Tangle (Dogwood Lane, #2)

Tangle (Dogwood Lane, #2) Sparks Fly Between A Die Hard Romantic And A Sexy Cynic In This Fresh, Funny Romance From USA Today Bestselling Author Adriana Locke.That Cream Filled, Caramel Topped Doughnut Should Have Been Hers Still, Haley Raynor Can T Deny That The Pastry Thief With The Dreamy Blue Eyes Looks Even Delicious But Moving In On A Handsome Devil Like Trevor Kelly Is Bad News For A Die Hard Romantic Like Haley Trevor Doesn T Believe In Love She Does Giving In To A Fling And Trevor S Irresistible Charms Can T End Well Can It What Can It Hurt To Give It A Shot Girls Always Fall For Trevor, And In The End, He Always Ends Up Looking Like A Bad Boy Cad Still, Spending Some Time With Haley And Her Smart Talking, Kissable Mouth Sounds Pretty Perfect Besides, He S Only Going To Be In Dogwood Lane For One Week How Much Trouble Could They Possibly Get Into The Only Answer A No Falling In Love Contract All Trevor And Haley Have To Do Is Follow The Rules And Resist The Attraction Sizzling Between Them Before Their Hearts Get Completely Tangled Up In Temptation. No room for Jesus I can count on one hand the number of my most favorite authors of all time and Adriana Locke is definitely one of them Tangle is even better than Tumble and I could bet my life Pen Grace s story will be the best of the series Ok, so Haley and Trevor.She s smart Really smart Funny as hell, gorgeous and her dry wit is impossible not to admire.Trevor is Prince Charming material, drool worthy, also super intelligent and his banter with the heroine makes this book deserve way than 5.He has a big problem, though He doesn t believe in the idea of happily ever after, of falling in love and wanting to be with that same one person for the rest of his life.So, what do you do when you actually find your true match You sign a contract, of course This is one of the reasons that makes this story so incredibly good Besides the humor of the situation, i was blown away by the heroine s strength I mean, things were crystal clear They were highly attracted to one another, she wanted that kind of love that could possibly lead to marriage and kids and he did not So she made his follow some rules, like no compliments, no touching and flirting and if there wasn t room for Jesus between them, he was too clo
If I thought I fell in love with Dogwood Lane in Tumble, I didn t even know what love was I mean, this small town filled with these larger than life personalities is working hard on owning my heart And y all I m not even trying to fight it.This felt so good From the perfectly executed sparky banter, to the slowly building scintillating chemistry that burned between Trevor and Haley every bit of this story was a delight I don t even know who I loved Honestly, in a rare feat I think Adriana Locke gave me a heroine that I loved than I loved the hero Haley might be one of my favorite heroinesever Her dry wit and snappy comebacks combined with her big strong heart and unfailing honesty Sometimes I felt like I was Haley or maybe, to the point, that Haley was all of us , but at every turn I felt like I for sure wanted Haley to be my best friend forever because she was just that awesome On top of the massive girl crush I have on Haley, Trevor also heaped on the swoons and set my heart aflutter He was the perfect match for Haley their humor played off each other in this sort of fun, flirty way that I find completely irresistible, and there was an undeniable sweetness to the bond they built Were there moments where I wanted to sh
I found the first book Tumble to be sweet and adorable but this book. This book is on a whole different level Who knew Haley could be a sassy firecracker Definitely not me but man was I living for it I love when a side character in a previous book surprises the hell out of you once they get their own story Tangle in my opinion was way enjoyable than Tumble because this reader rela
Once again Adriana Locke has given us small town romance with a lot of heart This is sort of a reluctant, yet inevitable romance These two promise they won t fall in love, but you know how that goes.Haley loves love, she just hasn t had much luck with it Trevor doesn t think that OTL exists, and he s also had terrible experiences with the supposed big L These two have an immediate attraction and pull toward each other Their banter and connection is so fun, and once they ve known each other a bit the tension ramps up But will they keep things in the heartbreak less friend zone, or will they jump in with both feet to the attraction they both feel I will say that both of these characters struggle with their feelings and understanding them fully They will make some choices that frustrate the reader, but when the romance is too easy is it as good What I appreciate is both characters grow,
I want her to want me the same way I m wanting her, even though I know it s fucking stupid And unfair And illogical But she doesn t And I shouldn t I have to say, I have a girl crush on Hayley She had me cracking up in the first chapter and I never stopped Especially when she s with her bestie Claire Please tell me she ll get her own book, pretty please I can t wait to meet the man that can handle herand Hayley since they are a package deal I m smiling just thinking about it.Hayley is a ray of sunshine and it takes a lot to get her down Well, at least that s the case if you don t wake her up early She s not a morning person, but she s full of love and laughter the rest of the time Unless her heart s broken That s happened quite a lot actually She s a romantic and believes in love, if only she could find a man that did as well.As she s bent over the counter begging for the cream filled, caramel topped doughnut, ass in the air, her bestie didn t bother to blurt out a hot guy or sexy stranger warning Nope, said sexy stranger gets a birds eye view of said ass She might have been too flustered in embarrassment if it didn t become quickly obvious that he was going for her doughnut After the morning she d had she wasn t giving up without a fight and proceeded to turn her charms on the gorgeous stranger Calling him a thief might not be the best plan for most, but he couldn t resist her sass or her ass
Another winner for Adriana Locke Trevor and Hayley were adorable together I always enjoy when the H and h forge a good friendship first I loved how tangled up Trevor got in his feelings for Hayley I a
She loves love.He hates it It s the perfect recipe for Trouble.Live now on , Audible, and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Tangle is the book that you ll tell your friends about Trust me I m telling you about it, arent I I don t even have words to express how much I love this book.Trevor Kelly is everything EVERYTHING.I enjoyed every single moment of Haley and Trevor s journey and their chemistry was to die for In true Adriana Locke fashion, she s given us yet another couple to completely fall in love with Hale
I was so thrilled to be back in Dogwood Lane Locke writes my most absolute favorite small town romances and this one takes the cakeAND the donuts Trevor Kelly is delicious in every single way and Haley is endearing and so so fun The two of
I found the first book Tumble to be sweet and adorable but this book. This book is on a whole different level Who knew Haley could be a sassy firecracker Definitely not me but man was I living for it I love when a side character in a previous book surprises the hell out of you once they get their own story Tang