risks She Must Take, As Does Her Love For Her Handler Nate Nash A Shared Lust That Is As Dangerous As Treason As Dominika Expertly Dodges Exposure, She Deals With A Murderously Psychotic Boss, Survives An Iranian Assassination Attempt And Attempts To Rescue An Arrested Double Agent And Thwart Putin S Threatening Flirtations A Grand, Wildly Entertaining Ride Through The Steel Trap Mind Of A CIA Insider, Palace Of Treason Is A Story As Suspenseful And Cinematic As The Best Spy Movies The Philadelphia Inquirer One That Feels Fresh And So Possible, In Fact, That It S Doubtful This Novel Can Ever Be Published In Russia. I m going to do a spoiler tag for info on the Book of the month club stuff, which is where I got this book view spoiler A few weeks ago several of us on Goodreads got an PM offering us a trial run on I was sucker curious so I signed up for the three month trial.I had never heard of this club but obviously it s been around a long time yes, I live in a cave What happened was at the first of the month I received an email that told me to go pick out the book I wanted for the month.There were five choices Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews Once Upon a Time in Russia The Rise of the Oligarchs A True Story of Ambition, Wealth, Betrayal, and Murder by Ben Mezrich The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman We Never Asked for Wings by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and Saint Mazie by Jami
Having taken the time to check out this interesting espionage series, I am intrigued to see where Jason Matthews intends on taking things with Nate and Dominika He does not disappoint in this middle novel, the true meat of the trilogy After a harrowing end to the first novel, Dominika is back in Russia, working hard for the SVR and helping to run a discrete but highly important mission Using a Sparrow under her, Dominika is able to obtain top secret Iranian nuclear documents from a high ranking official With Iran s sanctions and the Western attempt to nullify their nuclear program, Dominika could bring back information that would prove Russia is seeking to countermand the international order and facilitate an ongoing nuclear program in Iran Her success brings Dominika into the inner circle and merits high praise from President Putin himself, who may have his eye on her for some of his own personal gifts As covertly as she can, Dominika reaches out to CIA operative Nate Nash, now stationed
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind This book follows the first in the series, Red Sparrow, which was a superbly realistic, fast paced thriller of U.S Russia espionage, outstanding for a debut Unfortunately here, overshadowing a somewhat intriguing and suspenseful plot is the author s adoption of highly annoying and lazy literary crutches, apparently for the sake of expedience 1 The talking ghosts of dead former associates a gaggle of 3 now who follow and talk to the U.S s female Russian counter spy Dominika Egorova, so instead of having conflicting inner thoughts these former people in her life are there to offer advice on the spot I know, it sounds ridiculous It worked when it was her mother and she very briefly appeared twice as an apparition Now, Matthews use of this device is an insult to intelligent and literary readers 2 1 is not nearly as tiresome or overused though as Matthews utilization of Egorova s ability to see hues of colors glowing around a potential adversary s head as a sort of on the spot lie detector e.g., swirling, warm purple honesty , pulsating blue intelligence and so forth The use of this as a literary shortcut can be felicitous at 1, 2, maybe 3 key points in a novel Using it eve
In this sequel to Red Sparrow Dominica is back in Mother Russia, trying to keep her head above water, spying for the Americans, while Nate Nash, her handler and former lover has no idea what has become of her A new source is developed for the Russians, and suddenly, both Russian intelligence and the CIA are clambering to get their hands on the information about a secret nuclear program in the making.This series is so amazingly written The details and depth of knowledge in the spy craft is just top notch You never doubt for a second that you are RIGHT THERE, making the drop, meeting the double
Almost 2 years ago to the day, Jason Matthews unleashed Red Sparrow on the world It was a fantastic spy thriller that evoked all the drama, intrigue, and mystery of the cold war classics updated with a contemporary flair for sex, violence, and politics It was a unique read, but also a refreshing reminder of what the genre used to be all about.I am pleased to say Palace of Treason actually improves upon the first It still has the feel of a cold war thriller equal parts John le Carr , Frederick Forsyth, and Robert Ludlum but it also incorporates some of the sexy adventure of Ian Fleming at his cinematic best Matthews has a knack for spy craft and politics that talks to his status as a CIA insider This isn t just a man who s read the books, watched the movies, and studied the news, this is somebody who has lived in that world and survived to tell about it.Part of what makes his novel so unique is that he incorporates real people and places into the story So many authors rely on the safety of fictional stand ins for celebrities, but Matthews not only mentions the Vladimir Putin by name, but makes him a central character to the story It s daring, but it gives the story a ring of authenticity Similarly, the problems and potential of a Russia coming back to power is dealt with here, along with
An excellent sequel to Red Sparrow by CIA insider Jason Matthews Russian spy Dominika Egarova is back at work in Moscow working for the CIA s Nate Nash, working to undermine the usurper, Putin Meanwhile, there are moles in both countries trying to out the opposition s assets as well as thwart Iran s desire to build nucle
Palace of Treason is the second book in the highly regarded Red Sparrow spy and espionage trilogy by Jason Matthews, a retired officer of the CIA s Operations Directorate He completed the trilogy earlier this year along with the release of the first one as a major Hollywood movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton in the lead roles I read the first book about a month or so ago, letting it linger in my memory until I was ready to jump back in with my full attention Let me say, the first book was so incredibly good that I worried my expectations might be too high for the second Thank God I was so wrong Palace of Treason picks up several months following the previous book, with Captain Dominika Egorova returning to Russia and the Russian Intelligence Services SVR shaken up by personal loss Whether or not she will spy for the Americans any is up in the air Dominika is faced with new challenges including the extra attention she is gaining from Russian President Putin and various political members of his cabinet Even dangerous is her new line boss, Colonel Alexei Zyuganov, an evil man trying to climb the Kremlin chain of power He views Dominika as competition, keeping him from reaching his goals Because of that, Zyuganov sees no problem in having Dominika assassinated and works to perfect his plan While Dominika fights through her challenges, Nate Nash, her love and CIA handler, is also dealing with
Who doesn t want the skinny on what makes Putin tick This commercial spy novel is excellent in its touch on contemporary issues I was reading a section one evening where the US had convinced an Iranian physicist to leak important details about a new and vastly superior centrifuge system which would speed up production of uranium enrichment They used blackmail to hasten his decision making along, and that technique along with others in the preceding novel in the trilogy seemed extremely believable.The following morning, as I was starting my 1st cup of coffee I read the headlines It was all about the acceleration of uranium enrichment by Iranian labs Now, before we give the writer points for being so prescient, it turns out this writer knows his stuff intimately.The author, if you did not know it, spent three decades as a CIA operative and actually was responsible for recruiting foreign agents.While I found the espionage aspect and detailed technical issues that were discussed probably as good as anything Tom Clancy clicked out, the writer knows his audience well This is commercial fiction and so includes some sex scenes, a love interest, some cop humor, auras, etc Just so we know that the author does not take himself too seriously, h
This book wasn t as satisfying as Red Sparrow, and probably partly because of the audio format, I was ready for it to be over before it was.The good parts Putin as a character is fantastic and complex and probably the best part of the novel As Domenika finds success in uncovering traitors, she gets pulled closer into his circle at the same time that someone is trying to uncover her double work.I really like the auras and ghosts, although it s a bit uneven because Domenika seems to be the only person benefitting from them, and she explains them to Nate as something Russians just have as part of their world Were that true, I would expect Putin to catch her instantly.There are some stereotypical characters even within Matthews own world The short ugly evil guy The sociopathic female killing m
Read the review of the Red Sparrow Trilogy at my blogI had a blast reading Palace of Treason It has everything you need from a spy thriller sex, violence, mind games and betrayals with the same authenticity as Red Sparrow.There is a main plot but it is for name s sake It takes back seat to the shenanigans of the returning characters from Red Sparrow Dominika, Nate, Benford, Zyuganov etc And Putin plays a bigger part in this story This cast of characters is excellent

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