WishesNO MATTER HOW FAST YOU RUN The Newborn Baby Boy Is Beautiful, Perfect, And Hers For The Asking All Kate Summers Has To Do Is Agree To One Condition She Must Disappear From Boston And Never Breathe A Word About The Adoption To AnyoneOR HOW FAR YOU GO Fifteen Years Later, Kate Has Built A Good Life For Herself And Her Son, Jon, In Hopewell, Oregon Still, She Is Haunted By The Fear That He Will Somehow Be Taken Away Then Daegan O Rourke Arrives In Town And Strikes Up A Friendship With Her And Jon But Daegan Has His Own Past To Hide One With Shocking Ties To Hers A KILLER WILL ALWAYS FIND YOU Someone Is Watching Kate, Watching Her Son, And Is Willing To Go To Any Lengths To Claim Him And The One Man Kate Is Tempted To Trust Has Dangerous Secrets That Could Change Her World Forever Soon The Past Kate Thought She Could Outrun Will Explode, Unearthing A Legacy Of Lies And Treachery, And A Fury Powerful Enough To Kill In this book 15 year old Jon Summers, unknown to himself, was adopted at birth in unusual circumstances Jon has visions of the past and future and talks about them, so of course he s bullied at school The crux of the story revolves around Jon s birth grandfather trying to track him down and get him back so the family fortune can pass to him Other familiy members wanting the fortune themselves aren t so keen on the idea The story involves some not so savory family interactions a little incest anyone An average suspense thriller You can follow my reviews at Not her best but not her worst. Kate summers has just illegally adopted a baby boy named Jon who she realizes later on had a gift or curse of seeing into peoples past and futures Now fifteen years later jon has a nightmare of his own future, hes running from a man that reeks with danger Shortly after, Daegen O Rourke comes to town seeking answers only Kate can give, and is suspiciously interested in Kate and Jon s life What does this mysterious stranger want And who is the man that s after Jon.My thoughts I went into this booking thinking it was going to be something completely different then it was This is the first book I ve read by Lisa Jackson and I LOVED IT They re were so many characters in this book and the author made it very easy to remember who was who It had just the right amount of likeable and unlikable characters that it balanced out nicely, though Daegen was my altime favorite The characters were very well written with lots of backstories It was a great story, lots of family drama and lots of love, though it was a little fluffy for a thriller novel It also dealt with aspects like incest, child abuse, and violence The ending was AMAZING This was a great read. I normally like Lisa Jackson s books and was excited to see this new one at the library But when I started reading it I almost immediately elt, Something is wrong with this The pacing is off There are scenes that don t fit It s like it s been padded out with extra material to make it longer than it ought to be Then I looked at the author s note in the front of the book and discovered that this is exactly what happened The original book was published under the title WISHES It went out of print, and the publisher agreed to republish it if the author added chapters and notched up the characters and the action.Good try, Lisa, but longer isn t always better It s tough on an author when she he is forced to do this I bet I would really have enjoyed the original version I got bored with this one. Couldn t finish it Failed to grab my attention and the writing seems a little off Ex She reached for the coffee pot on the stove and burned her fingers.she added warm coffee to her cup Um, warm coffee burns your fingers Too many others on the shelf to keep going with this one One Star Lisa Jackson was asked to re write her 1999 novel Wishes and to give the readers suspense and deeper and meaningful characters and if you are a fan of her later work , then you will really enjoy this book The novel starts in 1980, when young widow Katie was about to leave her work and was given the opportunity of a lifetime Take a newborn baby and raise it as her son as the Child s birth family wanted nothing to do with it , after losing her husband Jim and daughter Erin in a car crash it was like a dream Fast forward , Fifteen years and the boy whom she called Jon is fifteen years old and Katie has provided all for him and has traded her law firm skills to being a teacher Jon however as Katie learnt over the years has a special gift, he has visions and premonitions and a new one is starting and it shows that him and Katie are in danger and somebody wants to Kill him Katie and Jon soon learn that his biological grandfather is dying and has left a fortune and now in order for others to collect it, Jon must be Killed Not only that, Jon s father Daegan has turned up and wants to know his son and as we soon learn the gift Jon has is hereditary Can Katie save Jon and then open her heart and home to Daegan Find out in Lisa Jackson s revised and re edited novel Running Scared. This is the first Lisa Jackson book I ve read Wasn t thrilled with it, but it was a good solid read I think the major drawback was that there were lots of scenes thrown together in each chapter Too many interruptions and ruined the flow a little I thought the sexual tension was excellent, which is after all what we want in a romantic suspense, so this kept me reading Not so sure about the whole incest type relationship resulting in a child I know it happens, but it made me feel a little uncomfortable, especially as it was the HERO who was involved At least they were only half cousins Another reason I marked it down, but this might not bother others.All in all, a good read and one I was glad to spend some time with. I ve never really read a romantic suspense before, so I m not sure if I don t like the genre, or if I just don t like this book I thought the plot was too unbelievable and I didn t really like any of the characters I also felt like the story needed to be edited by about 10 15% to keep it from dragging I listened to this on audiobook The narrator has a great voice, but he read the whole thing in a movie announcer voice, which made the story sound cheesy In addition, the author used soooooo many cliches to describe people that I found myself rolling my eyes constantly. Long winded but I liked the overall story There was a heavy does of Soap Opera Drama in the book PLOT SPOILED so you don t have to read You re welcome.I can t remember the last time I was flummoxed by such an awful plot Here s the Reader s Digest version of the plot Kate s husband and baby die She works for a sexual harassed corrupt attorney who gets her to illegally adopt a baby and move to Oregon.Flash forward 15 years, Jon is a psychic bullied by his peers Unbeknownst to him, he was conceived after his bio parents, cousins got drunk, forgot they were cousins and slept together His wealthy bio mom wants to be sure her fianc doesn t find out about Jon so she calls baby daddy Daegan, tells him about the baby and says make Jon disappear so fianc never finds out.Daegan and Kate fall in love, turns out bio dad is a good person Bad guys get their just desserts The end.

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