The Aardvark

The Aardvark The Story Of Rational And Irrational Minds And What Happens When They Collide Nick Foster Wakes Up Every Morning, In The Same Bed, In The Same Home, In The Same Village And In The Same Life A Life Of Self Imprisonment Caused By His Crippling Agoraphobia As Foster Retraces His Youth And Early Manhood, The Lives Of Others Entwine A Lost Love, A Loyal Friend, A New Face, A Broken Marriage And A Dangerous Hunter. Concise well written The story kept me interested, guessing I do like reading a story that takes place in contemporary England I look forward to from the Lee Wright. This book was a delight to stumble across This debut novella from Lee Wright was utterly gripping and perplexing from the first page The protagonist is a multi faceted character who is portrayed with depth and emotion and although I found him complex and bewildering at times, I definitely felt connected to him The plot is tumultuous and full of twists and turns, which keeps the reader enthralled and engaged My only criticism of the book is that I wish it had been longer there are numero