The Chords of Change

The Chords of Change The Piano Man Sits At His Piano And Plays, Just As He Has Done Nearly Every Day For Over Fifty Years, But Today, Something Is Different Today, His Perspective Of The World Is Going To Change All With An Unexpected Audience Member, And A Round Of Applause For His Performance.A Short Story Beneath 4,000 Words, The Chords Of Change Is A Fast Paced Contemporary Fiction Concerning A Piano, Good Tea, And Dash Of Romance. The Chords of Change was such a sweet short story It had me smiling from beginning to end If you are looking for a super quick, heart warming read, then this book is perfect. Not quite sure how to categorize this short story, so I ll call it a slice of life that in a way encompasses an entire life Lovely writing, charming story. Super cute short story loved it so much This was such a wonderful romanace short story.