The Abominable

The AbominableALA Reading List Award For History, Short ListA Thrilling Tale Of High Altitude Death And Survival Set On The Snowy Summits Of Mount Everest, From The Bestselling Author Of The TerrorIt S 1924 And The Race To Summit The World S Highest Mountain Has Been Brought To A Terrified Pause By The Shocking Disappearance Of George Mallory And Sandy Irvine High On The Shoulder Of Mt Everest By The Following Year, Three Climbers A British Poet And Veteran Of The Great War, A Young French Chamonix Guide, And An Idealistic Young American Find A Way To Take Their Shot At The Top They Arrange Funding From The Grieving Lady Bromley, Whose Son Also Disappeared On Mt Everest In 1924 Young Bromley Must Be Dead, But His Mother Refuses To Believe It And Pays The Trio To Bring Him Home Deep In Tibet And High On Everest, The Three Climbers Joined By The Missing Boy S Female Cousin Find Themselves Being Pursued Through The Night By Someone Or Something This Nightmare Becomes A Matter Of Life And Death At 28,000 Feet But What Is Pursuing Them And What Is The Truth Behind The 1924 Disappearances On Everest As They Fight Their Way To The Top Of The World, The Friends Uncover A Secret Far Abominable Than Any Mythical Creature Could Ever Be A Pulse Pounding Story Of Adventure And Suspense, The Abominable Is Dan Simmons At His Spine Chilling Best. when i first saw this cover, with its snowy wilderness, i thought oh, it is a sequel to The Terror how wonderful but it is not wrong part of town altogether The Terror takes place in the northwest passage where a handful of stranded seamen have to contend with the harsh polar environment, scurvy, and also some supernatural forces this one takes place on mt everest, where a handful of climbers have to contend with the harsh mountain conditions, frostbite, and also some well, it is complicated than the title would have you believe with The Terror, i found the real horrors much interesting than the supernatural forces and this one is no different remind me again why people climb mountains mountains do not like being climbed they especially do not like being climbed in 1926, when the available mountain climbing technology was so rudimentary that no one had actually made it to the summit before our heroes, in fact, are among the forefront of mountaineering tech with their fancy bottled air and their 12 point crampons do you know the benefits of 12 point crampons over the lesser 10 point crampons don t worry if you
Gradually, very gradually, we saw the great mountain sides and glaciers and aretes, now one fragment and now another through the floating rifts, until far higher in the sky than imagination had dared suggest the white summit of Everest appeared George Leigh Mallory This is a book that utterly confounded me It took all my expectations and upended them In a word, it was a surprise Unfortunately, I say none of that in a positive way Dan Simmons s The Abominable is one of those found manuscript novels It begins with an introduction in which Dan Simmons writes as Dan Simmons, a novelist who is interested in speaking with Jake Smith, an Antarctic explorer who resides in a Colorado nursing home Simmons and Smith talk, and Smith groaningly described as a young version of Daniel Craig eventually tells the author that he has something he wants to write, and that he wants Simmons to read it A manuscript eventually finds its way to Simmons This manuscript is the first person narrative, told from Jake Smith s perspective, that makes up the heart of The Abominable In a Fitzgerald ish touch, Simmons dedicates the novel to his fictional creation I don t know if this is meant to be cleve
This book certainly isn t abominable, but it doesn t exactly soar to the height of the peak of Mount Everest either.In 1925 young Jake Perry is an American mountain climber who has been knocking around the Alps with his new friends, Richard Davis Deacon and Jean Claude Clairoux Deacon is a veteran English climber who had been on a previous expedition to scale Mount Everest After the men hear about the deaths of several people attempting to summit Everest, Deacon comes up with a plan to get funding for another Everest expedition by telling the mother of a young English lord that they will try to find and recover his remainsWith Deacon s experience and several new climbing innovations, the three men hope to become the first to climb Everest, but the addition of a new member to their party is just one of many surprises they ll get as they try overcome all the obstacles that come with a high altitude climb.Dan Simmons threw me for a bit of a loop by starting with an introduction in which he describes how he met Jake Perry as an old dying man who inadvertently inspires his Arctic horror story The Terror This is supposedly an account that Perry wrote that Simmons received after his death and arranged to have a published The inclusion of Simmons into his own story made me think for a minute that Perry was real until a bit of research showed that Simmons was doing his historical fiction thing again like The Terror, Black H
Enjoyed this trip to Mt Everest thoroughlyI read some of the negative reviews on The Abominable and wonder whether I read a whole other book I loved this tale of mountaineering, of friendship, of mysterious hidden objects and history very much.Is it the story I thought it was going to be, which is horror and Yetis There is horror but it s created by humans, not mythical creatures It is the horror of what man can do to his fellow man.I loved the mountain sequences, the mountaineering, the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s history I thought the characters were well developed and I wish I could know any of the Jake Perry group, all of them in fact In a book this lengthy, you really get to KNOW the characters.The descriptions of Everest were awe inspiring And chilling literally I had to put a sweater on to read most of the book.Yes, some of the plotline was out there but this is
If you go into this book thinking that it is about The Abominable Snowman or it is in some was a sequel to The Terror, you will absolutely hate it If however, you enjoy fiction set in frigid unforgiving harsh settings and adventure action books, then this one will scratch that itch quite well I think a lot of the negative reviews come from people who expected either one of the first two things that I mentioned Taken by itself, I thought that Dan Simmons delivered a wonderful story and a
Dan Simmons enjoys writing about failure In The Terror he writes about the doomed Franklin Expedition which was lost in the Arctic while searching for the North West passage Similarly, in The Abominable, he creates a story of search and rescue of a mountaineer who disappears at the same time on Mt Everest when Mallory and Irvine vanish during their unsuccessful Mt Everest summit effort in June 1924 And while this book is not about Mallory and Irvine, their failure to summit Mt Everest plays an important role in setting up the plot of the book.The Abominable is presented as a memoir of a fictional mountaineer named Jacob Perry, whose manuscript Simmons receives after Perry s death as promised earlier by Perry, but Simmons receives it 11 years later than it was meant to due to Perry s stupid relatives The main characters of the book are Jake Perry himself, and his two fellow climber friends Richard Davis Deacon aka The Deacon and Jean Claude Clairoux aka J.C J.C is the most interesting char
I m a bit of a completionist at heart.That means when I really love an author or at least a single one of their works, let alone several of their works, or 8 novels that I simply adore, then I just HAVE to work my way around all the OTHER novels that may or may not tickle my immediate fancy.This is one of those novels.I don t get thrilled about climbing novels Yep, even one of those Tibetan hills Sure, bits are pretty cool but I always had a bit of a hang up about all the locals being treated like disposable rags Oops, we lost another porter Oh, well, good chap, let s sally forth.Maybe it s just me ANYWAY Despite that Simmons is a very good novelist He even addresses several of these issues But above all, he exhibits some pretty intense love of the sport Okay, so this isn t really a sport It s utter survival because your body is dying just by reaching that high and they re on the mountain as a recovery mission of a poor old chap s demise up on the hill Noble And it is good All 30 hours of the quest Most of which takes place on the mountain And let s not forget the somewhat interesting twists, both supernatural ish and political ish It is ostensibly a historical novel, after all, and back in 1925, there are some interesting cameos.My personal enjoyment consists of my appreciation of Simmon s craft, his ability to maintain suspense, and his energy If it wasn t for the author, I probably would never pick a book with this subject Or r
I was wary approaching ABOMINABLE I liked his other recent works, DROOD, and THE FIFTH HEART but felt both were bogged down somewhat by too much detail And judging from the reviews I d seen, ABOMINABLE was getting tarred with the same brush.But I needn t have worried There is indeed plenty of detail here, especially of climbing gear and clothing, and the acts of climbing itself, but it serves the story better than in the other books, and where DROOD especially felt somewhat claustrophobic and dense, ABOMINABLE feels much expansive and open, and gives a real idea of the joys of being on top of the world, and the freedom that can be felt there.I hate heights They make me go weak at the knees, and just reading some of the scenes here had almost the same effect, a testament to Simmons way with a descriptive passage.Simmons prose is as excellent as ever, and the narrator, Jake, feels fully formed and alive It s a tale of derring do on the world s highest peak of course but it s also about frie
This book was not what I expected and I m glad for that I m sure that many readers will find this book frustrating and even boring at times I certainly did, at least during parts of the first half of the book HOWEVER it all paid off in the end The Abominable is a fantastic, beautifully written story of what humans are capable of both good and bad There s mystery, drama, intrigue, suspen
My fingers seek holds, even the slightest wrinkle in the rock, but this is an obscenely wrinkle free rock face I keep moving to the left, held against the near vertical cliff just by friction and speed If you re fast enough, sometimes gravity doesn t immediately notice you The actual climbing scenes in this voluminous novel are truly riveting and I ve found myself clinging on to them as to painful finger jams on a thousand feet overhang, the sheer exertion of it causing me to see stars all five of them Back on somewhat safer footing I do have to calm down and admit that even though there s plenty to love, there a a few cracks in the mountain The true story background with Simmons writing as himself and eventually getting a found manuscript and the past to present tense switch feels not all the way necessary to me, but on the other hand, it did not distract too much either The suspension of disbelief though, absolutely crucial to getting over the crux of the Abominable did test my patience I don t want to spoil, since this is the reveal of the story, but safe to say that the historical secrets revealed brought Alistair MacLean to mind rather than, say, Norman Mailer If you man

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