The Greatest Love Story of All Time

The Greatest Love Story of All TimeIt S Fran S Thirtieth Birthday And Things Are Good She S Bluffed Her Way Into A Very Swanky Job And Her Outlandishly Handsome And Talented Boyfriend Michael Is Escorting Her To The Ritz With A Bulge The Shape Of A Ring Box In His Pocket But Something Has Gone Wrong Very Wrong By The End Of The Evening Fran Is Howling In Bed With One Of Michael S Old Socks In Her Quest To Figure Out Why Her Life Has Suddenly Gone Down The Drain, Fran Comes Up With A Failsafe Plan Live Like A Hobo, Stalk A Stranger Called Nellie And Cancel Her Beloved Gin Thursdays In Favour Of Drinking Gin Most Nights But Then Fran S Friends Force A Very Different Plan On Her And It S Nowhere Near As Fun How Could Eight Internet Dates Possibly Make Her Feel Better But Eventually She Agrees And So Begins The Greatest Love Story Of All Time Reviews Many Novels Claim To Be Laugh Out Loud Funny, But This Debut Actually Is Prepare For Public Transport Belly Laughs Glamour The New Marian Keyes Cosmopolitan Perfect Summer Holiday Reading Observer Plenty Of Laughs Throughout Chicklit Central The title is a lie. 3.5Solidan chick lit sa pomalo iritantnim glavnim likom The single defining reason that this was a terrible read for me was Fran s Scottish friend, Dave Yes, he s funny and yes he s a good friend to Fran but as soon as he called her by the cute little nickname he had for her I couldn t bear him.I m Scottish so I ve heard that word used plenty, and in it s proper context It s really NOT a nice name to be called It certainly isn t a name to be used in affection for a close female friend by a man shudder There s no grey area here, it s just simply not a name anyone would want to be called It s derogatory The word might sound harmless to someone who s unsure of the meaning, but it s really not.Had it been used once I might have been able to overlook it Maybe But it s used over and over and over If Dave were real he d find himself without any friends if he persisted
This is why Chick lit is one of my favourite genre, Lucy never fails to disappoint This book is a perfect combo of humor, drama and romance If anyone is interested in a light heart, humor book this one is a deffo recommendation I loved and enjoyed reading about Fran s journey to love,
Meni savr ena not really my style So, here we have what I can only describe as a book for the girls of today A book for the girls who will give the men a run for their money From the very start you connect with Fran, she s that friend that you ve known forever The one who you be extra silly with and tell everything too You will also love her charming cat Duke Ellington Her friends sex mad Leonie, Princess Stefania and big huggy bear Dave become your circle of friends too Altogether you can take on the world and so take on the world of online dating, catastrophic relationships, alcoholic mothers, political scandals, stalking, sex, love marriage You feel every ounce of pain happiness for every one of these people As I said, they re now your friends too The story covers most aspects of relationships and heartache It puts you through your paces and has you laughing nonstop even in the sad parts It is hand on heart the funniest book I have read so far Fran s speak before she thinks potty mouth Leonie s no shame in telling strangers about her sore bum from anal sex Stefania s wacky dress sense, organic vegan recipes her miss pronounced words Dave s manliness, Glaswegian swear words and roll ups This all mixed together becomes utterly fantastic From the minute I s
Glavna junakinja je pateti na i njonjava to ju ini ekstremno napornom Ve inu knjige ona pati za tipom koji ju je otpilio i samosa aljeva se, slini, danima se ne tu ira i prekomjerno cuga Ba je pravi uzor mladim curma Do lo mi
Fran is certifiably crazy, but she is fun, i ll give you that The love story is really secondary to the journey but i loved the setting and the ending is very sweet Wish they would talk to each other a bit Initially, I thought of giving this book 3 or maybe 4 stars Then why, did I give it a 5 star rating, you ask It was the ending that did it My God The ending was amazing I loooved it After finishing it, I knew this book deserved nothing short of 5 stars _