Sutton's Way

Sutton's WayWyoming WildcatTragedy Had Sent Music Superstar Amanda Callaway To The Wyoming Mountains To Heal What She Found Was Another Battle To Fight Quinn Sutton Snowbound At His Ranch, Amanda Was Glad Quinn Was Unaware Of Her Real Identity With A Chip On His Shoulder The Size Of The Tetons, The Rugged Mountain Man Had No Use For The Opposite Sex Especially City Women Who Ran In The Fast Lane But What Quinn Didn T Realize Was How Special His World Seemed To Amanda Battling His Misconceptions About Her, She Vowed To Prove She Shared The Same Old Fashioned Values And Desires When He Learned Who She Was, Though, Would She Lose Him Forever. 5 LOVINGLY VULNERABLE STARSThis is the story of two very damaged individuals, learning to love and trust for the first time My favorite type of story, the first love The hero Quinn is a single dad trying to do his best to raise his son alone He is a Wyoming rancher and he has no time for the young thing next door, whom he thinks is his neighbor mistress Amanda is a pretty young singer who is trying to find her way back after a tragedy She has had very little love in her life and is as guarded as the hero with her emotions None shall pass.They could not be wrong for each other The hero hates rock music and she is a rock star The heroine is afraid of strong men and he is very strong So how can they find a way to make this work Read the book and find out Here are a few quotes from the book I am not available as a living model for SEX education Said Amanda Suit yourself But it s a hell of a loss to my eduction Says Quinn before he explains that his wife had never had sex with him and that Elliot was not his biological son you and I have in common than a lack of technique He said Amanda you aren t the only virgin on the place Now I should point out that this book is really dated Back to a time when a woman was concerned about her reputation and a man o
At first I was NOT into this book, and then BAM It turned out to be super cute Cheesy cute I m getting homesick for Jacobsville This is the second book in a row of the LTT series not set in Texas It takes place in the mountains of Wyoming and the only connection with the LTT is that Quinn, the hero, is friends with Justin from book 2.But that s okay there is plenty of story without the LTT gang Heroine is a rock singer who lost her voice after a fan died at one of her concerts She has retreated to her aunt s boyfriend s remote cabin in the mountains a questionable choice since it s the middle of winter The hero lives close by with his 12 year old son and a ranch hand cook older friend He thinks the heroine is the cabin owner s newest mistress and the insulted heroine lets him think that Of course The hero also tells the heroine that he hates women He might as well I have said I m Kurt and I m incorrigible But we re not even out of chapter one before the heroine is sponging yes, I said and DP said sponging the hero s matted hairy chest as he writhes in a fever The H s son asked the heroine to help because he thought women knew how to help sick people Hero is turned on by the heroine s long hair brushing his hairy chest and her gardenia scent This is the second heroine with this scent will look for patterns in the next books That bothers him
1 trope that I really passionately hate MCs realising they love each other when the other fights death.In this one hero very cruelly dismissed the heroine, I don t see any chance of reconciliation, because he is an asshole who doesn t give a shit about other s feelings.He only realises his love for her when he sees news of her death he really thought she was dead when he realised his feelings So what use do I have as a reader for this kind of love And not only that,
Una lectura novedosa por el plot de un h roe virgen Pero ah se acaba lo interesante, porque es una novelita com n y silvestre, con un protagonista demasiado pacato se pelea con la chica porque es cantante de rock , y que realmente nadie desear a como posible compa er
Rating 3.5 out of 5. Amatoriale 18 febbraio 2014rilettura agosto 2014Qinn Sutton e Amanda Callaway Quinn amico di Justin Amanda cantante di un gruppo si conosceranno anche i suoi compagni 3.5 This book had good parts and for me not so good parts loved the kid and the Heroine s story I realized i am not found of the virgin hero prefer a seasoned alpha male I still thought the end was a little incomplete There was a bunch about hero not having money and never taking hers but the en
Wonderful book hard man Quinn meets his match when he meets Amanda towards the end I cried scared that he was going to lose her but love wins in the end can t wait to read of this series 2,5