Pretty Red Ribbon (Heaven Sent, #1.5)

Pretty Red Ribbon (Heaven Sent, #1.5) Tyler And Johnnie Are Supposed To Spend Their First Christmas Alone Together, But Tyler Gets Pulled Away On Hotel Business While He S Gone, Johnnie Is Busy Wrapping An Extra Special Present For His Lover, All Dressed Up In A Pretty Red Ribbon. One of my most favorite couple, celebrating Christmas in an UNUSUAL WAY.Johnni was so naughtyI love himI love Tyler They re always so cute it Do you like Johnnie and Tyler from Heaven So you will like this short story about their Christmas Tyler and Johnnie lives in the Tyler s Hotel, so the Christmas night Tyles has to go out of their suite to resolve a customer s problem When he returns, Johnnie is not in front of the Playstation like he thinks He is in bed and he is playing with a lot of ribbon, and one red ribbon is in a strategic place I like very much Heaven by Jet Mykles Tyler is a stra
Super short story, it maybe bethan 10 pages but it felt like 5 And damn, Tyler and Johnny have some hot scene here Together they make the book be on fire One of my favorites MM couples Anything they do is steamy. This was a cute, quick story about Johnny and Tyler at Christmas Not any plot or development, just a cut scene in the life of these two lovers I thought it was sweet and cute but I also think it should have been a free download due to the length. This is a little short about Tyler Johnnie from the first book in the Heaven Sent Series, Heaven.While I didn t care much for the original, this little short is good It s just a a quick sexy short. The little shorts available from Loose ID are really just very good and smokin sex scenes Told over 15 pages or so, there s not really a story or anything added to what we already know and is therefore a little hard to grade so 3 stars it is Still, I m not complaining grin Minireview Great imagery and wonderfully imaginative scene Visit Sweet Vernal Zephyr for my long winded reviews. I wouldn t mind having to unwrap something like that on Christmas eeeeaaaaa Adegan satu BAB ak ternyata ga seruu aahhh hahhatp tetep laah pasangan ini maniis bangeeet dah hmpffth Cute and sexy.

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