Riftguard (H.E.R.O., #16)

Riftguard (H.E.R.O., #16) Nightmonger And His Lackeys Prevent H.E.R.O From Imprisoning The Fire Elemental Super, Carey, And Force Her To Work For Them The Girl S Life Goes From Bad To Worse, And There May Be No Escape Sparks Recovers From The Assault By The Assassins, Only To Discover That One Survived Her Hunt For The Man Causes Her To Team Up With Psystar And Diva As They Go After The Hit Man Blake, Metrocity S Paranoid Master Mage, Tries To Open A Portal, And In The Process Discovers Creatures From The Dark Energy Universe That Come Through He Crosses Paths With Nightmonger, Lady Nocturne, H.E.R.O., And Finally Makes A Powerful Ally Blake S Friends From Chicago Join Him, And He Attempts To Gain Followers Chrome S Life Takes A Turn For The Better As She Meets A Man And Goes On A Date H.E.R.O Riftguard Is The 16th Book In The Most Extensive Superhero Novel Series Of The Last Decade It Is An Action Packed, Full Length Written Novel Of Over 103,000 Words Here Is The Full Lineup Of Novels In The H.E.R.O Saga H.E.R.O Metamorphosis 1 This Full Book Is FREE On Most Major E Retailers Search By The Author S Name, Or By The Full Name Of The Book H.E.R.O New Markets 2 H.E.R.O Rise And Fall 3 H.E.R.O Dark Research 4 H.E.R.O Horde 5 H.E.R.O Paragon 6 H.E.R.O Illustrated Guide H.E.R.O Shorts Gatecrasher 7 H.E.R.O Shorts Silverlash 8 H.E.R.O Gene Front 9 H.E.R.O Incursion 10 H.E.R.O Dolldrum 11 H.E.R.O Malice 12 H.E.R.O Dark Breach 13 H.E.R.O Nightmonger 14 H.E.R.O Battlefronts 15 H.E.R.O Riftguard 16 H.E.R.O Augments 17 Coming Soon Another solid H.E.R.O book Diva is becoming a favorite character something I never thought would happen, also Hellshock, Sparks and Chrome Even some of the bad guys are proving real interesting, I m thinking Blake and Carey This
I love all of Kevin s H.E.R.O stories.