Strom Thurmond's America

Strom Thurmond's AmericaDo Not Forget That Skill And Integrity Are The Keys To Success This Was The Last Piece Of Advice On A List Will Thurmond Gave His Son Strom In 1923 The Younger Thurmond Would Keep The Words In Mind Throughout His Long And Colorful Career As One Of The South S Last Race Baiting Demagogues And As A National Power Broker Who, Along With Barry Goldwater And Ronald Reagan, Was A Major Figure In Modern Conservative Politics.But As The Historian Joseph Crespino Demonstrates In Strom Thurmond S America, The Late South Carolina Senator Followed Only Part Of His Father S Counsel Political Skill Was The Key To Thurmond S Many Successes A Consummate Opportunist, He Had Less Use For Integrity He Was A Thoroughgoing Racist He Is Best Remembered Today For His Twenty Four Hour Filibuster In Opposition To The Civil Rights Act Of 1957 But He Fathered An Illegitimate Black Daughter Whose Existence He Did Not Publicly Acknowledge During His Lifetime A Onetime Democrat And Labor Supporter In The Senate, He Switched Parties In 1964 And Helped To Dismantle New Deal Protections For Working Americans.If Thurmond Was A Great Hypocrite, Though, He Was Also An Innovator Who Saw The Future Of Conservative Politics Before Just About Anyone Else As Early As The 1950s, He Began To Forge Alliances With Christian Right Activists, And He Eagerly Took Up The Causes Of Big Business, Military Spending, And Anticommunism Crespino S Adroit, Lucid Portrait Reveals That Thurmond Was, In Fact, Both A Segregationist And A Sunbelt Conservative The Implications Of This Insight Are Vast Thurmond Was Not A Curiosity From A Bygone Era, But Rather One Of The First Conservative Republicans We Would Recognize As Such Today Strom Thurmond S America Is About How He Made His Brand Of Politics Central To American Life. The value of this book lies in Crespino s linkage of Strom Thurmond s racism to his classism Opposed to racial equality and justice, Thurmond also denounced labor unions, worker protection and safety legislation, and Great Society programs, while never failing to advocate for military spending, big business subsidies, and deregulation In his role as precursor to post war conserv
This was an excellent book that discussed the long career of Strom Thurmond My assessment of this man is that he was a scoundrel of epic proportion This work is only a half biography of the segregationist Democrat turned Republican elder statesman The other half examines Thurmond s impact on American politics, eg channeling racism into concerns about welfare and nebulously defined law and order Like many politicians, Thurmond s an interesting character for his contradictions a racist who fathered a black child, an avid New Dealer who became a conservative icon But Crespino proves superficial in exploring his broader cultural impact Of all of
A well written work that is enriched by its own subject s longevity Strom Thurmond was born in 1902 and passed away in 2003, leaving behind a complicated, impactful political career that spanned an American century filled with significant political and social developments Crespino s work is ostensibly an autobiography of Thurmond, but thanks to Thurmond s durability also works as a significant political primer on the major issues, rulings, and congressional acts of the 20th century Crespino s work has two overarching theses 1 Thurmond s role as one of the first post World War II Sunbelt conservatives has been significantly misunderstood, eclipsed by his racial politics Lest there be any misunderstanding, Crespino clarifies, To be clear, Thurmond was a thoroughgoing racist who, despite some relatively progressive positions early in his career, stoked white reaction and submitted to the new politics of race only when the political consequences of doing otherwise had become obvious But that s the point argues Crespino Thurmond did change, regardless of the probably calculated reasons, and managed from 1940 1970 to be both s
A useful perspective on the forces that shaped our current politics Lots of interesting detail about votes and alliances, but I would have appreciated a bit digging into Thurmond s personal life, the contradictions of which seems critical to understanding the full dimensions and agonies of Strom
An insightful look into the life of someone who was at the forefront of the emergence of the conservative Republican Party of the late 20th century How the party of Lincoln became the party of Strom Thurmond. I was born and raised in reliably Republican Indiana, yet when I reached the Age of Reason, I left the fold and became, gasp, a liberal Democrat I wasn t disowned, since my parents were moderate Republicans and very understanding.Add to that the fact that I was the first group of 18 year olds to be able to vote and that I voted AGAINST Richard Nixon and you have my political profile.While politics is not all consuming to me, this fall I spent a lot of hours campaigning for a candidate And I always follow the political debates in the newspapers.I find reading about political figures fascinating I have followed all of Caro s biographical volumes on LBJ, of course read the requisite biographies of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, branched out into Harry Truman, the Roosevelt boys and so on So when I read a review of Strom Thurmond s America, I decided I had to read it.You should too Crespino avoids the typical biographical or political writer s wonky word bogs and creates an incredibly readable prose Imagine me, a liberal, hanging on every word written in here Strom Thurmond was not only a mover and shaker in the middle 20th century, the areas he moved and shook are just as fascinating As we saw in this past election, the South is pretty reliably Republican now and African Americans mostly support the Democrats Yet neither of these was true before 1950 Thurmmond began his career
Excellent biography of Ol Strom It s not black and white or hagiography One thinks of his strict segregation beliefs and reactionary politics and his biracial daughter, but Strom was once a New Dealer and a huge supporter of Roosevelt, i.e., Big government This changed after WWII starting with the armed forces the U.S slowly began integrating Crespino s argument is that Strom is not some symbol from a bygone era he is one of the founders of the New Right whose politicians share Strom s political beliefs to this day, however, I do feel Strom had better manners I ve read before that some of the nicest people have the meanest political beliefs, hence the harshness and heartlessness of many southern GOP white male politicians, but all Sunday school graciousness on the outside The modern GOP was created bec
The biographical part of Crespino s book is fair to middling and lacks many of the details that makes a very good to excellent biography make you feel like you are actually living with the subject not that I would have ever wanted to live with Thurmond, but However, what makes this book a fine read is Crespino s analysis of Thurmond s pioneering role in the pro business anti labor fundamentalist Christian anti everyone but white men attitudes that have become the mantra of one of the two major parties in the U.S In Crespino s narrative, Ol Strom was the living embodiment of the GOP s Southern Strategy and the essential link between Goldwa

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