The Atlantis Gene

The Atlantis GeneAlternate Cover Edition For 978 194002601570,000 Years Ago, The Human Race Almost Went Extinct.We Survived, But No One Knows How.Until Now.The Countdown To The Next Stage Of Human Evolution Is About To Begin, And Humanity Might Not Survive This Time._____________________________________________________ The Immari Are Good At Keeping Secrets For 2,000 Years, They Ve Hidden The Truth About Human Evolution They Ve Also Searched For An Ancient Enemy A Threat That Could Wipe Out The Human Race Now The Search Is Over.Off The Coast Of Antarctica, A Research Vessel Discovers A Mysterious Structure Buried Deep In An Iceberg It Has Been There For Thousands Of Years, And Something Is Guarding It As The Immari Rush To Execute Their Plan, A Brilliant Geneticist Makes A Discovery That Could Change Everything.Dr Kate Warner Moved To Jakarta, Indonesia To Escape Her Past She Hasn T Recovered From What Happened To Her, But She Has Made An Incredible Breakthrough A Cure For Autism Or So She Thinks What She Has Found Is Far Dangerous For Her And The Entire Human Race Her Work Could Be The Key To The Next Stage Of Human Evolution In The Hands Of The Immari, It Would Mean The End Of Humanity As We Know It.Agent David Vale Has Spent Ten Years Trying To Stop The Immari Now He S Out Of Time His Informant Is Dead His Organization Has Been Infiltrated His Enemy Is Hunting Him But When David Receives A Coded Message Related To The Immari Attack, He Risks Everything To Save The One Person That Can Help Him Solve It Dr Kate Warner.Together, Kate And David Must Race To Unravel A Global Conspiracy And Learn The Truth About The Atlantis Gene And Human Origins Their Journey Takes Them To The Far Corners Of The Globe And Into The Secrets Of Their Pasts The Immari Are Close On Their Heels And Will Stop At Nothing To Obtain Kate S Research And Force The Next Stage Of Human Evolution Even If It Means Killing 99.9% Of The World S Population David And Kate Can Stop Them If They Can Trust Each Other And Stay Alive. A good plot badly written I don t mean to be harsh but that s how it is The book felt like reading a movie script instead of a novel The scenes are too rushed at times, and the scenery abruptly changes, too fast just like present day TV action series , and so many chapters just makes it cluttered and confusing Scenes are not clearly explained in my view, and it was very hard to visualize what was going on The story is a typical sci fi and has nothing to offer out of the box It is just a mish mash of everything evil vs good, nazis, Atlanteans, super human race vs us petty homo sapiens, a pretty and intelligent female doctor and a strong ex military male lead, them falling in love together and so on The only reason i finished this book is because i usually try not to give up on any books without finishing them, especially when i have paid for them It was at times a pain to read through it and that is never the case with a good book.I would say, if
Overly ComplicatedLately, I ve had pretty good luck with exploring different genres Unfortunately, this book missed the mark for me Listening to the audiobook was a confusing endeavor, despite the fact that the narration was actually pretty good There was just way too much going on with this story The Atlantis Gene was a very complex Sci Fi story with a plethora of characters Every time I thought I had a good grasp of who everyone was, and what their motives were, something new would come to light and I d be lost again From ancient civilizations and evolutionary theories, to conspiracy theories and religious mysticism, this book tried to tackle every possible angle Somewhere along the way, it just became too much to keep up with.Adding to the confusion, the story seemed to jump from person, place and time, with no clear transition One minute I was listening to the description of a present day expedition in Antarctica, and the nex
I am not one to go back and modify my reviews out of sight, and all , but I think there is some confusion about this one I want to start out by stating that I love this book Prime is clunky and I feel so lucky that I stumbled on this book, because the book itself is well crafted I could easily suspend my disbelief for the duration, and the characters were likeable unlikeable when they were supposed to be.I love Sci Fi, which is the general category that I would put this book in, with a secondary classification as mystery thriller I work in a biomedical research facility, and I appreciated that it tickled those parts of my brain I am not a scientist or a geneticist, so I can t speak to the accuracy of the science, but it was good enough that it satisfied me as a person who works around it every day I think for the average lay person the science will be equally convincing Some of it falls into the really fanciful parts of Sci Fi, but at as a certified nerd I don t mind those parts at all This book
I deserve an award for being able to finish this book Honestly.The plot had everything to attract me genetic experiments, Greek myths and lost cities, evil Nazi conspiracies, even references to my own country Yet, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how an author could accumulate all these fantastic ideas and deliver such a horribl
This book has a promising suggestion of a plot, which is why I gave it two starts I gave up on it 38% in It is written like a cheap action movie, not like a book, and feels as if Mr Riddle never had any beta readers for this story The author try to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you Atlantis, aliens, secret brotherhoods and conspiracies, codes, ultimate good and ultimate evil, Nazis, and the list goes on It seems Mr Riddle was inspired by Dan Brown, but even Dan Brown started out simple, with few characters, which is not the case here You will find dozen of one chapter characters that are there just to die, and others that are as shallow as a sheet of paper Mr Riddle probably didn t even use to plan them out The women can t do anything besides be helpless, look pretty, and swoon as soon as the right man shows up Ugh I read porn where women had character
I can count on one hand the number of books I willfully put down before finishing, and this is one of them I honestly tried and even got through 73%, according to my Kindle , but it just got painful The plot is painfully contrived to the point where it seems the author just tosses in mystery and science fiction cliches and hopes they stick Atlantis and aliens and evil corporations and Nazis and the list goes on , without any effort to weave them into the story The writing is cringe worthy Explanations of legitimate scientific concepts are laughably bad I found parts of the Wikipedia article on Spanish flu dropped directly into the characters dialogue , and the author goes way overboard with cliches count the number of times you see the phrase brain wiring The story is seemingly just a series of cheap action scenes wired together with some token dialogue, sort of the li
The Atlantis Gene drew me in from the start This book is extremely fast paced, almost like watching a movie Great story line and characters I especially loved the character development of Kate and David I think the book does a good job of revealing back story without over doing it A lot of books I read get bogged down in details and I lose interest but not this book.I caught myself looking up details from the book and found the author s website to have a great fact vs fiction section Loved all the scientific elements evolution, genetics, clinical trials and also interesting historical details The author clearly did his research The spy elements in the book maintain the action and excitement Each chapter ends on a high note There are numerous layers to this book but the author is able to mesh everything
This book has everything Almost literally Nazis,time travel, Atlantis, a mystical spear that was used to stab Jesus, secret portals that let you walk from Gibralter to Antarctica, space monkeys, miniature nuclear weapons that can be created in days and placed in a 5 year old s backpack, world wide plagues, neanderthals, genetic engineering, gun fights, love stories, crazy plot twists, the Spanish flu, magical potions that cure all wounds and ills, characters with massive Freudian complexes, lost loves, World War 1 AND World War II, a secret society that has lasted since the dawn of time, super spies, betrayals, noble deaths, a toss away sex scene, autistic Indonesian kids in peril, hot air balloon escapes from mountain top monasteries with mystical ninja monks I am not kidding, there is virtually no genre that goes untouched here At one point, I almost expected Pope John Paul and Jesse James to pull out matching Lugers to keep the Kaiser from escaping in a Vulcan space ship with a horde of infected Nicaraguan mosquitoes that he would take back in time in order to inflict the Crusaders with malaria which would delay the dawn of the Renaissance and prevent Leonardo Da Vinci from creating the blueprint that the Wright brother eventually would use to invent the first airplane Maybe in the sequel Anyway, this was the author s first book and the fact that the book was so incredibly r
Brilliant 489 pages of times when I stayed up until 2 in the morning with my eyes glued to my Kindle screen 489 pages of when I d be at work and frantically wanting to fangirl and wondering if anyone could see how excited I was.That s when you know a novel has captivated you with its story I stumbled upon the book on , read the description, and thought, Hm A sci fi novel with its own creation theory that involves Atlantis This must be good Every minute I had, every break I gained, I read page after page The story takes the point of view of third person but each short chapter is separated into the third person point of view of the specific character, thus, weaving the entire story together Most of the story progression was made through what each character saw or said Up until the last 20% of the novel, someone would see something another did in one chapter while the next chapter takes up from that person s point of view I enjoyed this very much I am attempting not to spoil the book and still give a good review so excuse me if my words become a tad confusing The novel involves the lost city of Atlantis that no doubt all of us has heard about This idea of a lost city interweaves itself into the main plot of the question, Where did humans come from then onto the characters whose lives were drastically
No, no, no Don t be misled by four thousand five star reviews on Don t do it Don t read this book unlessUnless you thought the Da Vinci Code is a prime example of Great Literature and unless you re a devout follower of the History Channel s Crazy Hair Guy The Atlantis Gene takes about a hundred plot bits everything from Indiana Jones type evil Nazis to 9 11 and Roswell to James Bond spies cross and double crosses, plus the Biblical Flood, Atlantis, eugenics, an Ebola like flu, ancient alien influences and a Tibetan monastery Holy Shangri La, Batman and chops them up in a giant plot blender There s also tapestry depicting humanity s future, black goo that cures everything, autism research, people who age way slower than the rest of us, and a diary that holds secrets But wait, there s Just too, too much .What isn t evident is an editor On page 66 Sheran a hand through her blond hair and on the next page He ran his hand through his hair Page 87 has Kate ran a hand through her hair and on the next page Kate brushed her hair back All this unruly hair action Somebody get these people a comb You ll also find some expendable good guy who solves the first major puzzle, transfers a couple millions dollars as instructed, creates his own secret message AND destroys the computer with evidence all in time to be fatally shot This is followed by a lovely description of how he looks down at the bullet holes in his chest and the blood