No Dogs Allowed

No Dogs AllowedQuiet, Sensitive Faith Starts Middle School Already Worrying About How She Will Fit In To Her Surprise, Amanda, A Popular Eighth Grader, Convinces Her To Join The School Soccer Team, The Bloodhounds Having Never Played Soccer In Her Life, Faith Ends Up On The C Team, A Ragtag Group That S Way Better At Drama Than At Teamwork Although They Are Awful At Soccer, Faith And Her Teammates Soon Form A Bond Both On And Off The Soccer Field That Challenges Their Notions Of Loyalty, Identity, Friendship, And Unity.The Breakaways Is A Portrait Of Friendship In Its Many Forms, And A Raw And Beautifully Honest Look Into The Lives Of A Diverse And Defiantly Independent Group Of Kids Learning To Make Room For Themselves In The World. This was one of the cutest middle grade graphic novels ever It was so fluffy, and had so many heartwarming moments, and an incredibly diverse cast of characters It follows this young girl, Faith, who s been convinced to join her school s soccer team by a popular girl she wants to impress The team is broken up into a few cliques, and there are some characters who seem to fit certain stereotypes like the hot girly girls, or the punk band girls, etc , but we re given tiny windows into their lives to see what makes them the way they are, or the battles they re quietly fighting like the glimpse into the mean girl s average morning that showcases loud, emotionally neglectful parents On top of how lovely the story line is and how well it reminds the reader to not judge based on appearances and to give everyone a fair
Too many characters, none of whom really like being on a soccer team together, each get too few pages to have much of a character arc, especially with way too many pages wasted on a completely pointless recurring fantasy sequence Nice diversity at least. I really liked some aspects, but overall it was just kind of all over the place. This was a very cute, diverse graphic novel, including a gentle trans coming out story It reads a bit like an anthology there are a lot of characters followed, and it doesn t necessarily feel like they all get their due, so I hope this is the start of a series I think it ll be a g
I kept checking to see if my copy had pages ripped out, I was so confused. What I loved Great representation and diversity I loved the art style a great deal Each character was distinct I love that this is a sports book about people who are not very good at it and also are not sure if they want to keep playing the sport As a former soccer player who did not enjoy it, it makes me happy that there are books that present that feeling as ok Wanting to belong but not understanding or liking the sport you re playing to belong A great focus on self discovery and building confidence in who you are What I struggled with Because there was so much diversity, so many issues and GLBT characters introduced, this book both felt realistic and felt like it only scratched the surface in developing the characters I was left wanting to know so much about everyone, even main character Faith Perhaps if this had been longer we would have gotten to see deeply into each teammate s life It just felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to introduce unhappy families, a trans character coming out, busy parents, drug addiction at least
Far too many characters with little to no payoff. I think this might be one of my favorite books of all time. E ARC from Edelweiss PlusFaith is very shy, but when she starts her new school, the popular Amanda asks her to be on the soccer team As a fifth grader, she is excited to play with older students, but isn t pleased when she ends up on the C team A lot of the girls are mean, but she is befriended by Maria and Sodacan, who tell her about the quirks of her teammates and watch out for her Between school, home, and soccer, Faith has plenty to keep her busy, and she also draws a medieval themed, manga style comic featuring a knight named Mathilda who talks Faith through difficult trials At one point, Sodacan asks Faith to help steal a chicken from Maria s house, there is a long time friend who moves away to be with a grandmother, Maria befriends a girl who later comes out to her as gay, and Maria starts a relationship with Sammy, who was born a girl but who identifies as male In the end, Faith thinks that she might want to have her soccer team win for a chance, but when the team plays hard but still is losing, they all decide to leave the game and go hang out at one of their houses Strengths This has a diverse cast of characters, appealing drawings, and realistically portrayed tween drama concerning friendship Faith s desire for friends, and her difficulty making them, will speak to many students The characters are well defined by differences in hair and facial expressions, so it wasn t hard to keep them straight Books with girls playing sp
As a fellow soccer player, this book spoke to me Girls soccer is as drama filled as it gets It reminded me of the book Tangerine that is really popular among middle school kids It touches on cliques and groups of girls that huddle together I like the line in the summary that says they are a defiantly independent group of kids because that summarizes it perfectly Young adults are extremely stubborn Soccer is a team sport that requires cooperation and strong team dynamics It s extremely relevant for middle schoolers and promoting cooperation so can get out of the me complex Perspectives in literature related to the team mentality are extremely important because it can translate to your classroom Students can read about the importance of cooperation amidst a lot of drama In order to be successful, you don t have to be friends with everyone on the team, you just have to respect them The same livelihood can happen in your classroom It s really important for kids to feel comfortable and safe in school, even when they are surrounded by a strongly opiona