The Billionaire Doctor

The Billionaire Doctor Sammy Long S Daughter Has A Bad Heart, Her Condition Is Worsening And There S Only One Doctor Sammy Trusts With The Operation, Dr Tom Stratton Sammy Is A Married Woman, But She Is Far From Happy Her Husband Neglects Her Needs And Doesn T Care For Their Daughter In The Least When Sammy Meets Doctor Tom Stratton He Declines To Perform Surgery On Her Sick Daughter, Claiming That He S Too Busy Dr Stratton Is Filthy Rich And There May Be Only One Way For Sammy To Convince Him To Help Her Daughter And It Might Require Cheating On Her Husband And Fully Giving Herself To The Doctor It S Been So Long Since Anybody Has Really Shown Any Affection Toward Sammy, And Tom Stratton Is Obviously Taking A Liking To Her Will This Filthy Rich Doctor Be The Answer To All Of Sammy S Problems Find Out If Sammy Can Save Her Sick Daughter By Obeying The Every Wish Of The Billionaire Doctor Very good short readThis was a very short read About an hour It is a story I would read again and I have read other works by this author that are great As a side note, there are a few mistakes in the sex scenes Couch mattress area Just laugh and go on Would of loved this story if it were longer too Overview Sammy
Enjoyable readThis was a very enjoyable read A sad story as well as a well thought out story with really good characters.