Personality Psychology

Personality Psychology Using A Unique Organizational Framework That Emphasizes Six Domains Of Knowledge About Human Nature, Personality Psychology Presents An Accessible, Contemporary Look At Personality As A Collection Of Interrelated Topics And Themes The Book Focuses On The Scientific Basis Ofour Knowledge About Human Nature, Supported By Research And Theory This Adaptation Of The Successful US Text Retains The Book S Strengths While Introducing Contemporary Theories The first couple chapters, discussing scientific requirements for experimentation and data gathering, were pretty dry to the point I put the book down for a couple months But when I picked it back, I couldn t stop again It s an engaging and comprehensi
This was for my college course work and I actually read most of it except 1 chapter because I didn t have time two days before exam XDAnyway it s actually a really great read It even puts a few paragraphs of basics in case you haven t read anything a
About as good as a book about personality by two middle aged, seemingly cis gender, straight white dudes can get.If you re queer and have to read this for class like I am and did, be prepared to be completely left out of the narrative again st
This is a text book That said, it is very high quality foundational material for studying personality theory. Overall it was a fine textbook I would actually rate it 3 1 2 stars Unfortunately, like many textbooks it was redundant and overly simplistic However, if you are new to Personality Psychology, this text would prove immensely helpful. An apprehensive, multi faceted and smooth introduction to the field of personality psychology. This is a good book, but some chapters can be applied in the USA only unfortunately. First read Perfectly A OK intro to personality psychology Would ve liked some kind of example chapter where two or domains of knowledge are applied to different cases Nothing new, but neat.Second read I was ob
I had to read this for my Intersession class, and it was an incredible read I learned so much about myself, and why people behave and react they way they do It was easy to read because the terms weren t too technical Despite being a textbook, it s definitely a book I wou
I had to read it for my University Psychology program it it was really interesting It contains also a lot of examples which you can see or apply in real life situations One of the authors was our Personality teacher.