Princess Dottie

Princess Dottie A Head To Toe Makeover, Fancy Balls, And Royal Consorts Had Never Been Part Of Dorothea Hebden S Plan The London Barmaid Had Reckoned On A Normal Life And Family With Her Very Common Childhood Sweetheart Then Former Royal Randolph Waltzed Into Dottie S World, Stole Her Heart And Changed Her Dreamsto Happily Ever After Prince Randolph Would Do Anything To Save His Precious Country, Elluria He D Given Up The Throne, Tracked Down A Long Lost Heiress, And Transformed Her From A Street Smart Waitress Into Royalty No Sacrifice Was Too Greatexcept Maybe Falling In Love With The Haughty Sovereign He D Helped Create X This book is clearly an older, cheese ball romance with a completely unbelievable plot.BUT if you need a small break from reality, this was a short, cute bit of fluff Maybe it s the bartender I was for 20 yrs, but I loved Sophie s spunk and idgaf attitude boosted it from 2 starts to 3 for me. At the beginning of the book was slow to start with, but then as I continue to read the book it was really good I would say read this book when you have some down time from life I thought that Sophie is well a bart in the book I ju
I think this is the first category romance I ve ever read with a genuinely working class English heroine, who speaks like one perhaps her turning out to have royal blood made it acceptable Other than that, it s kind of a bland story. Probably the most underwhelming book of the year for me The names were cheesy, like most romances Not a very interesting story either.

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  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Princess Dottie
  • Lucy Gordon
  • English
  • 21 December 2018
  • 0373244878