The Day I Became a $py

The Day I Became a $py Kayla Malone S Involvement In An Insider Trading Investigation Of A Hedge Fund Manager Puts Everything To The Test Her Affair With An FBI Agent, Her Love Of The Financial Industry, And Her Life.Kayla Is Convinced That She Can Have It All A Romantic Relationship And A Rewarding Career That She Loves Her World Turns When Her New Boyfriend Mario Torres Reveals That He S A Federal Agent, And The FBI Needs Her Help In Investigating Her Boss, Don Lebowitz, A Powerful Investment Banker With Secret Connections To The FED Since Mario S Lips Are Sealed When It Comes To The Case, Kayla Sets Off To Discover The Truth On Her Own In A Flash, Kayla Finds Her Life In Danger As She Learns That Don Is Behind Most Of The FED S Economic Decisions, Gaining Early Access To Which Is Worth Millions Or At Least Her Life.Kayla Has Too Many Uncomfortable Pairs Of Shoes, A Sharp Tongue, And A Protector In The Form Of A Sexy Cop Who Likes Her Best In Handcuffs, In His Bed Because That S The Only Way To Keep Her Out Of Trouble. A great debut novel Katerina has a wonderful way of writing it s intelligent, straight forward, and with unexpected dashes of humor This novel follows Kayla, a motivated analyst who is willing to do almost anything to get to the top of her financial career This motivation spirals her into a world of financial fraud she doesn
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this novel Reading it was the most fun I ve had in eons.Professionally crafted and well written, The Day I Became a py is a fast paced romantic thriller that is contemporary in every sense of the word Kayla our h is perky, funny, and smart, with an enviable work ethic and sex drive
I really enjoyed this novel I couldn t put it down I would have read it in one day, except I had to put it down to go to work, so I finished it the following evening at 3am I don t want to spoil it for the readers, so all I can say is that no one is who they seem to be, and the plot twists and turns almost excruciatingly to the very end It has a very up to date theme, which is cleverly woven to keep the reader interested T
I received a copy of this book in exchange for review purposes I really enjoyed this book This was a romance suspense Kayla surprisingly gets a job offer for the dream job At about the same time, she meets delicious Mario They are obviously attracted to one another but he always disappears when things start happening There are so many twists and turns in this book Kayla thinks she has Mario and her boss, Don, figured out and then everything changes I loved Kayla and Mar
This book is a good read It s a romantic suspense novel The writer gives great character detail and the plot keeps you engaged I d of liked to of seen romance and love making It s PG13ish But, it s worth reading Every girl needs a hero, right I need a sequel Stat great book with so many facets exciting read