The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms

The Creative Mind: Myths and MechanismsHow Is It Possible To Think New Thoughts What Is Creativity And Can Science Explain It And Just How Did Coleridge Dream Up The Creatures Of The Ancient Mariner When The Creative Mind Myths And Mechanisms Was First Published, Margaret A Boden S Bold And Provocative Exploration Of Creativity Broke New Ground Boden Uses Examples Such As Jazz Improvisation, Chess, Story Writing, Physics, And The Music Of Mozart, Together With Computing Models From The Field Of Artificial Intelligence To Uncover The Nature Of Human Creativity In The Arts.The Second Edition Of The Creative Mind Has Been Updated To Include Recent Developments In Artificial Intelligence, With A New Preface, Introduction And Conclusion By The Author It Is An Essential Work For Anyone Interested In The Creativity Of The Human Mind. This is a book which explores creativity by looking at what artificial intelligence tells us about the nature of thought Somewhat technical, the book still offers some fascinating insights into how creativity develops One point Boden makes is that science does not predict but explains nor does it focus on the unique, nor even the precise, but on laws She talks about the random, the chance, the chaotic, but essentially what creativity requires is a prepared mind, and an almost ruthless devotion to the endeavor Mozart had a good short term memory, much experience and a life devoted to music Boden challenges some of the intuitive explanations for creativity She also says that it does not diminish creativity to try to understand it If we can understand, we can believe that it can be achieved by ordinary individuals If one discounts effort and motivation, then many people will not aspire to creativity She agrees with Weisberg, Sternberg and others that it is a part of our normal thought processes She also talks about P creativity and H Creativity The P type being a process that is original with the individual, the H that which has significance in the society The society also has to be ready Ideas are around a long time before the society is ready to accept them She makes useful di
I love this book It is full of interesting ideas presented in a clear and fun fashion I m still working on it, so I ll post a full review when I m done with it. Trying to understand the answer to what creates creativity but Boden states within her essay, Thinking is Impossible is that the full concept of creativity cannot be learned even if we try to practice it Simply believing in a unicorn isn t enough proof, one can dream of one, however they should know that there is n
I read this just to see what Computational Creativity was like before Deep Learning Though the examples are now very dated, Boden s theoretical perspective is still relevant and inspiring especially Chapter 9. Pretty interesting book, but I got tired of it about halfway through Very interesting take on the intersection of psychology described through computational analysis. Es un libro bastante interesante para aquellos que estudian inteligencia artificial, ya que se hace uso de los conceptos de esa rea para explicar c mo ocurre la creatividad en el ser humano.

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