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Prog Rock FAQ FAQ Prog Rock FAQ Traces The Controversial, But Much Misunderstood Musical Genre Through Its Five Decade History, Highlighting The Rise, Eventual Decline, And Recent Resurgence Of One Of The Most Inventive And Storied Popular Musical Forms Of The Latter Half Of The 20th Century Prog Rock FAQ Digs Deep To Deliver A View Of Progressive Rock As You Ve Never Known It Technical Wizards, Cosmic Messengers, Visionary Producers, Groundbreaking Album Cover Illustrators, And Even Innovative Musical Instrument Vendors Separate Memory From Myth, Fact From Fiction, To Recount Prog Rock S Most Historically Significant Milestones And Little Known Tales This Interview Rich, Unapologetic Volume Addresses Topics Taboo And Burning Alike, While Welcoming The Reader On An Enthralling Journey Replete With Rapturous Visions, Wondrous Stories, And Endless Enigmas. This is a Progressive Rock Bible covering the genre s history Bands such as Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Van der graaf Generator, Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer are given a lot of attention with NeoProgressive bands such as IQ a
Really 3 1 2 stars.Back in high school I was into prog rock, first two concerts I saw were Yes and Jethro Tull But over the next three years my tastes would change, influenced by punk movement And my tastes have continued to grow and evolve Every few years I go back and listen to Yes or Tull or whatever else I m curious about to see if my opinion has changed Sometimes it has, like with the first Tull album never really cared for it much back in the day, but now I like it , and in other cases it doesn t change I had seen this book in the bookstore for awhile I d pick it up and read a couple pages each time Finally after the fourth or fifth time I decided to break down and buy this And at first I would jump around since one chapter doesn t necessarily follow another, you can do that , but finally just decided to go from beginning to end If you are new to prog and looking for a history, you will want to look elsewhere But if you are familiar with prog, then you might find this book of interest Given the nature of this type of book, you are at the mercy of the author s whims Some chapters I found inte
An astonishingly unfocused and inaccessible read Will Romano has evidently written, other, better books about the subject and gives us leftover essays that are so niche and specific even within the already niche and specific world of progressive rock , that I couldn t believe it was publ

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  • Prog Rock FAQ
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  • 17 April 2017
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