Sweep with Me

Sweep with MeA Charming, Short Novella In The Innkeeper Chronicles, From New York Times Bestselling Author, Ilona Andrews Thank You For Joining Us At Gertrude Hunt, The Nicest Bed And Breakfast In Red Deer, Texas, During The Treaty Stay As You Know, We Are Honor Bound To Accept All Guests During This Oldest Of Innkeeper Holidays And We Are Expecting A Dangerous Guest Or Several But Have No Fear Your Safety And Comfort Is Our First Priority The Inn And Your Hosts, Dina Demille And Sean Evans, Will Defend You At All Costs But We Hope We Don T Have To Every Winter, Innkeepers Look Forward To Celebrating Their Own Special Holiday, Which Commemorates The Ancient Treaty That United The Very First Inns And Established The Rules That Protect Them, Their Intergalactic Guests, And The Very Unaware Oblivious People Of Planet Earth By Tradition, The Innkeepers Welcomed Three Guests A Warrior, A Sage, And A Pilgrim, But During The Holiday, Innkeepers Must Open Their Doors To Anyone Who Seeks Lodging Anyone All Dina Hopes Is That The Guests And Conduct Themselves In A Polite Manner But What S A Holiday Without At Least One Disaster And the moral of this reread is I want a Quillonian chef named Orro for my birthday Which is coming up in about two months In case you were wondering And wanted to gift me a Quillonian chef Named Orro You know, for my birthday and stuff No idea what the fish this is about Read the bloody shrimping book You re welcome and stuff Original non review Question How do you know you just finished reading an IA story Answer 1 Because even though it s only 140 pages long most outrageous, that it packs punch, creativity, sheer fun, humour and emotion than the last 256 books you read.Answer 2 Because it makes you feel kinda sorta like Answer 3 Because it makes you want to sing this dreadfully cheerful song at the top of your nefarious little head even though it totally wrecks your nefarious act and completely ruins your nefarious rep And you don t give a bloody stinking shrimp about it, either Answer 4 Because you want to reread the book the second you finish it Until next time and stuff view spoiler hide spoiler 4.5 stars 10 1 20The book is completed and will be available to read on their site linked below, for free until the 13th of January 18 12 19 Free online serial at updated on every chapter release For those of you that would rather wait and read it in one go, pre order is available and the novella will be out on January 14th My birthday this year is going to be awesome Chapter 1 Part 1 18 12 19https innkeeper.ilona andrews.com 2Dina and Sean Squeeeeee So happy to start this one And it will continue my tradition of ending and beginning the year with Ilona Andrews books on January 14th, we would celebrate Treaty Stay, the oldest of the innkeeper holidays I m gonna pretend they are celebrating my birthday Gertrude Hunt, maybe Chapter 1 Part 2 20 12 19Chapter 2 Part 1 23 12 19 Chapter 2 Part 2 27 12 19Caldenia and plotting Chapter 3 Part 1 30 12 19Image direct from authors site and credit to the artist Doris Mantair It is surprisingly not easy to find an image of a dressed up chicken on the net.First Scholar Thek Chapter 3 Part 12 1 1 20Happy New Year everyone I m on a tiny planet, and there is a comet heading my way and I can t do anything about it Chapter 4 3 1 20 Chapter 5 6 1 20 I laughed so hard Chapter 6 8 1 20Chapter 7 9 1 20 Chapter 8 Epilogue 10 1 20 Fun, but way too short lol.Getting a novella to tide me over is one thing, getting to the end of it and knowing I won t get any this year is another.I love this series, it s one of my favorite IA series, and this novella was fun, light hearted compared to others and even packed a little action.I m always astonished by the imagination that comes out of IA, every guest to the Inn is completely different, with a unique background and abilities I m just amazed by it all.This novella was perfectly balanced and had everything I come to love about this series I wished it was longer, but who doesn t, and I ll be rereading the series until a new book is released, hopefully next year. WHAT An Innkeeper novella by Ilona Andrews that I haven t read How did I miss this I m on it tonight.RTC. Only Ilona Andrews could write a novella featuring philosophical space chickens Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I am not kidding I am not even going to write anything else about this Because space chickens That s all you need to know. A new Innkeeper novella you say Publishing on the 14th of January you say HELL YES I hit that preorder button so fast hard I almost broke my finger Even better is that we don t have to wait until January because Ilona Gordon are doing what they always do with the Innkeeper books and giving fans the chance to read them for free on their website in advance of publication Keep an eye on the Innkeeper website for at least weekly but probably twice weekly instalments between now and January One, Part One is already available HERE Well, time for my usual Ilona Andrews fangirling non review Really, I could almost copy paste everything I say from book to book Because IT WAS FABULOUS Of course All the humor, ass kicking, great dialogue, amazing characters every one of them, IA does do not do supporting characters, I love them all , magic and heart that I always find in these favorite authors stories.I didn t realize just how very much I ve missed Dina, Sean, Gertrude Hunt and all the rest until I started reading This world is genuinely incredible and so damn fun to read I love how unruffled Dina always appears whether she is panicking or not when things get wound up and how severely the bad guys or bad aliens underestimate her The small, blonde innkeeper in her robes hardly looks like a badass but boy, do they invariably get a shock I devoured this in only the space of a few hours That s the problem with highly anticipated releases You waitwaitwait and get it and then poof , they re gone So now I m back to not patiently waiting for the next one Worth it I ve missed reading about the inn so much It s too bad it was so short but better short than nothing at all I ve read this online published by Ilona Andrews but I m definitely going to read it again once I get the book, hopefully there will be some illustrations F a smart home, I want an Inn.3.5 for a short and sweet stay at the Gertrude Hunt. There is so much to love about this series that I always look forward to reading them I m a bit odd though in that I don t read them as the author writes it, but wait for the finished product I love the inn and every time I read a book in the series wished that I had a magic house to remake it s self to my whims With this book things were a bit different, Dina and Gertrude Hunts relationship was a bit iffy from everything that has happened in the past, but by the end you could see things were on the mend I also loved how Sean is settling in as an Innkeeper, he definitely does things his way.Dina had some challenging guest again, but she handled them all very well, gave them all a little something extra to think about and seemed to secure her future.