Remote Viewing the Three Paths of Donald Trump

Remote Viewing the Three Paths of Donald Trump If Remote Viewers Had Crystal Balls, We Would Have To Admit Ours Had Been Out Of Order When We First Started Viewing Donald Trump Days Of Remote Viewing Came Back With Not Just One But Three Probable Paths For The Indomitable Political Leader, One In Which He Suffers The Ultimate Attack, One In Which His Presidency Is Undermined From The Beginning, And One In Which Trump Triumphs, But Not In The Way Most People Would Expect A Short Read In Just Under 4000 Words, Our Book Offers A Different Way Of Looking At The Presidential Prospects For Donald Trump And The True Nature Of His Supporters. Well, re reading in 2019.Bought and read in 2016 Re read and reviewed 2019.Very wrong Lot of wishful thinking about Trump Great foreign diplomacy no insults allies and loves dictators Follows the letter of the law, no hasn t met a law he wouldn t break, including bragging he could shoot someone in downtown NYC and no one would touch him Fixing Social Security and single payer healthcare, no unless he s confused