Sandville High

Sandville High The Michelsons Have A New Neighbor, Who Brings Into Town Secrets That A Member Of The Michelson Family Wants Buried Will The New Neighbor Forget About The Past And Keep The One Secret That Can Break Up The Entire Michelson Family Julian King Cheats On His Wife Once Again, But This Time Around There Is No Escaping The Consequences Of His Actions Though Rich And Powerful, He Is Faced With A Compromising Situation That May Result In Losing Everything He S Worked Hard To Build Over The Years Will He Find A Way Out Like He Always Does Sandville High Takes A Closer Look At The Thrilling Lives Of Various Families In The Fictional City Of Sandville Packed With Suspense And Romance, It Is The First Volume Of A Short Story Series That Will Leave Readers Wanting About The Plot And Their Favorite Characters. What is happening in Sandville today So much drama and suspense in this town In the beginning Kelvin O Ralph sets up the Michelsons as a typical family going through their typical daily routine By the end of the first chapter and the beginning of the second the drama and story take several turns setting up intrigue for the rest of the book and series The author does not wait to get the suspense started I ll do the best I can to provide a review without giving anything away The entire family, Ben and Sarah, the husband and wife with their kids Jessica and Eric, have their own dramas to deal with throughout the story From the setup it is easy to see how suspenseful each situation is going to be because if it happens to spill over, or if it gets unmanageable there could be severe consequences, family and personal lives being destroyed This is all in the context of a really likeable family When I read some suspense it is hard to connect with the characters because I think to myself, just don t do stupid things and there won t be a problem With the Michelsons, they all seem like really good people albeit some mistakes are made that are going through some dramatic times in their lives I fo
Oh my, Sandville, just ooze such drama and I mean oodles of shhh. don t tell kind of thing Wow here I thought okay middle class wholesome family but as it stealth its way further along there are things that will unfold and make this tale quite the drama you either seen in the movies or around your neighborhood I mentioned middle class family, now we enter the lives of the rich and smug upper class and this particular character I just wanted to throw something at him All I kept thinking, What an idiot Yeah, I said it plain and simple, idiot Now we step into the lives of teenagers and their contribution to this story, not boring just warp speed drama, oh wait I know there s another word for that no there s not We have something special here in the making because everything ties in to each other This story carried a suspe
The book is quite short and had a very quick wrap up I felt shortchanged It is a soap opera waiting to be televised Marriage troubles, infidelity, kid troubles, small town gossips, the whole magilla My thanks to the author and LibraryThing for a complimentary copy. This book is so poorly written it s painful to read Adult topics appear to be written by a twelve year old Terrible grammar, awful punctuation, horrid sentence structure and word choice even for YA audience The timeline of events is so skewe