The Forgiven

The ForgivenIn This Stylish, Haunting Novel, Journalist And Novelist Lawrence Osborne Explores The Reverberations Of A Random Accident On The Lives Of Moroccan Muslims And Western Visitors Who Converge On A Luxurious Desert Villa For A Decadent Weekend Long Party David And Jo Henniger, A Doctor And Children S Book Author, In Search Of An Escape From Their Less Than Happy Lives In London, Accept The Invitation Of Their Old Friends Richard And Dally To Attend Their Annual Bacchanal At Their Home Deep In The Moroccan Desert A Ksar They Have Acquired And Renovated Into A Luxurious Retreat On The Way, The Hennigers Stop For Lunch, And The Bad Tempered David Can T Resist Consuming Most Of A Bottle Of Wine Back On The Road, Darkness Has Descended, David Is Groggy, And The Directions To The Ksar Are Vague Suddenly, Two Young Men Spring From The Roadside, Apparently Attempting To Interest Passing Drivers In The Fossils They Have For Sale Panicked, David Swerves Toward The Two, Leaving One Dead On The Road And The Other Running Into The Hills.At The Ksar, The Festivities Have Begun Richard And Dally S International Friends Sit Down To A Lavish Dinner Prepared And Served By A Large Staff Of Moroccans As The Night Progresses And The Debauchery Escalates, The Moroccans Increasingly View The Revelers As The Godless Infidels They Are When David And Jo Show Up Late With The Dead Body Of The Young Man In Their Car, Word Spreads Among The Locals That David Has Committed An Unforgivable Act.Thus The Stage Is Set For A Weekend During Which David And Jo Must Come To Terms With David S Misdeed, Jo S Longings, And Their Own Deteriorating Relationship, And The Flamboyant Richard And Dally Must Attempt To Keep Their Revelers Entertained Despite Growing Tension From Their Staff And The Moroccan Berber Father Who Comes To Claim His Son S Body.With Spare, Evocative Prose, Searing Eroticism, And A Gift For The Unexpected, Osborne Memorably Portrays The Privileged Guests Wrestling With Their Secrets Amidst The Remoteness And Beauty Of The Desert Landscape He Also Gradually Reveals The Jolting Back Story Of The Young Man Who Was Killed And Leaves David S Fate In The Balance As The Novel Builds To A Shattering Conclusion. life is but a sport and a pastime, as the Koran carefully reminds us, and because it is a game and nothing , one forgets that the point of life is death .David and Jo, a bit bored with life and themselves marriage, accept an invitation to attend an annual fiesta in the middle of Moroccan desert Their hosts are well to do gay couple Richard and Dally and party in their residence reminds rather insatiable orgy than tea on the Sahara On their way to desert estate married couple is quarreling and David drinks too much, besides it s getting dark and so we have cut and dried recipe for a disaster David hits young man ostensibly selling fossils on the roadside and not knowing what to do brings the body with himself to the party And the whole further story revolves around issue of guilt and redemption, responsibility and forgiveness Though problem of blame and innocence is not that obvious.This novel is dark and disturbing I can sense here influence of Paul Bowles and Graham Greene, both in writing style and the subject The same carefree belief that nothing can happen to us, the same false sense of security and the same arrogance and patronizing attitude in relation to the natives Though The Forgiven is to the core contemporary novel nevertheless its background reflects concerns of colonialism era While Moroccan servants, like a Greek chorus in ancient tragedy, are silently watching the corrupt Westerners, the latter behave and act as if they
Beautifully written, shattering prose that makes Western in sensibilities crumble in the harsh desert sun of northern Africa I want to pen so much about why this novel is superlatively fantabulous, but I ll unwittingly spoil things without Spoiler tags The only future worth entertaining is
Tension squeezes the heart from the moment the book opens A man and a woman, married, arrive in Tangier from Europe on a ferry They are tired, and it is hot The couple is meant to be driving deep into the desert to participate in an annual feast put on by another European couple The wife had thought she might want to stay until the next day, but the husband insists on going that night The city is dirty, hot, disorienting They rent a car and begin the drive but they are tired, and the crankiness they exhibit with one another has much to do with their life in England than the temporary discomfort and stress of their vacation.We are told by the cover copy that there is a shattering conclusion to this novel, and my stomach was roiling from the first pages I found myself avoiding the reading of this story Everything said, described, or implied made me anxious When I got to the part where the couple, driving later than they d planned and after dark, hit an Arab man with their car, I was ready to give up The couple completed the journey to the party in the desert at the house of their friend with a dead Arab in their car Then I did give up I am not giving anything away This all happens at the beginning of the novel and is the set up, basically My nerves couldn t take it If someone sh
Ein verm gendes, schwules Paar l dt zur Party in ihr renoviertes, ppig dekoriertes Ksar, einer marokkanischen Siedlung Amerikaner, Engl nder und Franzosen schwelgen in Verschwendung, Suff, Drogen und sexuellen Eskapaden Rings um sie marokkanische Diener, die finanziell von dem Paar profitieren und gleichzeitig angeekelt sind Au erhalb der Mauern des Ksar ist alles fremd die Landschaft, die Menschen unterschiedlicher St mme, die sich gegenseitig verachten, ihre Armut, ihre religi se Intoleranz.Als auf dem Weg zu dieser mehrt gigen Party ein englisches Ehepaar einen jungen Marokkaner berf hrt, nimmt das Unheil seinen Lauf.Virtuos switcht Osborne zwischen den einzelnen Charakteren, wechselt zwischen verschiedenen Innenperspektiven, entlarvt Intoleranz und Selbstverliebtheit Das zeigt sich in Zeilen wie Er war sich sicher, dass ihn keine Schuld traf Er war so fest davon berzeugt, dass ihm selbst dann keine Zweifel kamen, wenn er sich zwang objektiv zu sein Oder ein Dialog wie folgender Die Nomaden sind unsere Rettung , erwiderte sie ernst Sie haben die richtige Einstellung zur Umwelt Tas chlich Und wo ist Mohammed , fragte er Er steht da dr ben Der h bsche Bursche Sie wurde kokett Er sagt, das ich wie eine Nomadin aussehe Unverdorben Solche entlarvenden Beobachtungen und Dialoge finden sich leider vor allem im ersten Drittel Danach verliert sich diese Qualit t etwas.Was aber weiter die Aufmerksamkeit des Lesers fesselt, sind die sinnlichen Eindr cke wie Hitze,
What drew me to this book was the setting It takes place in an unglamorous part of Morocco that many tourists would never see Lawrence Osbourne has lived the expat life in Morocco, and he seems to grasp the mindset of the Moroccan Berber people and how they view the ridiculous excesses of wealthy foreigners who come to their country Osbourne also shows an understanding of the economic dilemma facing the poorest Moroccans who must rely on tourists for their livelihood Many of them go to France hoping for a better life, but it s difficult to find jobs without skills, and the cost of living sends them packing back home to Morocco.The pivotal event in the story is an accident that kills a Berber boy selling fossils by the side of the road The driver who hits him, David Heniger, is an English doctor who is impossible to like He s concerned with covering his tracks and not being inconvenienced than he is with atoning for the death he has caused while driving under the influence of alcohol.What I found interesting than David s ordeal was the three day bacchanal taking place at the home of David s friends, Richard and Dally Here is where we see the contra
My ThoughtsThis was very good Not fast paced, but a slow simmering suspense I m going to share one extra tidbit to make this even enticing The father of the young man that David struck and killed shows up at the ksar He wants David, and ONLY David to come back to their village to attend his son s burial and as such, atone for what he did.Oh really A bereaved Muslim father wants an unbeliever, an infidel, to come alone to their distant village What happens to David And in David s absence, what s his wife up to The Muslim servants at the party find out ve
In a word, outstanding Best novel I ve read in a long time The prose is utterly seductive Within a few pages I was straight back in Morocco, which I only know from one visit, but there I was, seeing and smelling it all so vividly I love the blend of impartiability and compassion, the despair and dogged hope, the quiet English irony of the travelled writer
Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography I am the original author of this review, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally Now that I m finished with it, I find myself having a hard time deciding what exactly to think of critical darling and professional nomad Lawrence Osborne s latest novel, the engaging but also meandering The Forgiven Because on the one hand, its Graham Greene meets the Tea Party setting is going to be fascinating to most sheltered Westerners like myself almost the entire story takes place within a former Moroccan village that an upper class gay British couple have bought in its entirety and turned into a private sybaritic estate, where the former family hovels have been turned into WiFi equipped guest bungalows, and once a year a week long orgy of drugs and group sex is thrown for the spoiled globetrotters who fly in specifically for it, so notorious that it regularly makes the society pages back in the UK and US publications where most of the guests are from And the plot that this veteran journalist and academic favorite places within
one forgets that the point of life is death The story seemingly describes a culture clash, between traditional Moroccan Muslims trying to scratch out a living and affluent Westerners who have too much of a living But it could equally have been set in a vast country estate of the wealthy in 19th century Britain, pitting the lords against the peasants.Or in the crowded streets of New York.I just realized what this story has in common with The Bonfire of the Vanities a car driven by a rich person hits a poor person of a different race in a different country the Bronx was like a different country to Sherman McCoy The plot lines diverge, but we are provoked in to considering the moralities at play.Who is to be forgiven In this case, most obviously forgive the driver that killed the man But by the end of the book I am asking who, or who else Should it be the boy whose perceived criminal intent put into motion the series of events that culminated in his own
I chose to read this book based on the books synopsis on Goodreads It sounded alluring What I found this book to be was the Great Gatsby set in Morrocco Full of superficial wealthy characters who spend there days worrying about what they will eat next and what parties they will go smoke weed at or get drunk at next I also felt

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