The Green Smoothie Diet (The Essential Kitchen Series Book 1)

The Green Smoothie Diet (The Essential Kitchen Series Book 1) The Key To A Healthy Life, Full Of Vitality Is Through A Diet That S Packed Full Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals Vitamins Influence Every Aspect Of Your Body Such As Your Weight, Energy Levels, Strength, Brain Power And Your Happiness Consumption Of Vitamins Is Crucially Important To Living A Healthy Life The Easiest Way To Get Your Dosage Is Through Your Diet, Sure You Can Take Pills And Tablets, But Nothing Compares Or Gives The Same Benefits To Going Au Natural Getting Your Nutrients Through The Recommended 5 Fruits And Vegetables A Day Can Sometimes Seem Like A Chore And Often Time S It Gets Skipped In The Hustle And Bustle Of Life Unfortunately This Can Lead To You Feeling Downbeat, Fatigued And Putting On Weight As Well As Other Negative Side Effects Luckily There Is A Quick, Easy And Delicious Way To Avoid This Happening This Way Allows You To Consume Incredibly High Doses Of Vitamins And Minerals So That You Always Feel Awesome The Way To Do This Is By Making Green Smoothies And Juice The Green Smoothie Diet Covers Everything From How To Juice And Make Smoothie To The Benefits All The Way To A Breakdown Of Various Vitamins It Is Also Packed With Over 50 Amazing Green Juice And Smoothies Recipes That Have The Perfect Nutrient Balance So, If You Ve Ever Considering Green Smoothies And Juice As Part Of Your Diet You Need This Book It Covers Everything You Need To Know And And I Guarantee That You Will Not Only Love The Recipes But Also Lose Fat, Feel Revitalized, Be Happier And Generally Feel Awesome Tags Cookbook, Cooking, Recipes, Cook Book, Recipe Book, Recipe, Healthy Recipes, Food, Eating