The Deep End

The Deep End As A Reluctant Favor To His Cousin, Orange County Sheriff S Deputy Schmitty Schmidt Attends A Snazzy Fundraiser At An Exclusive Waterfront Home On Lido Isle In Newport Beach But It S Not What He Bargained For When He Finds A Drowning Man In The Pool And Has To Jump Into Action It Turns Out That There S A Killer On The Loose At The Party And Schmitty Goes On A Personal Mission To Figure Out Who It Is Before He Disappears. When Orange County Sheriff s Deputy Schmitty Schmidt attends a snazzy fundraiser at an exclusive waterfront, he gets than he bargained for During the event, he discovers a body in the estate s pool, and Schmitty begins a search for the killer, who, he figures, is among the invited guests How he manages to uncover the murder and his plot makes for an interesting story Despite the brevity of the work, Bill Larkin has again managed to develop a plot, characters and setting into a fantastic read His writing is tight and well constructed, which makes for a very interesting short story In a short period of time, he manages to transport the reader to the scent and to become one with Schmitty as Schmitty examines the clues, plots his methods to entrap the killer and does so Bill Larkin definitely knows how to write and to write sort stories His style and execution of the stories automatically pull the reader in from the get go I will definitely be reading
Bill Larkin has created another wonderful short story His character development of Schmitty, a dedicated Harbor Patrol member of the Orange County Sherriff s department, presents a likable young man willing to go to a swanky party his cousin invited him to He is not planning to enjoy himself but meets Monique, goes for a walk and observes a murder as it is taking place In a few pages Mr Larkin has made me want to
It is hard to say anything without revealing any of the plot, so i ll just speak in generalities The good guys are good and that shows in the writing and the author has made the bad guys deliciously evil If I had one complaint, it would be that it was to short I love this authors style. It started out reasonably with the fund raiser and of course led to the body in the pool For me, the writing style didn t really grab my attention.